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© K. Bärwald

National park visitor centre in Barhöft

  • Haus Norden Am Barhöfter Kliff, 18445 Barhöft

Visitor centre of the National Park “Vorpommernsche Boddenlandschaft”

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© Ribnitz Damgarten

Deutsches Bernsteinmuseum - German Amber Museum

  • Open today
  • Im Kloster, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

You can expect an exciting introduction to the natural history and geology of the fossil resin and precious works of art from 3000 years on over 1,000 square metres. The exhibition on the history of the monastery and convent in the adjacent monastery church shows hidden and revealed treasures so that you can also trace the life of the Poor Clares and the Protestant landowner's daughters at this place.

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1a Interior, © Sven Heinrich


  • OT Feldberg, Mühlenweg, 17258 Feldberg

Welcome to the FEWO 1a. This is located directly in Feldberg with space for two people. The short way to the center, the nature and waterways, offers many possibilities to arrange the vacation.

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© Mario Bünger


  • OT Carwitz/ Carwitzer Str., 17258 Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Spacious vacation home for 8 to 10 people with open gallery and panoramic terrace above the treetops on the narrow Luzin for weekly rent (7 days, each from Saturday to Saturday)

Read more: "Luzinferien.de"
© Stadt Neustrelitz

National park visitor centre in Neustrelitz

  • Open today
  • Strelitzer Straße, 17235 Neustrelitz

Accommodation bureau, event service, sale of touristic relevant articles such as bike and hiking maps, picture postcards, illustrated books, guided city tours (including climbing the tower of the city’s cathedral), awarding touristic fishing licences

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© TMV/Gohlke

Natural bath Augustabad lido

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Lindenstr., 17033 Neubrandenburg

The Augustabad lido is located directly on the beautiful Tollensesee lake (northeast shore) in the four-gate city of Neubrandenburg. This natural swimming pool is guarded during the summer months and the bathing water quality is checked regularly.

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Outdoor terrace, © Maremüritz Yachthafen Resort

Restaurant "Bella Riva" at the Maremüritz Yachthafen Resort

  • Open today
  • Am Seeufer, 17192 Waren (Müritz)

Mediterranean dishes prepared with regional products and the aroma of freshly roasted, regional and fresh produce.

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© Schwaaner Fischwaren GmbH

Schwaan fish products factory outlet

  • Closed today
  • Niendorfer Chaussee, 18258 Schwaan

Fish delicacies have been produced in Schwaan for more than 100 years. Just as self-evident as the know-how of our employees is the use of only high-quality ingredients. What we put in the can has tradition and is always reinvented for you.

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© Sabrina Wittkopf-Schade

Village Church Steinhagen

  • Dorfstraße, 18442 Steinhagen

Just in the middle of the center from the community Steinhagen, is the village church Steinhagen. The church is surrounded from: a parsonage, a cemetery, a barn and a meadow orchard. The gothic hall church was constructed in the 13th century.

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Außenansicht der Kirche, © Josephin Bock

Village church Wusterhusen

  • Wolgaster Straße, 17509 Wusterhusen

The village church Wusterhusen in Western Pomerania is originally from the 13th century.

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© Stadt RDG

"Amber fishermen"

  • Am Markt, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

a bronze by Thomas Jastram

Read more: ""Amber fishermen""

"Amber Fountain"

  • lange straße, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten


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© Verein für innovative Jugendbildung e.V.

"Bildungsstätte Fleeth | Jugendherberge, Seminar- und Gästehaus in der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte"

  • Fleeth, 17252 Mirow OT Fleeth

Die Bildungsstätte Fleeth eignet sich gleichermaßen für Kinder-, Jugend- und Erwachsenengruppen. Es kann sowohl von Privatpersonen als auch von Organisationen und Unternehmen gebucht werden. Sie bietet Platz für max. 59 Personen in Zwei- bis Vierbettzimmern. Alle Gruppen erhalten im Haus Frühstück, Mittagessen und Abendbrot.

