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Architecture, wellness and culinary delights

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Concert enjoyment in palaces, culinary delights, feel-good days in wellness temples, stroll through world heritage sites or travel in the footsteps of the Romantics. Culture in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a feast for all the senses, with everything from top class concert halls to art galleries and museums for all to enjoy. From historic sights including castles and monasteries to interactive museums, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's varied cultural scene is full of educational and entertaining delights.

Lavish palaces and magnificent gardens, brilliant pieces of art and grand music, the finest wellness programmes and locally-sourced delicacies – the picturesque holiday destination between the Baltic Sea and the Lakes offers pleasurable moments for many different tastes.
A palace, a park, a lake – a combination found in abundance in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The dukes and landed gentry bequeathed some stunning properties. With its golden roofs, the Schwerin residence still remains a delightful centrepiece in this vast and tranquil land.

Where real taste blooms

The hotels and restaurants in historic manor houses invite you on a culinary journey between fish and game through North German cuisine. Accomplished chefs also bewitch guests with their culinary arts between harbours and beaches. And besides: The white seaside resorts have been a pure delight since time immemorial. Most of the wellness temples are located right on the seafront. Guests can let go here – in chalk and bliss, in brine and silence. Wellness is simply in the nature of the invigorating coastal region.

The whole country is a stage

On balmy summer days, the coastal landscape regales its guests with music and theatre. Often within historic walls, sometimes in a factory hall, but best beneath the starry skies. Builders from times gone by also reached for the stars when they drove European Gothic brickwork to new heights in the Hanseatic towns.Culture in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern includes the musical traditions of the state, with both classic and modern venues catering to different tastes, and including some amazing outdoor arenas. Enjoy the performances at the Eldenaer Jazz Evenings, which are held in the ruins of the Eldena Monastery, a truly majestic setting for a night of great shows. In Neubrandenberg, the Konzertkirche (concert church) hosts the Neubrandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra and also features special Mozart nights and entertaining musicals.

Searching for clues at the fount of Romanticism

It wasn't only UNESCO who were impressed by the stone flights of fancy. The skyscrapers of the Middle Ages and the unspoiled countryside have inspired painters and poets for generations. And certainly since Northern German Romanticism, which exactly at these places of yearning was brought into this shining world by Caspar David Friedrich and his chalk cliffs.

Castles, bricks, seaside


Architecture from eight centuries: The Hansa bequeathed us bold churches, the nobility aristocratic manors. And spa visitors have always been presented with fine buildings. Many of these architectural works of art house special hotels or exclusive cultural events today.

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