Houseboat Vacation & Raft Trips in the Lake District

Experience Boundless Freedom on the Water

Happiness lies in the silence. A houseboat trip in the Mecklenburg Lake District is the most beautiful little escape from everyday life., © TMV/Gänsicke

Houseboat Vacation & Raft Trips in the Lake District

Experience Boundless Freedom on the Water

Cruising along natural shores on interconnected waterways in Germany's lakeland, sailing across the endless expanses of shimmering lakes or anchoring in one of the quiet bays and the vacation home is always on deck: with a houseboat or raft, recreational captains are at home anywhere.

Cruising along natural shores on interconnected waterways in Germany's lakeland, sailing across the endless expanses of shimmering lakes or anchoring in one of the quiet bays and the vacation home is always on deck: with a houseboat or raft, recreational captains are at home anywhere.

Just get on and go, even without a driver's license - in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, carefree drifting towards the sunset in the midst of a dreamlike idyll. Watch beavers and kingfishers on the shore or sea eagles and ospreys circling in the air and become one with nature. From relaxing discovery tours on the Peene River to unforgettable adventures in the Mecklenburg Lake District .

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Rent a houseboat and raft without driving license

Various houseboats and rafts are available for rent at charter companies in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A distinction is made between typical houseboat, bungalow boat, raft or even a sauna houseboat. On the road as a couple, with family or friends, the boats offer plenty of space, even for groups. And no motorboat license is needed to charter one of the modern rafts or houseboats.

Anyone over the age of 18 can obtain a charter driver's license directly from the provider on site after an introduction. So nothing stands in the way of adventure on rivers and lakes in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. If you would like to take your dog on a tour, you can inquire directly with the provider and find the right houseboat or raft for you.

Provider for your Houseboat and Raft Vacation

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© Flossurlaub MV


  • Glambecker Str., 17235 Neustrelitz

Experience a relaxing vacation in the Mecklenburg Lake District with the license-free rafts. The rafts are equipped with proper toilet, kitchen with gas stove, refrigerator, running cold water and much more.

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© Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch

Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch

  • Wolfsbruch, 16831 Rheinsberg-Kleinzerlang

4* Resort in Rheinsberg direkt an der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte. Die Anlage verfügt über ein Hotel, Ferienhäuser und -wohnungen, Kinderland mit täglichem Programm, Indoor-Spielplatz, Badelandschaft mit Sauna, Fitnessraum und Wellnessbereich sowie einen eigenen Jachthafen mit Bootsverleih und Hausbootcharter. Hier gibt es auch für Tagesbesucher viel zu entdecken.

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© TMV/Witzel

Locaboat Holidays Fleesensee (Untergöhren)

  • Open today
  • Am Busch (Am Fahrgastanleger), 17213 Göhren-Lebbin

High quality fleet, license free houseboats for your vacation on the water. Become your own captain in the Mecklenburg Lake District.

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© Tom Sawyer Tours

Tom Sawyer Tours - raft and houseboat rentals

  • Zierker Nebenstraße, 17235 Neustrelitz

Experience the adventure of a lifetime with Tom Sawyer Tours: by raft through the land of 1000 lakes! From the rustic camping experience to the comfortable full equipment, we offer the right raft for every taste.

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Polly Ferienhof Strasen - Experience nature in a relaxed way!, © northtours - Tante Polly / A. Krämer

Polly vacation farm directly on the lake in Strasen

  • Pelzkuhler Straße, 17255 Strasen

Experience nature in a relaxed way! A relaxing time for the whole family & friends- modern vacation apartments with lake view, barbecue, wi-fi, wood-burning stove and large covered terrace - plenty of space to relax, play, fish and enjoy - sunsets on the lake, boat rental: boats, canoes, SUPs, fishing boats with 5-horsepower motor.

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© Lars Franzen

WELL houseboats - charter base Peenemünde

  • Zum Nordhafen, 17449 Peenemünde

A houseboat in the midst of island nature - Where the Peene River flows into the Baltic Sea, lies the village and marina Peenemünde (Nordhafen). Here, between gently rocking waves, a completely new form of deceleration awaits you.