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"Faith, love, hope" - altar window

  • wasserstraße, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

in the church of St. Bartholomew, Ribnitz-Damgarten

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"Fell horse"

  • im kloster, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

Bronze from Jo Jastram

Read more: ""Fell horse""

"Gate of Heaven"

  • wasserstraße, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten


Read more: ""Gate of Heaven""
© Gesundhaus Klatschmohn/Wendt

"Gesundhaus Klatschmohn"

  • Ahlbecker Weg, 17375 Rieth

Holiday for health and recreation. Sleep heavenly in cozy apartments and enjoy the healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine of the house.

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"Green settlement"

  • Lindenstraße, 18374 Zingst/Darß

Cottbus travel club vacation apartments

Read more: ""Green settlement""
© Uta Gau

"Jonah and the whale" toddler playground

  • 18565 Kloster

Small children's playground "Jonah and the whale" near the island church

Read more: ""Jonah and the whale" toddler playground"
© Kiek In Barth Bistro

"Kiek In Barth" - Bistro-Restaurant

  • Markt, 18356 Barth

The "Kiek In Barth" stands for soups, salads & sandwiches. Delicious food in a great atmosphere right on Barth market square

Read more: ""Kiek In Barth" - Bistro-Restaurant"
© Kultur- und Sportring e.V.

"Kiek in un wunner di" - Museum of Curiosities

  • Friedrich-Lessen-Weg, 17213 Malchow

Not far from the monastery church is a museum full of rarities and curiosities from the everyday life of the population of the first half of the 20th century exhibits.

Read more: ""Kiek in un wunner di" - Museum of Curiosities"
Width. Water. Nature - A Kayak Tour in the Mecklenburg Lake District, © Eike Otto

"Lovers of Lakes" - Kayak Courses & Tours

  • Rundweg, 17258 Hasselförde

"Lovers of Lakes" offers kayak courses & tours with light lake and hiking kayaks and high quality equipment in the region. Courses & tours are suitable for beginners and advanced kayakers and take place in small groups. Learn to love kayaking!

Read more: ""Lovers of Lakes" - Kayak Courses & Tours"

"My curves" - Curvyboutique

  • Güstrower Straße, 17213 Malchow

Clothing, bags, hats, sunglasses, jewelry and much more

Read more: ""My curves" - Curvyboutique"
© Stadt Barth

"natürlich kleiden" - the store for sustainable fashion, accessories and specialties from hemp

  • Lange Str., 18356 Barth

You are near the Baltic Sea and want to buy clothes from organic fabrics? - Then you are welcome to visit us! In our store you will find clothing for all ages. It has been made of hemp, linen, organic cotton or a mixture of these materials.

Read more: ""natürlich kleiden" - the store for sustainable fashion, accessories and specialties from hemp"
"Prince Jaromar" Hotel Resort & Spa, © Burwitz & Pocha GbR

"Prince Jaromar" Hotel Resort & Spa

  • Hauptstr., 18586 Thiessow

In the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve South-East Rügen, directly on the beach you will find our private 4 star wellness hotel.

Read more: ""Prince Jaromar" Hotel Resort & Spa"
the sacrificial stones at the forester's lodge Werder in the snowy forest of Stubnitz, © Archäo Tour Rügen

"Sacrificial stones" at the forester's lodge Werder

  • 18546 Sassnitz

In the middle of the hilly forest area of the Stubnitz, near the former forester's lodge Werder, there are two large sacrificial stones.

Read more: ""Sacrificial stones" at the forester's lodge Werder"
© Romantik Hotel Scheelehof

"Scheels" - rustic cellar pub

  • Open today
  • Fährstraße, 18439 Stralsund

Here you can comfortably end an eventful day.

Read more: ""Scheels" - rustic cellar pub"
© Waren (Müritz)-Information

"The Prodigal Son"

  • Stadthafen, 17192 Waren (Müritz)

Group of figures by Stephan Voigtländer

Read more: ""The Prodigal Son""
Start of the nature trail at old oak tree behind the forestry office Schuenhagen, © Liv E. Ipsen

"The tree treasure of Schuenhagen" (nature trail)

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Am Kronenwald, 18469 Schuenhagen

"The tree treasure of Schuenhagen" - under this name, the nature trail at the Schuenhagen forestry office invites you to a forest discovery. Young and old can playfully learn about the tree species of the natural forest at various stations.

