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Come on, tell me something: When children can experience history

Published: May 27, 2024

When puppeteer Cornelia Unrauh makes the puppets dance in Schwerin Castle, young and old alike listen and laugh. History becomes exciting and a family experience., © TMV/Gross

Published: May 27, 2024

Museums, guided tours, culture ... with children? Only for the smarty-pants? No way, because everything is possible between the Baltic Sea and the Lake District, where even history comes to life and is certainly fun for the whole family. The Mecklenburg-Schwerin region is well worth a visit with children.

Even from a bird's eye view, Schwerin Palace with its baroque palace garden is a real beauty. Nevertheless, you should definitely not miss out on the inner values., © TMV/Gross

Schwerin Castle

Family vacations don't necessarily include culture, because let's be honest: children and culture? That doesn't work, does it? You bet it does! And how it goes well! On a vacation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with children, this can be seen at almost every stone castle, in colorful gardens, in glittering castle towers and behind the gilded columns of a castle hall. Fancy fun, games and excitement for the whole family? Then the Mecklenburg-Schwerin region has quite a lot of unusual and exciting, almost living history in its program.

"Welcome and always come in!" Theater princess Thea is already waiting excitedly for her visitors at the entrance to Schwerin Castle, because she has a lot to tell., © TMV/Gross

Princess Thea

Thea's crown is a little crooked, but that doesn't matter to the theater princess. Squeaky clean, she captivates the audience during her tour of Schwerin Castle. At a total of five stations, Thea explains what life was like at court during the reign of Duke Friedrich Franz II. She lives in a box made by puppeteer Cornelia Unrauh and knows, for example, who was responsible for the nobles' diet in the palace. And that is indeed surprising, because the kitchen team cannot be counted on two hands. And then there is the story of the grand ducal family's favorite dessert: pineapple. A fruit that can be bought in every supermarket today. Why was it so special at court around 160 years ago? Thea tells her audience.

Ludwigslust Palace has long known that all that glitters is not always gold and that the walls are not always adorned with marble. Valet Johann Völler and puppet father Jürgen Wicht talk about this and all sorts of interesting facts about the aristocratic residents of the past., © Pfeuffer SSGK M-V

A talkative valet de chambre

A valet de chambre Johann Völler - who once really existed - can also tell stories at Ludwigslust Palace. Valet Völler, who has been in service since 1763, guides families through the palace. He is accompanied by puppeteer Jürgen Wicht. Mr. Völler knows the castle and its noble inhabitants very well. His tour begins under the roof of the building with a view of the baroque ensemble and ends in the painting gallery. He immerses his audience in the world of the time, telling the story of the princely clock enthusiast Friedrich von Mecklenburg-Schwerin and his wife Luise, who owned ten shotguns. And what exactly is a shotgun? The valet knows.   

By the way: in addition to Schwerin and Ludwigslust, there are also guided tours and theater plays with handmade puppets in the castles of Bothmer, Mirow, Hohenzieritz and Granitz Hunting Lodge. Individual puppets await you in each castle to guide you through the houses and tell the story(s) of the respective castle in a humorous and child-friendly way.

A white stag

The forest adventure trail “Legendary Lewitz”, the largest contiguous meadow landscape in Germany and also an EU bird sanctuary, is downright legendary. Doesn't sound so convincing yet? Then head to the legend trail, where you can hear and discover all kinds of legends at 16 interactive stations, such as the legend of the white stag that once lived in Waldlewitz. The magnificent animal was surrounded by eeriness and no one had ever managed to hunt it over a long distance when a farmer set out to kill it. But the majestic animal was probably surrounded by a protective spell and the farmer … Well, you will find out how the story ended when you visit the Lewitz.

Where stables rattle and rivers whistle

Once a year, an exciting medieval spectacle awaits visitors of all ages at Neustadt-Glewe Castle. A colorful hustle and bustle from times long past awaits visitors of all ages and, of course, the little ones too. Anyone who has ever been to a medieval market knows how wonderful it is to immerse yourself in a completely different world here. Jugglers and minstrels, court jesters and silversmiths and, of course, knights cavort here and even compete against each other in jousting tournaments. But there is plenty to discover all year round at the oldest preserved fortified castle in Mecklenburg: a tower with a deep dungeon, a guard and defense room … Oh, and if you like music, funny anecdotes and a bit of slapstick, take part in the musical castle tour with Thielius the Bard. Hört, hört!