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© Bootscharter Malow

boat charter Malow

  • Zum Hafen, 17213 Fünfseen OT Lenz-Süd

Mecklenburg Lake District boating vacation

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Pier directly at Schwerin Castle, © Oliver Borchert

COSY Houseboats

  • Werderstrasse, 19055 Schwerin

Experience the beautiful Schwerin lake landscape. Either on one of the exclusive and license-free COSY houseboats or by kayak or SUP directly at the Schwerin Castle. Together with the adjacent Mecklenburg Lake District, it is one of the most beautiful boating areas in Europe. A paradise for all water lovers and nature lovers.

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© Mortan Strauch

Yacht charter Schulz

  • An der Reeck, 17192 Waren (Müritz)

Yachtcharter Schulz offers everything a boater's heart desires, from boating vacations on a thousand lakes to day trips and one-way tours.

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© Marina Nord

Marina North / Aparthotel at Lake Heidensee

  • Buchenweg, 19055 Schwerin

Idyllically located on Lake Heidensee is the Aparthotel and Marina Nord with marina and sailing school.

Read more: "Marina North / Aparthotel at Lake Heidensee"
© Spiegelhalter 2014

Locaboat Holidays

  • Ludwigstr., 79104 Freiburg

Roam through Mecklenburg's lakelands without a license on the comfortable Pénichette or the elegant Europa boat from Locaboat. Experience Müritz, Havel and countless lakes and rivers from a whole new perspective. A unique experience in nature.

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© Kathrin Borgwardt

Darss raft

  • Bernsteinweg, 18375 Prerow

Whether swimming, fishing, sauna, barbecue or stargazing on the deck of your raft at night - we promise you an unforgettable vacation!

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© die flosserei / Godehard Bromisch

Raft rental the raft

  • Am Bahnhof, 19294 Malliß

Exceptional vacation for families, adventurers, individualists, nature lovers and anglers. Enjoy peace, nature and freedom on the Müritz-Elde-Stör waterway. Pure exploration and relaxation.

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Floating Houses Barth

  • Hafenstraße, 18356 Barth

FLOATING HOUSES offer you the special vacation on the water: Enjoy the unique ambience of FLOATING HOUSES and a carefree time at the Baltic Sea, very close to nature.

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© TMV/Gänsicke

Müritz harbour village

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Marinastraße, 17248 Hafendorf Müritz

Your vacation domicile at the Müritz! Situated in the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District, a vacation resort in a class of its own awaits you.

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© Katrin Tauscher

Surfers - The floating vacation homes

  • Hafen Ribnitz, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten, Stadt

Welcome aboard!

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© Familie Patzelt

Hotel & Restaurant "Zum Fährhaus

  • Fähre, 19370 Slate

Our family-run hotel is located directly on the Müritz-Elde waterway.

Read more: "Hotel & Restaurant "Zum Fährhaus"
© Stern Hausboot


  • 18356 Barth

Take a vacation on one of the Stern houseboats in Barth and live your dream on the water! Already from 95€ per night or 745€ per week (incl. final cleaning).

© Flussentdecker

River explorers: houseboat and motor yacht rentals

  • Loitzer Str., 17109 Demmin

Take a houseboat or boat across the Peene River and enjoy nature.

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© Holger Leue

Le Boat - Time for a new perspective

  • Closed today
  • Wolfsbruch, 16831 Kleinzerlang

Experience dreamlike boating vacations with friends or family on the Mecklenburg Lake District - a fantastic adventure for young and old. What could be better than a jump into the cool water or a relaxing sunbath on the sun deck? Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, unwind and enjoy pure nature. No boating license necessary - after a briefing it's "cast off" for you and full speed ahead.

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© Lars Franzen

WELL houseboats - charter base Saaler Bodden

  • Körkwitzer Weg, 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

Houseboat vacation at the Saaler Bodden in direct neighborhood to the wellness oasis of the Bodden-Therme. Deceleration on board and walking distance to the historic city center of Ribnitz-Damgarten.

Read more: "WELL houseboats - charter base Saaler Bodden"
© Harald Kuhnle

KUHNLE-TOURS houseboats, YACHTCHARTER RÖMER® motor yachts and Riverlodge®s in Fürstenberg

  • Uferweg, 16798 Fürstenberg

Vacation on a boat? You can fulfill this dream of a vacation on the water even without a boat license. Vacation on the water and explore the Mecklenburg Lake District to Berlin with the right boat. We have a boat for you: for 2 to 12 people.