Read more: ""The tree treasure of Schuenhagen" (nature trail)"
© Stadt Dargun

"Uns lütt Museum" Dargun

  • Open today
  • 17159 Dargun

The name is deceptive, because in 17 rooms, on 2000m² of exhibition space and in the open-air grounds, you will find the region's largest museum of everyday history - a museum to touch and try out.

Read more: ""Uns lütt Museum" Dargun"
Showroom with technical equipment for the development and production of veterinary vaccines, © Franziska Hagen/Verein UNS RIEMS

"UNS Riems" Museum of virology

  • Schulstraße, 17493 Greifswald-Insel Riems

On the tiny island of Riems – situated between Greifswald and Stralsund – is a cutting edge animal diseases research centers. Among other things, bird flu is studied here. The small museum is committed to present the history of this research, focusing on the beginnings and its founder Friedrich Loeffler.

Read more: ""UNS Riems" Museum of virology"
© Stadt RDG

"Women's group in conversation "

  • im kloster, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten


Read more: ""Women's group in conversation ""
© PAHLHUUS/Dornblut

“PAHLHUUS“ – Visitor centre of the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Schaalsee“

  • Open today
  • Wittenburger Chaussee, 19246 Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Welcome to the PAHLHUUS, the visitor centre of the UNESCO biosphere reserve „Schaalsee“. We are happy to inform you about touristic offers and show you the most beautiful places in the biosphere reserve. Extraordinary insights into nature and landscape of the region await you in an interactive exhibition.

Read more: "“PAHLHUUS“ – Visitor centre of the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Schaalsee“"
© Nationalparkamt Vorpommern

“Sundische Wiese“ - National park information of Zingst

  • Open today
  • Sundische Wiese, 18374 Zingst

The exhibition “Lebensräume“ displays the history and present of the Ostzingst.

Read more: "“Sundische Wiese“ - National park information of Zingst"
"Vorpommern" in front of the Fangenturm in Greifswald, © GMG/Gudrun Krüger

“Vorpommern” traditional ship

  • Hafenstraße, 17489 Greifswald

The “Vorpommern” traditional ship is operated by Sozialarbeit Vorpommern gGmbH.

Read more: "“Vorpommern” traditional ship"
© Zum Stadtkrug Schwerin

“Zum Stadtkrug” Altstadtbrauhaus Schwerin

  • Open today
  • Wismarsche Straße, 19053 Schwerin

A cozy spot in the heart of Schwerin. A visit to the impressive brewery in Schwerin is well worth it.

Read more: "“Zum Stadtkrug” Altstadtbrauhaus Schwerin"
© Baltic Project GmbH

1st noble distillery on Rügen

  • Lieschow, 18569 Ummanz - OT Lieschow

Refinement of old Rügener fruit varieties to high-quality noble brandies, mainly in BIO quality and production of fruity liqueurs, to the pleasure for highest requirements

Read more: "1st noble distillery on Rügen"
Short times out of the saddle and enjoy nature is highly recommended when hiking in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern., © TMV/Pantel

2 days horseback riding to the Ivenacker oaks

  • Length: 47 km

The riding region Kummerower See offers you a wonderful choice of tours. This is a highlight tour with castles, manor houses and the 1000 year old oaks in Ivenack.

Read more: "2 days horseback riding to the Ivenacker oaks"
View over the Peenetal farm and the adjacent Kummerow Lake, © J. Bombis

2 days trail riding through Mecklenburg Switzerland

  • Length: 53 km

This tour is perfect for the first trail ride. Explore on horseback the Kummerower See, the 1000 year old oaks and pause, at the beautiful nature.

Read more: "2 days trail riding through Mecklenburg Switzerland"
© Hof Peeneland

3 days riding from manor to castle

  • Length: 100 km

Ride or drive for three days through beautiful Mecklenburg-Vorpommern surrounded by charming manor houses and old castles.

Read more: "3 days riding from manor to castle"
© 3 Königinnen Palais Mirow

3 Queens Palace

  • Open today
  • Schlossinsel, 17252 Mirow

Suddenly Queen - How Mecklenburg princesses became important European queens. The 3-Queens-Palace on the castle island of Mirow offers an interactive exhibition on the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and the queens who came from this house. In addition to the exhibition, there is also a café with a view of the lake, a souvenir store with regional products and the Mirow tourist information office.