Of course, this is by no means all the excursion tips Mecklenburg-Schwerin has in store for families with children. There is so much more to discover.

Legendary forest paths - the forest adventure trail in Friedrichsmoor, © Susanne Scharf
Majestic castles - Neustadt Castle, © TMV/Gohlke
Rattling knights' armor at the castle festival in Neustadt-Glewe, © SEB Fotographie

Family excursion destinations

in Mecklenburg-Schwerin

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© Uwe Rosenfeld

International Fire Brigade Museum Schwerin

  • Hamburger Allee, 19063 Schwerin

Germany's largest fire department museum with over 16,000 exhibits welcomes you to an exhibition area of 4,500 m². It presents the history of the fire department from its foundation to the present day in a clear and tangible way.

Read more: "International Fire Brigade Museum Schwerin"
© Foto: Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Friedrichsmoor Forest Adventure Trail - Legendary Lewitz

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Schloßallee, 19306 Friedrichsmoor

The world of legends in the Lewitz is teeming with dragons, mythical creatures and all kinds of secrets from the history of Germany's largest meadow landscape. There are a total of 16 stations along the trail, each of which has a legend as its theme. Artists have created statues for each station, and the legend can be read on panels or accessed as a radio play via QR code. For children there are discovery tasks and information about the forest and nature is conveyed in a playful way. Start and finish is the hunting lodge Friedrichsmoor the path is suitable for hikers and cyclists.

Read more: "Friedrichsmoor Forest Adventure Trail - Legendary Lewitz"
© Jörn Lehmann

Castle Museum Plau am See

  • Burgplatz, 19395 Plau am See

Children and museums - you might think that doesn't fit. In Plau am See, that's not true. The town has a museum where even the young won't get bored. The former Plau Castle offers interesting insights into history, and it also houses a unique museum of local history and technology.

Read more: "Castle Museum Plau am See"
© Frank Burger

District Agricultural Museum Dorf Mecklenburg

  • Rambower Weg, 23972 Dorf Mecklenburg

The County Agricultural Museum in Dorf Mecklenburg offers many opportunities to engage directly with the West Mecklenburg region. The permanent exhibition, which was completely redesigned in 2011, takes up the recent history of rural development.

Read more: "District Agricultural Museum Dorf Mecklenburg"
© P.A. Kroehnert

State Stud Redefin

  • Betriebsgelände, 19230 Redefin

Visit our country stud in the middle of untouched nature. Experience our beautiful horses, stroll through the stud park and enjoy the wonderful ambience with a cup of coffee and cake. Whether horse breeding, equestrian sports, training courses, concerts or shows - we will make your visit a special experience!

Read more: "State Stud Redefin"
© Landesamt für Kultur und Denkmalpflege Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Landesarchäologie

Open Air Archaeological Museum Groß Raden

  • Kastanienallee, 19406 Groß Raden

Located on a peninsula in Lake Groß Raden, the open-air museum provides insights into the life of the Northwest Slavic tribes a thousand years ago with faithful replicas of dwellings and craft workshops as well as a temple.

Read more: "Open Air Archaeological Museum Groß Raden"
© SSGK MV / Jörn Lehmann

Ludwigslust Castle

  • Open today
  • Schlossfreiheit, 19288 Ludwigslust

The magnificent Ludwigslust Palace, situated in a spacious park with avenues, cascades, canals and water jumps, is the center of the late Baroque town complex. In the castle's museum, the restored rooms shine in courtly splendor and transport visitors back in time. In the hunting hall of the castle there is a café with a spacious terrace overlooking the castle park.

Read more: "Ludwigslust Castle"
© Lothar Steiner © Staatliches Museum Schwerin

Schwerin Castle Museum

  • Open today
  • Lennéstraße, 19053 Schwerin

A variety of towers are reaching into the sky, on top of them golden domes and sparkling pinnacles. The museum shows the splendor of ducal times with beautiful rooms, weapons, fine china and silver. It is open to visitors.