Read more: "KUHNLE-TOURS houseboats, YACHTCHARTER RÖMER® motor yachts and Riverlodge®s in Fürstenberg"
© TMV/Tiemann

Kuhnle-Tours - Hafendorf Müritz

  • Marinastraße, 17248 Rechlin

Enjoy a highly unusual family holiday and save money too.

Read more: "Kuhnle-Tours - Hafendorf Müritz"
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Houseboat or Raft?

Huckleberry Finn feeling or rather a little more luxury on the water? That's where raft and houseboat essentially differ. If you want to have your vacation apartment with you, you can opt for a houseboat with a shower, refrigerator and a warm bed. The small floating vacation homes are modernly equipped with kitchen, toilet as well as heating and provide the best vacation feeling on cold nights.

Adventurers love the feeling of freedom on a raft and the fresh wind blowing through the cab. Families with young children may favor a houseboat vacation more, while younger couples often gravitate toward a raft vacation.

The Best Spots for a Raft and Houseboat Vacation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The Lake District is the ideal area for vacations on the water. Together with Fleesensee, Kölpinsee and Plauer See, the Müritz, also known as the Little Sea, brings boaters over 180 square kilometers of water under the keel. Popular with nature lovers is a tour on the Amazon of the North - the Peene - starting in Demmin, Loitz or Anklam. The unique "Great Round Trip" even stretches from the metropolis of Berlin, through Brandenburg to the state capital Schwerin in the north. Across huge, clear lakes and along the Havel, the Müritz-Elde waterway and the Störkanal, it leads through charming landscapes and fascinating cities. Most of the inland waters can be navigated without a license, after a short instruction.

Modern marinas and sport boat harbors offer well-equipped moorings. One of the most beautiful things you can experience during your boating vacations and should not miss is spending the night at anchor in the middle of nature in a bay.

On the move for days and weeks in Germany's lakeland - the Great Round Trip is a route full of contrasts, covering 570 kilometers. On the tour, recreational skippers roam through two German states and three capital cities by houseboat. For the most part, the tour does not require a boating license and is best navigated in a clockwise direction., © TMV/Gänsicke

Free Ride for Leisure Captains

Raft and Houseboat Tours

In Germany's lakeland, recreational captains enjoy free sailing. On many waterways, you need neither driving experience nor a driver's license, just a charter certificate.

Read more: "Raft and Houseboat Tours"

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Build a Raft Yourself

Let yourself drift in the golden summer sun - with a little imagination even back to your own childhood. From the original "build your own", to outdoor discovery tours and relaxed enjoyment of nature, everything is included in your raft wonder bag: In smiling memory of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, you'll get to work on the logs and build your own raft for a perfect rafting adventure.

However, you don't have to gather wood in the wild in the forest, because you can book the ready-to-go package with many providers. It sounds a bit like building an IKEA shelf, but that's exactly what it is: four screws, four straps, and lots of fun on your adventure cruise. You'll explore the Mecklenburg Lake District, the Müritz-Elde waterway, the Sternberg Lake District, the Recknitz and the Peene.

Here you can build your own raft

© Sven-Erik Muskulus

WANDERER - Canoe, Bike & Travel

Read more: "WANDERER - Canoe, Bike & Travel"
© M. Steimle

Marlow canoe and boat rental

Read more: "Marlow canoe and boat rental"
© Abenteuer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Adventure in Meck-Pomm

Read more: "Adventure in Meck-Pomm"
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Out On the Water, Into the Fun

Anyone can be a houseboat captain. The motto is: Get out of the city with friends, into nature. Away from the noise, into the silence. A little escape from everyday life. And should one of the friends need some distance: Stand-up paddleboards or a canoe also fit on the boat for extra trips. If you want to be active on land, you can take your bike on board or rent one on site. Just dock and start cycling.

On the board, in the water or on the sun deck? So much water, so many possibilities. And one thing is for sure: The evening is one of the most beautiful moments on the houseboat or raft. When the sun slowly sets, the wind dies down, the air feels like velvet and the grill sizzles with freshly caught fish . Sounds like a perfect summer day.

Autumn and winter are also ideal for quiet boating vacations and on cold days the sauna houseboat is an absolute insider's tip. So, just rent a houseboat or raft, weigh anchor and enjoy the great freedom in the Lake District.