Read more: "3 Queens Palace"
© Christian Wolfinger

3D Trick Art Museum

  • Open today
  • Industriestraße, 18057 Rostock

Sometimes you float on a flying carpet, fight against dinosaurs or are reduced in size by the mini-machine. 3D Trick Art - The crazy 3D museum in Rostock.

Read more: "3D Trick Art Museum"
© 3W Wassersport

3W Water sports

  • Güstrower Straße, 17213 Malchow

Canoe, kayak and much more...

Read more: "3W Water sports"
© a-ja Resort Warnemünde

a-ja Warnemünde. The resort.

  • Zur Promenade, 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde

Finally there is the SPA vacation for all. Vacation with a-ja is new and above all affordable, comfortable, but without superfluous luxury. With a-ja you decide what belongs to your vacation and you only pay for what you really enjoy and use.

Read more: "a-ja Warnemünde. The resort."
© a._paul_weber_museum

A. Paul Weber Museum

  • Domhof, 23909 Ratzeburg

A. Paul Weber Museum

Read more: "A. Paul Weber Museum"
Sailing trips with the sailboat, © AbenteuerSegeln

AbenteuerSegeln (Sailing adventure)

  • Salinenstraße, 17489 Greifswald

Whether a sailing trip to Norway, Rügen, Bornholm or Copenhagen, AbenteuerSegeln shows you with one of its modern and safe sailing yachts the most beautiful places on the European North Sea and the Baltic Sea. For day guests, various sailing trips are offered in Greifswald, which definitely provide an unforgettable experience in the most beautiful sailing area in Germany.

Read more: "AbenteuerSegeln (Sailing adventure)"
© S. Stöckmann

Accessibility beach Zierow

  • Strandstraße, 23968 Zierow

Accessible beach access and Wattmobil on the beach of Zierow ensure a relaxing day at the beach in all situations.

Read more: "Accessibility beach Zierow"
Dream vacation moments on the pier in Bansin on Usedom, © KTS/ Mandy Knuth

Accessible beach access in the seaside resort of Bansin

  • An der Seebrücke, 17429 Bansin

Along the up to 70 meters wide and fine sandy beach, you can take a walk in your beach wheelchair directly along the sea and enjoy the special flair of the Kaiserbäder. You can rest wonderfully in one of our accessible beach chairs, which are directly accessible for you from the beach promenade.

Read more: "Accessible beach access in the seaside resort of Bansin"
Beach wheelchair in Koserow on Usedom, © Kurverwaltung Koserow

Accessible beach exit 6G in Koserow

  • Hauptstraße, 17459 Koserow

Beach walkway with walking boards, beach chairs and beach wheelchair

Read more: "Accessible beach exit 6G in Koserow"
© TMV/Ulrich

Accessible Thalasso Spa Trail Warnemünde

  • Length: 3 km

The accessible Thalasso spa path invites you to take a relaxed walk along the Warnemünde promenade and enjoy the healthy fresh sea air.

Read more: "Accessible Thalasso Spa Trail Warnemünde"

Accommodation Blaschke - "House Beacon

  • Doberaner Landstraße, 18119 Rostock

Welcome to the rurally located residential complex " Haus Leuchtfeuer". Our apartments are modern and comfortable. There are 8 apartments in the building, ranging in size from 48 to 72 square meters. For your car you have a parking space in the underground garage. All apartments are easily accessible by elevator.

Read more: "Accommodation Blaschke - "House Beacon"
© North in Motion

Accommodation Freest

  • Die Ecke, 17440 Freest

Free accommodation service for vacation homes, apartments, hotels and guesthouses. You can also get fishing licenses and fishing permits from us, as well as tickets for excursions.

Read more: "Accommodation Freest"

Accommodation service myUsedom24

  • Seestraße, 17429 Bansin

myUsedom24 GmbH offers a wide range of vacation apartments in Bansin, including vacation apartments with sea views. Many of them with that certain something - whether private sauna or wellness area with swimming pool - the vacation apartments on Usedom make a short stay a vacation on Usedom.

