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Fish rolls and gourmet cuisine, reflection and awakening: The new German food culture of the North.

The people of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern enthusiastically serve up what the country produces. The state‘s natural flavour enhancers come in the form of clear water, salty sea breezes, fertile fields and lush meadows. And right at the top of the menu is fresh fish, of course. Smoked over beech chippings, fried in butter, cooked in a herb stock or baked in pastry made with beer. There are just as many ways to prepare it as there are types of fish: Halibut, herring, cod and eel freshly caught from the Baltic Sea, while pike, pike-perch, carp and whitefish populate the numerous inland lakes. Potatoes, cabbage, game along with specialities made from sea buckthorn are also typical of the North.

Famous beers have been brewed on the Baltic coast for 700 years already. This great brewing tradition is still continued in Rostock, Stralsund and Lübz. Dozens of brewery inns across the state offer their own home-made barley brew.

Locals and tourists celebrate the tasty, healthy dishes as part of the fish festivals, cabbage weeks and potato days. In the state, connoisseurs can find 130 top restaurants that boast a mention in international gastronomic guides. The food, served in the stylish ambiance of tasteful manor houses and magnificent palaces, is a feast for all the senses.