• Paddling to freedom with friends, © TMV/Roth
    Paddling to freedom with friends
  • Discover the untouched nature by water, © TMV/outdoor-visions.com
    Discover the untouched nature by water
  • Well worth a visit in autumn too: MV and its lakes, © TMV/Roth
    Well worth a visit in autumn too: MV and its lakes
  • Off into the water with a canoe, © TMV/outdoor-visions.com
    Off into the water with a canoe
  • Short break by the water, © TMV/Roth
    Short break by the water
  • Silently gliding across the water, © TMV/outdoor-visions.com
    Silently gliding across the water

Canoe to freedom

Towards freedom on the water

Paddles gliding in unison through the water, push forward into unexplored territories and enjoy nature at its best. With or without the glass kayak, discover the zest of the outdoors, action, camping – just be happy!

Canoeing hearts beat faster in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s waters. Do you fancy an exploration tour and a genuine nature experience? Are you not bothered by wind and weather, instead love outdoor fun? Then this is the place for you!

All in one boat
In rhythm with the waves and in rhythm with nature: the Mecklenburg Lakes make up the largest uninterrupted lake district in central Europe: More than a thousand connected lakes, rivers and canals lead you through the nature and national parks. Cruising waterways: this means in particular the greatest possible diversity, greatest possible adventure - and all this with minimal luggage.

Combination of canoeing & extra action
Combine your canoeing experience with other sporting challenges such as cycling, rail trolleying, hiking, trekking or hydro bikes and experience Mother Nature in a variety of ways.

It is, of course, even possible to up the ante: experienced canoeists can go from the inland lakes to the high seas. However, ocean kayaking on the Bodden and Baltic Sea requires a little better knowledge of wind and current conditions.

At the canoe entry points, you can use your own equipment on the water or make use of the service provided by canoe rental operators: rental with modern equipment, shuttle service and return transport. And just in case you don’t trust your own sense of direction, there are guided tours right up to fully-organised trips. Whether beginner or professional, recreational canoeist or action fan, it’s all the same: get on the water!

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