Read more: "Accommodation service myUsedom24"
Accommodation office Zingst, Am Bahnhof 1, © Haike Strate

Accommodation service Zingst

  • Am Bahnhof, 18374 Zingst

The right vacation for every type! Whether vacation home, apartment or hostel - the team of the accommodation agency Zingst finds the right accommodation for everyone! Come to Zingst and simply feel good!

Read more: "Accommodation service Zingst"
© Adler-Apotheke Gingst

Adler Pharmacy Gingst

  • Markt, 18569 Gingst

Adler pharmacy in Gingst

Read more: "Adler Pharmacy Gingst"
© Hiddenseer Hafen- und Kurbetrieb

Adolf Reichwein stumbling block

  • Süderende, 18565 Vitte

Stumbling block of the German pedagogue and cultural politician Adolf Reichwein

Read more: "Adolf Reichwein stumbling block"
© Gerald Pfaff, Erlebnis- & Tigerpark Dassow

Adventure & Tiger Park Dassow

  • Gewerbestraße, 23942 Dassow

Under the motto "Tiger Park - Experience Tigers Up Close!", Germany's only tiger park invites you to special experiences with the whole family. The constantly growing range of attractions offers visitors entertainment at the highest level.

Read more: "Adventure & Tiger Park Dassow"
© TMV/ Fischer

Adventure dune golf Göhren

  • Nordstrand, 18586 Göhren

Overlooking the Baltic Sea, the imaginatively and lovingly designed Adventure Golf course on the Island of Rügen offers many exciting challenges.

Read more: "Adventure dune golf Göhren"
© Erlebnishof Alpaka Ranch Ruhner Berge

Adventure farm Alpaka Ranch Ruhner Mountains

  • Schmiedestr., 19376 Ruhner Berge OT Suckow

Welcome to our adventure farm Alpaka Ranch Ruhner Berge in Suckow near Parchim.

Read more: "Adventure farm Alpaka Ranch Ruhner Mountains"
© Sven Lingott / Gut Darß

Adventure Farm Gut Darß

  • Open today
  • Am Wald, 18375 Born

On Gut Darß we offer: Climbing forest, adventure mini golf course, curling, estate tours, playground and petting zoo, estate kitchen, farm café & farm store. For young and old, big and small - in short: for the whole family!

Read more: "Adventure Farm Gut Darß"
© Erlebnisgolf Rerik

Adventure golf Rerik

  • Parkweg, 18230 Rerik

At Erlebnisgolf Rerik, fun for the whole family comes first. We have something for everyone, young and old alike.

Read more: "Adventure golf Rerik"
© Abenteuer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Adventure in Meck-Pomm

  • Open today
  • Ziegenmarkt, 19386 Lübz

You've always wanted to take a spin on a quad bike. Or try the Eskimo roll with the kayak. Or simply spend a relaxing vacation without having to worry about everything. Then you have come to the right place. We organize everything from Sunday walks to survival trips, and the right accommodation to go with it.

Read more: "Adventure in Meck-Pomm"
© TMV/Gohlke

Adventure Peene Valley - Canoe Station & Nature Park Info Verchen

  • Seestraße, 17111 Verchen

Discover a river landscape unique in Europe with a huge diversity of species in the heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - the Peene Valley. The Peene, the "Amazon of the North", is a wild and romantic river in the middle of a huge nature reserve and flows from the Mecklenburg Switzerland and Lake Kummerow Nature Park through a pristine moorland landscape to the Peene River. Through the diverse offers of Abenteuer Peenetal you can experience this nature up close.

Read more: "Adventure Peene Valley - Canoe Station & Nature Park Info Verchen"
© Bernsteinreiter Barth

Adventure riding farm Bernsteinreiter Barth

  • Glöwitz, 18356 Barth

Bernsteinreiter Barth - Adventure Riding Farm at the Baltic Sea Lagoon: The adventure riding farm of the Bernsteinreiter in Barth offers unforgettable nature and horse adventures at the Baltic Sea!

Read more: "Adventure riding farm Bernsteinreiter Barth"
© Bernsteinreiter

Adventure Riding Stables Amber Rider Hirschburg

  • Neuklockenhäger Weg, 18311 Hirschburg

Baltic Sea air and the scent of horses. At the gateway to Fischland, on one of the largest & most modern riding facilities on the Baltic Sea, the Bernsteinreiter are at home. Experience over 100 horses & ponies, unique nature and super service. We make your dreams come true.

