Christmas fun at the summer cinema

11/30/24 in Wustrow

Summer Cinema Wustrow_Santa, © Sommerkino Wustrow

free of charge
for free

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  • Saturday, Nov 30, 202415:00 o'clock
Children, Dance,Party & Disco, Culinary, Open-Air Festival

Colorful hustle and bustle for young and old

Visitors can look forward to delicious food from the barbecue, a range of Christmas hot drinks and sweet treats.

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free event

Event dates
  • Saturday, Nov 30, 2024 15:00 o'clock
Event Location

Summer cinema Wustrow

Strandstraße 53a
18347 Wustrow
Contact the organiser

Summer cinema Wustrow

Strandstr. 53a
18347 Wustrow
+49 162 9666960


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