Read more: "Schwerin Castle Museum"
© Arne Hennes

Pinball Museum Schwerin

  • Friesenstraße, 19059 Schwerin

It beeps, flashes, rattles and wobbles - the great era of slot machines comes back to life at the Flippermuseum Schwerin. Immerse yourself in the world of pinball machines, video game machines and jukeboxes from different decades.

Read more: "Pinball Museum Schwerin"
© TMV, Tiemann

Open-air museum for folklore Schwerin-Mueß

  • Open today
  • Alte Crivitzer Landstraße, 19063 Schwerin

In the historic village ensemble directly on Schwerin Lake, visitors stroll between old farmhouses, fruit trees, herb beds and through the restored garden of a village teacher. The museum-like buildings show village life in the 19th century. Markets, events with traditional music, Low German theater performances, seminars and children's holiday programs take place during the season.

Read more: "Open-air museum for folklore Schwerin-Mueß"
© Stadtgeschichts- und Museumsverein Schwerin e.V.; Dr. Holger Martens

Museum Grinding Mill Schwerin

  • Schleifmühlenweg, 19061 Schwerin

From magnificent floors to fine walking stick knobs, works of art made of stone and precious stones were produced for the ducal court in the Schwerin Grinding Mill. The mill is located on the edge of the stately palace grounds and is in working order and used as a museum. Visitors can learn about stone cutting and stone grinding and get to the bottom of the living conditions of the day laborers and grinding millers. The museum is open all year round.

Read more: "Museum Grinding Mill Schwerin"
© Fotostudio K3 Kruse GmbH Neustadt-Glewe

Neustadt-Glewe Castle

  • Alte Burg, 19306 Neustadt-Glewe

The oldest preserved fortress in Mecklenburg stands in Neustadt-Glewe. It is one of the best preserved castles in Mecklenburg and can be visited. At the castle, there is a museum that is well worth seeing, as well as a restaurant and a tourist information office.

Read more: "Neustadt-Glewe Castle"
© Stadtinformation Boizenburg Elbe

First German Tile Museum

  • Reichenstraße, 19258 Boizenburg / Elbe

The Boizenburg Tile Museum is the only museum of its kind in Germany. Over 2000 historical tiles from the period around 1880 to 1925 are exhibited on 500 square meters. One focus is on tiles from the Art Nouveau period.

Read more: "First German Tile Museum"
© Willy Voss

Pingelhof - Museum of Agricultural History

  • Ringstraße, 19374 Domsühl OT Alt Damerow

Experience the former country life on the 400-year-old Pingelhof - one of the oldest and most beautiful rural complexes in Mecklenburg, which today serves as an open-air museum on 10,000 m².

Read more: "Pingelhof - Museum of Agricultural History"
© Stadt Parchim / Steffen Struck


  • Fischerdamm, 19370 Parchim

Theater-Museum - A place of diversity, culture and youth, all under one roof.

© Thomas Kühn

Museum of everyday culture of the Gries

  • Lange Straße, 19230 Hagenow

Hagenow is the gateway to the Griesen Region in southwestern Mecklenburg. The museum, founded in 1974, is dedicated to everyday life in the countryside and in the city - from the Stone Age to the more recent past.

Read more: "Museum of everyday culture of the Gries"
© PAHLHUUS/Dornblut

“PAHLHUUS“ – Visitor centre of the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Schaalsee“

  • Open today
  • Wittenburger Chaussee, 19246 Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Welcome to the PAHLHUUS, the visitor centre of the UNESCO biosphere reserve „Schaalsee“. We are happy to inform you about touristic offers and show you the most beautiful places in the biosphere reserve. Extraordinary insights into nature and landscape of the region await you in an interactive exhibition.

Read more: "“PAHLHUUS“ – Visitor centre of the UNESCO biosphere reserve “Schaalsee“"
© TMV/Gohlke

Karower Meiler Culture and Information Center

  • Open today
  • Ziegenhorn, 19395 Karow

The central contact point for nature lovers and guests of the Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heath Nature Park is the Karower Meiler Culture and Information Center. In addition to a permanent exhibition on the development of this cultural landscape since the last cold period, five to six special exhibitions by artists and photographers on topics of nature and landscape are shown annually.

Read more: "Karower Meiler Culture and Information Center"
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