Read more: "Adventure Riding Stables Amber Rider Hirschburg"
© Abenteuer Flusslandschaft

Adventure River Landscape

  • Werftstraße, 17389 Anklam

Are you looking for adventure tours and nature trips in the river valleys of Western Pomerania? Then you are exactly right with us. With years of experience we offer, among other things, solar boat tours, chartering of holiday floats and canoe trips on the Amazon of the North. There is something for everyone.

Read more: "Adventure River Landscape"
© Olaf Schätzchen

Adventure tours Markgrafenheide - on foot, in a canoe or by bike through the Rostock Heath

  • Waldsiedlung, 18146 Markgrafenheide

Moor, heath, forest and still a lot of sea... discover Markgrafenheide! Exciting legends and myths, history with stories. Germany's largest coastal forest, historic waterways, 3 nature reserves. Outdoor experience by foot, with pedal or paddle

Read more: "Adventure tours Markgrafenheide - on foot, in a canoe or by bike through the Rostock Heath"
In Rostock and Warnemünde exploring during a city tour, © Juliane Leitert

Adventure urban worlds

  • Rudolf-Diesel-Str., 18059 Rostock

Experience Rostock and Warnemünde in a very special way during our individual city tours. We offer classic guided tours, SightRunning tours on the run and exciting scavenger hunts!

Read more: "Adventure urban worlds"
© Erlebniswelt U-Boot GmbH

Adventure World Submarine Museum - H.M.S. Otus

  • Hafenstraße, 18546 Sassnitz

Erlebniswelt U-Boot GmbH is located in the city harbor of Sassnitz. H.M.S. Otus - Her Majesty's Submarine Otus - is a British submarine of the Oberon class. It was in service from 1963 to 1991 with a crew of 68 in the Royal Navy's first submarine squadron during the Falklands War and in the Persian Gulf.

Read more: "Adventure World Submarine Museum - H.M.S. Otus"
Islands with comfortable seating groups invite you to linger, chat and get to know each other. Here you can plan your day, reserve your beauty treatment at ARELAXLIFE or get ideas for your next outdoor activity., © Mein Rügen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

AEDENLIFE Hotel & Resort Rügen

  • Vaschvitz, 18569 Trent

Welcome to paradise - The hardly frequented west of the Island of Rügen is the alternative to the lively seaside resorts. The AEDENLIFE Hotel & Resort welcomes you with heavenly tranquility as well as an attractive beauty and wellness offer.

Read more: "AEDENLIFE Hotel & Resort Rügen"

Aerial photo exhibition with pictures by Hans Blossey

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Am Stadion, 17248 Rechlin

The fascinating aerial photography exhibition with pictures by Hans Blossey is an impressive journey through the beauty of our region from a bird's eye view. Hans Blossey, a renowned aerial photographer, has captured unique moments with his camera and captured breathtaking landscapes from the air.

Read more: "Aerial photo exhibition with pictures by Hans Blossey"
Sukhoi-22 fighter-bomber Soviet-Russian Air Force, © Torsten Heinrichs

Aeronautical Engineering Museum Rechlin

  • Open today
  • Am Claassee, 17248 Rechlin

In historical ensembles of buildings you can learn more about the impressive history of Rechlin's development into the former central and largest test site for land-based aircraft up to 1945 and the reuse by Soviet-Russian aviation until 1993. The NVA's information centre and the former shipyard are also presented - as well as the lives of the people who worked and lived here.

Read more: "Aeronautical Engineering Museum Rechlin"
AFS-sim flight simulator, © afs-sim.de

AFS-sim flight simulator

  • Otto-Intze-Straße, 18299 Laage

In an innovative 3D flight simulation, you will experience a breathtaking flight experience of a very special kind. Would you like to spice up a beautiful occasion with an airy experience without leaving the safe ground? Then you are exactly right here in our flight simulator.

