Fishing holiday between the Baltic Sea and the Lake District

An unbeatable and enjoyable catch in the north-east of Germany

Top fishing areas
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Fishing holidays in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern vary in style, but wherever you are between the Baltic Sea and the Lake District there's bound to be plenty of fish. Choose your spot along 26,000 km of rivers, 2,000 lakes and 1,900 km of Baltic Sea coastline with fishing holidays in Mecklenburg Vorpommern.
Search for a special catch

There is a huge variety of German fish species found within the lakes, rivers and seas of Mecklenburg Vorpommern. The fishing grounds of the Baltic Sea are alive with huge salmon, sea trout and magnificent cod. There are plenty of high-seas cutters and guides that will bring you closer to a record catch. Meanwhile, fishing enthusiasts can head to the piers, jetties and beaches to observe abundant schools of herring and countless thousands of garfish.
If you're focusing your fishing holiday in Mecklenburg Vorpommern on on the central Lake District you'll encounter almost 40 different German fish varieties such as large pike that grow to over 1.20 metres in length or the legendary vendance. Well-known carp fishing lakes intersperse with hidden river ways and secluded pools where you can find pike over a metre long and indigenous species like the local vendace. The widely branched network of inland waterways also provides unbeatable spots for enjoyable fishing. Over 37 species of fish populate the crystal-clear lakes and untouched rivers, including large pike that grow to over 1.20 metres in length. Some veritable rarities are also indigenous here, including the legendary vendance.

And the best of it is: Unlike in many other regions of Germany, fishing novices can acquire a tourist permit to head off on a fishing trip without first completing an examination.

So make sure to pack your rod, reel and bait the next time you come on holiday. Petri heil!

Visitors are thrilled by the intact nature and absolute peace of the fishing areas in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern., © TMV/fotolia/

Plenty to discover

Top fishing areas

Fishing enthusiasts will find everything they could hope for in Germany's number 1 water region. Over 1,900 kilometres of Baltic coast, 2,000 lakes and 26,000 kilometres of flowing water offer the perfect fishing areas for anyone.

An experienced fishing guide, like here on the Strelasund, offers the best opportunities for a bountiful catch., © TMV/Läufer

An abundant selection in Neptune's kingdom

Fish species and biting times

Almost any creature festooned with scales is found populating the Baltic Sea, the Bodden waters, the lagoons and the crystal-clear lakes and rivers. A glance at our calendar with the biting times for important target fish will tell you when the best chances are to fish for pike and others.