• Schwerin Palace – its grandeur still radiates over the vast green expanse of its impressive parkland, © TMV/Allrich
    Schwerin Palace – its grandeur still radiates over the vast green expanse of its impressive parkland
  • Sample the relaxed atmosphere and linger by the Pfaffenteich with views of Schwerin Cathedral, © TMV/LEH
    Sample the relaxed atmosphere and linger by the Pfaffenteich with views of Schwerin Cathedral
  • An unparalleled appearance – impressive and romantic at the same time: Sweeping views from the bridge towards Schwerin Palace, © TMV/Hoffmann
    An unparalleled appearance – impressive and romantic at the same time: Sweeping views from the bridge towards Schwerin Palace


The residental town entices with its vivid history and vast cultural offers. Since year one, the blue of the lakes - which make up one quarter of the area - dominates the townscape.

City of the seven lakes

Founded by Henry the Lion in 1160, Mecklenburg's oldest town has always been the nerve centre of this state. Set amid an idyllic waterscape, the blue of the lakes has dominated the scene since time immemorial.  With a fairy-tale unreality, exquisitely beautiful Schwerin Palace gracefully soars skywards on a small island in Germany's fourth-largest lake. Where dukes once ruled now provides a home to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's state parliament.

Cultural pleasure

The oldest building in the city is the Gothic cathedral – one of the most beautiful and mightiest brick churches in Germany. In other respects, the city has been shaped more by baroque influences and the historical styles of the 19th century. The town hall with its Tudor-style curtain wall is reminiscent of an English castle. The traditional Mecklenburg State Theatre unites with the National Museum's Art Gallery to form a symbol for the popular music and art city.


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Lennéstraße – 19053 Schwerin

Schwerin Palace

Schwerin Palace is the landmark in the state capital

Schwerin Palace is located on an island in Lake Schwerin and is among the most important historicism edifices in Europe.

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Lennéstraße – 19053 Schwerin

Schwerin Castle Museum

The throne room, © © Lothar Steiner © Staatliches Museum Schwerin

A variety of towers are reaching into the sky, on top of them golden domes and sparkling pinnacles. The museum shows the splendor of ducal times with beautiful rooms, weapons, fine china and silver. It is open to visitors.

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– 19053 Schwerin

Schwerin Castle - Gardens

The Garden of Schwerin Castle are among the most impressive in Northern Germany, © © Carsten Pescht

Though the Palace outshines almost everything around it, there is one more attraction on that island which you shouldn’t miss. To the left of the main entrance, walking through the castle garden, you will find the charming orangery. It is a delicate construction made of cast iron and glass, a unique example of 19th century architecture and one of a kind in Germany. With its parkways, arcades, flower beds, sculptures, and the cross channel the baroque-style castle garden knows how to impress. The garden is public and open to visitors.

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Alter Garten – 19055 Schwerin

Schwerin State Gallery and Museum

Barocke Hängung in der Galerie Alte & Neue Meister Schwerin, © Foto: G. Bröcker, Staatliches Museum Schwerin

The biggest art museum of Mecklenburg presents an outstanding collection of old and new masters of Dutch and Flemish painting from the 17th and 18th century. It also houses Germany’s biggest collection of works by Marcel Duchamp and more notable works of modern artists such as Günther Uecker.

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Am Dom – 19055 Schwerin

Schwerin Cathedral

© Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Schwerin

The tallest of all churches in Mecklenburg is a masterpiece of the northern gothic architecture. It is the oldest surviving building of the old town of Schwerin. In summer season the mighty church organ can be heard every monday at 2.30 pm. Schwerin Cathedral is open to visitors daily from 11 am to 3 pm.

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Am Markt – 19055 Schwerin

Tourist-Information Schwerin

The fairy-tale palace on an island in Lake Schwerin is an impressive symbol of the state capital, © Foto@Andreas-Duerst.de

Are you planning to visit the state capital of Schwerin with family or friends - or a business trip, perhaps? Great! At the Tourist Information Schwerin, we are happy to assist in planning and organising your trip to Schwerin.