Read more: "AFS-sim flight simulator"
© André Klinger

Age Alternatives André Klinger

  • OT Feldberg, Strelitzer Str., 17258 Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Learn with me the traditional handling of bow and arrow on the bow domicile in the Feldberger Seenlandschaft directly at the Dolgener See! Allow yourself this experience and you have reason to look forward to a new challenge, excitement and relaxation, fun and pleasure.

Read more: "Age Alternatives André Klinger"
Perfect for your trip on vacation - The rental bikes of 1a Fahrradwerkstatt, © Agp Lübesse/Düwel

Agp Lübesse - 1a bicycle workshop

  • Schweriner Str., 19077 Lübesse

Cycling experience between Schwerin and Ludwigslust on the edge of the Lewitz.

Read more: "Agp Lübesse - 1a bicycle workshop"
© TMV/Thomas Ulrich

Agrarbetrieb Groß Grenz - Milk filling station and Regiobox

  • Dorfstraße, 18258 Benitz

Draw fresh milk directly at the farm and taste regional specialties such as venison and honey from the Regiobox.

Read more: "Agrarbetrieb Groß Grenz - Milk filling station and Regiobox"

Agricultural market fruit farm Kruse

  • Luisenhof, 17039 Neuenkirchen OT Luisenhof

Farm store at the Kruse agricultural market fruit farm

Read more: "Agricultural market fruit farm Kruse"
The 1,000 hardworking dairy cows produce up to ten million kg of milk per year, © AGP Lübesse

Agricultural product company Lübesse

  • Schweriner Straße, 19077 Lübesse

Come to the beautiful Lewitz and experience state-of-the-art agriculture. Here, the farmers open their ultra-modern barn doors for you. On request, farm tours are also available for interested groups.

Read more: "Agricultural product company Lübesse"
Entrance to the AGRONEUM Alt Schwerin, © AGRONEUM/Hans Dieter Graf

AGRONEUM Alt Schwerin

  • Open today
  • Achter de Isenbahn, 17214 Alt Schwerin

In the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District and the Nossentiner-Schwinzer Heide Nature Park lies the museum village of Alt Schwerin. As early as 1963 it became a very special, agricultural history village and open-air museum - agricultural history to experience, touch and participate in.

Read more: "AGRONEUM Alt Schwerin"
© TMV/Fischer

Ahlbeck Pier

  • Dünenstraße, 17419 Seebad Ahlbeck

The Ahlbeck pier is considered the landmark of the island of Usedom and, like most of the nearby spa architecture villas, dates from the century before last.

Read more: "Ahlbeck Pier"
© Pocha Burwitz

AHOI! RÜGEN Bathing Landscape & Sauna

  • Badstraße, 18586 Sellin

Oasis of well-being between the Baltic Sea and Lake Sellin. The bathing and adventure world in the Seepark Sellin offers bathing pleasures for everyone at any time of the year. With a giant water slide, current channel and sauna area.

Read more: "AHOI! RÜGEN Bathing Landscape & Sauna"
© Tourismuszentrale Rügen

Airfield Rügen

  • Flugplatz, 18573 Güttin

The airfield Rügen/ Güttin is located near the city of Bergen in the center of the Island of Rügen. The asphalted runway is 900 m long and suitable for small aircraft up to 5.7 t.

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Fantastic location, only 200 m from the pier, © Residenz Hotel Graal-Müritz GmbH

AKZENT Hotel Residence

  • Zur Seebrücke, 18181 Graal-Müritz

Experience the classic spa style romance in one of the most traditional hotels of the Baltic health spa Graal-Müritz. With comfortable rooms, friendly service and excellent cuisine, we will spoil you in a familiar and cozy stylish atmosphere.

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The AKZENT Waldhotel Göhren on the Island of Rügen directly on the beach, © AKZENT Waldhotel Göhren GmbH

Akzent Waldhotel Göhren

  • Waldstraße, 18586 Göhren

The sea is at your feet with us!

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© Tourismuszentrale Rügen

alaris butterfly park

  • Straße der Jugend, 18546 Sassnitz

A feeling like being in a tropical rainforest, an oasis of hundreds of free-flying butterflies.

