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A fascinating glimpse into nature

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Cutting-edge experience centres offer a fascinating glimpse into nature’s ingenious workshop

Snow-white chalk cliffs, bellowing stags and trumpeting cranes – this is how Mecklenburg-Vorpommern welcomes its guests. In every region, visitors are amazed by the wonders of nature. Whether wandering dunes, petrified hedgehogs, trees fleeing from the wind or salty meadows – there is no end to the discoveries. One third of the country is under a nature conservation order. Three national parks, three biosphere reserves and seven nature parks preserve a fabulous world of flora and fauna.

If you wish to immerse yourself in this kingdom of nature, then start in one of the unique experience centres. Nature lovers can travel through the kingdom of apes, walk through a bear forest or along a treetop path. Giant aquarium landscapes take you into a universe that is otherwise hidden. Whether interactive exhibitions or guided tours, visitors to the experience centre in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern can discover and get to understand nature close-up.

© Christian Howe / OZEANEUM Stralsund

OZEANEUM Stralsund

With its five exhibitions and 46 aquariums, the OZEANEUM Stralsund invites you on an extraordinary underwater journey beneath the northern seas. Visit Humboldt penguins on the roof terrace, "Niki" the female sand tiger shark in the 2.6-million-litre pool "Open Atlantic" and the giants of the sea - real life replicas of whales.

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© Nationalpark-Zentrum Königsstuhl/A. Rudolph

National Park Centre Königsstuhl

The National Park Centre Königsstuhl is a very special place to experience nature, located right next to the famous Königsstuhl chalk cliffs on Rügen and at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Germany's Old Beech Forests.

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Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen

The Natural Heritage Centre Rügen with treetop path and experience exhibition is open 364 days a year so that you can experience and get to know nature all year round.

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Animal nursery, © Zoo Schwerin/Erika Hellmich

Schwerin Zoological Garden

A green oasis lies in the centre of Schwerin, which is characterised by a 3 ha large bird meadow as well as semi-natural animal enclosures, which are a second home to the 650 animals from 120 species. Schwerin zoo is one of the most beautiful in Germany.

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© Thomas Oppermann


Brown bears – all of which came from improperly kept habitats – live in Western Europe’s largest bear sanctuary in the Mecklenburg Lakes. It is open all year round!

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