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Obotritenring – 19053 Schwerin

Historic Cemetery Schwerin

The "Alter Friedhof" is a historic graveyard founded in victorian times. It was planned by master builder Demmler and master gardener Klett. Many tombs and graves belong to notable members of Schwerin court and important persons of Schwerin's history. Many graves are protected as historic buildings and artwork. The Historic Cemetery is at the same time a beautifully composed landscape park.

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Großer Moor/ Ecke Puschkinstraße – 19055 Schwerin

Memorial "Runder Tisch"

In der Fußgängerzone Puschkinstraße/ Ecke Großer Moor steht die Skulptur "Runder Tisch"., © Gabriele Skorupski

The artwork by Guillermo Steinbrüggen from Lübeck has been made from stone and steel. It reminds of political processes and events around 1989 and 1990 when the former German Democratic Republic came to an end peacefully.

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Schleifmühlenweg – 19053 Schwerin

Hedges Garden

The Hedges Garden is situated in the southern part of Schwerins Castle Garden. It has been planted in 2009 for the National Garden Exhibition (BUGA). Inspired by hedge mazes and as a show room for garden borders it reminds of royal garden labyrinths. Right next you find the "Temple of Youth", a restaurant and the museum "Schleifmühle".

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Schleifmühlenweg – 19053 Schwerin


The "Hippodrome" is a spot in the southern part of the Castle Garden of Schwerin. It is situated on a small hill surrounded by big old trees. The name "Hippodrome" is derived from the name for a riding arena in ancient times.

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The catholic church St. Anna is located in the city centre. The building was erected in the late 18th century. There are services and concerts taking place on a regular basis. St. Anna houses a significant collection of antique books and bibles.

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Buschstraße – 19055 Schwerin

Kommodenhäuschen Schwerin

Das Kommodenhäuschen ist wegen seiner markanten Bauweise ein beliebtes Fotomotiv., © Gabriele Skorupski

Several fires in the 16th and 17th centuries almost completely destroyed Schwerin's medieval city center. A small half-timbered house from that time has nevertheless been preserved. The Kommodenhäuschen is a favorite photo spot.

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Am Markt – 19055 Schwerin

The Lion on the market square

Das Löwendenkmal erinnert an den Stadtgründer Heinrich den Löwen., © Gabriele Skorupski

On the north side of the Old Town Market, stands a lion sculpture, reminiscent of Schwerin's founder Heinrich the Lion. This was build up in 1995 on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the death of Heinrich. It was created by the sculptor Peter Lenk from Konstanz.

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Alter Garten – 19055 Schwerin

Mecklenburg State Theatre

© Silke Winkler

The Mecklenburg State Theater Schwerin is one of the great tradition-rich stages in northern Germany. The schedule includes opera, operetta, musical, ballet, drama, puppet theater and concert. The highlight of the summer is the Castle Opera Festival of Schwerin. Great opera meets splendid scenery, starry sky and one of the most beautiful north European places.

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Alter Garten – 19055 Schwerin

Paul Friedrich Monument

Paul Friedrich, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg, has significantly influenced the city of Schwerin. Under his reign, the residence of Ludwigslust was transferred back to Schwerin in 1837. He was popular among the people of Mecklenburg as a warm-hearted and friendly ruler.

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Am Packhof – 19053 Schwerin

St. Pauls Church

St. Pauls Church, © Susanne Wöhlke

The St. Pauls church is consider a role model of neo-gothic architecture. Its spot on top of a hill in the historic city center of Schwerin is not its only unique feature. The interior of the church has survived troubled times since the 1869 and has basically never changed. Glass windows, tracery, and a large organ are not the only relicts of church architecture of the 19th century. Tours of the protestant church are available upon request.

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Waldschulweg – 19061 Schwerin

Schwerin Zoological Garden

Experience animals up close, © Zoo Schwerin/Erika Hellmich

A green oasis lies in the centre of Schwerin, which is characterised by a 3 ha large bird meadow as well as semi-natural animal enclosures, which are a second home to the 650 animals from 120 species. Schwerin zoo is one of the most beautiful in Germany.

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