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For several years now, the Riding Alexandrine has been decorating Alexandrine Square., © Gabriele Skorupski

Alexandrine riding

  • Alexandrinenplatz, 19288 Ludwigslust

In the 200th year of her birth, Alexandrine, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, has returned to Ludwigslust. Riding a horse, she has stood since 2003 on the square that has borne her name for more than 150 years.

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© ALLERLEImobiles

ALLERLEImobiles bike and water sports rental

  • Neuer Markt, 17248 Rechlin

"Over a thousand lakes and a small sea - the Müritz is surrounded by countless bodies of water and forms a unique water sports area. Enjoy nature, cycle through the vastness of the Mecklenburg countryside and take a deep breath as you cycle through impressive forests and ancient avenues.

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The foyer with many funny details..., © Karls Tourismus GmbH

Alles Paletti - Karl's Upcycling Hotel

  • Purkshof, 18182 Rövershagen

Stay in one of our exceptionally equipped hotel rooms with upcycling charm directly at the adventure village, the cozy and lovingly furnished vacation homes in the middle of the greenery or in our unique ice hotel in the ice world.

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Our yard sign- built by an institution for mentally ill and disabled people., © Marco Holter

Alpaca farm at the Iserberg

  • Dorfstraße, 23936 Hamberge

In the idyllic Hamberge at the end of the village is the alpaca farm. Our fascinating animals enchant all guests and vacationers!

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© Hotel Hamburg-Wittenburg van der Valk GmbH

alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg

  • Zur Winterwelt, 19243 Wittenburg

Visitors can expect sensational wintry fun all year round in Europe's largest indoor snow and amusement park.

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© Christin Drühl

Alt Schwerin Manor House

  • Lindenallee, 17214 Alt Schwerin

The stately manor house with its high mansard roof was built in 1733 in typical North German red brick.

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© Alte Pommernkate GmbH

Alte Pommernkate - Rügen farmer's market & farm café

  • Hauptstraße, 18573 Rambin

Qualitative regional products and specialties find place in our farmer's market: food, books, cosmetics and handicrafts. This is followed by a farm café, the Rügen noodle yard and our own fish smokehouse on our farm.

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Altefähr beach house, © Strandhaus Altefähr

Altefähr beach house

  • Strandpromenade, 18573 Altefähr

Delicacies with a unique view.

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© Frank Burger

Altenhagen Manor

  • Hof, 18236 Altenhagen

The Altenhagen manor house is an architectural peculiarity in the region.

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Altenkirchen Parish Church with Kosegarten House, © Tourismuszentrale Rügen

Altenkirchen parish church

  • An der Kirche, 18556 Altenkirchen

The parish church in Altenkirchen is one of the oldest sacral buildings on the Island of Rügen. During its construction in the 12th century, an image stone of Jaromarsburg was used, which was dedicated to the Slavic deity Svantevit and was once located at Cape Arkona.

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Exterior view of the manor house, © Sabrina Wittkopf-Schade

Altenpleen manor house

  • Florian Geyer-Straße, 18445 Altenpleen

Not far from the Hanseatic City of Stralsund is the Altenpleen manor house. It was built in the 19th century.

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Altensien mill - interior view -, © Tourismuszentrale Rügen

Altensien mill

  • Altensien, 18568 Ostseebad Sellin

Once there were more than 20 mills around Sellin.

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© Alter Hof am Elbdeich

Alter Hof am Elbdeich Landidyllhotel

  • Am Elbdeich, 19309 Unbesandten

Hotel-restaurant-holiday apartments, a listed farm from 1823 directly on the Elbe dike, with a cozy restaurant, terrace, wellness area, sauna, sunbathing lawn, lake in the immediate vicinity, bicycles, book corner and fireplace.

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Maritime hustle and bustle at the Alter Strom, © René Legrand

Alter Strom Warnemünde

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Am Strom, 18119 Warnemünde

The 'Alte Strom' was the only shipping route to the Rostock harbour until 1903. Today only yachts, passenger ships and fishing boats anchor here.

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View of the house from the lake, © Altes Zollhaus

Altes Zollhaus - romantic lakeside inn and hotel

  • OT Feldberg, Am Erddamm, 17258 Feldberger Seenlandschaft

The 'Alte Zollhaus' is a romantic lakeside inn & hotel in the middle of the beautiful Feldberg Lake District Nature Park.

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