Carriage tours and horse-drawn carriage rides

A carriage ride, it's fun....

Learn to drive a carriage at the Landgestüt Redefin, © TMV/Pantel

Carriage tours and horse-drawn carriage rides

A carriage ride, it's fun....

It is a wonderful idea to discover Mecklenburg-Vorpommern during a carriage ride. The fine connection between man and horse is special when driving, because the communication is mainly through the lines and the voice.

It is a wonderful idea to discover Mecklenburg-Vorpommern during a carriage ride. The fine connection between man and horse is special when driving, because the communication is mainly through the lines and the voice.

On the imposing carriages the journey goes leisurely through the countryside. Thus, the carriages roll on partly ancient postal and trade routes. There is a choice of historic stagecoaches with seats at a height of 2.80 m, where the ride is a bit rocking, but the view is all the better for it. Or the ride is quite stately in a Landau, a kind of romantic wedding carriage, past the sights of the area. If, on the other hand, the whole extended family wants to find room, it makes sense to hitch up a Kremser. With plenty of room for more than just two people to talk, listen, watch and joke.

Along the way, there are watering stations, rest stops and beautiful trails to gallop. Usually the trip lasts between two and three hours, sometimes with a picnic, sometimes with other romantic interludes. So, some time must be planned, because, no matter how much the horses put themselves in harness, the coach does not go more than seven kilometers an hour. But who wants speed? Deceleration is the goal of the tour. Time can stand still, especially for parents with children or stressed city dwellers.

Throughout Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, many coachmen offer the experience of driving through nature for a few hours. Whether by the hour or even by the day: Carriage rides or Kremser tours are ideal for family outings, wedding trips, team outings with colleagues* or as a hiking day for school classes.

If you don't know the difference between a carriage, a Kremser and a covered wagon, you can have it explained to you on a carriage tour through the countryside.

Learn to drive a carriage

Learn how to drive a carriage, brush up or expand your knowledge of the lines and refine your carriage driving skills. Those who do not yet have experience of how to handle a carriage properly, or who want to perfect their skills, will find trainers* in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern who offer a wide variety of driving courses.

The stud farms in Ganschow and Redefin are good places to learn from highly qualified instructors everything you need to know about leash grips or how to ride a horse safely in traffic. They set up demanding skill courses and show how elegant turns can be mastered even in the faster gaits.

There are also a number of private riding and driving schools where guests can learn about the art of carriage driving in a family atmosphere. For example, students can bring their own animals and companions or use school horses and carriages.

Driving courses and badges

Carriage or Kremser, two-man or four-man team - driving a team with horses has to be learned. In any case, a carriage driving license is highly recommended to drive on public roads. Many guests use their vacation to learn the basics of driving or to improve their knowledge. There are two ways to take a driving course with an exam. For private persons there is the carriage driving license A. Here, in the theoretical part, basic knowledge about the horse's performance, the verification of the safety of harness and carriage and the legal regulations to be observed are taught. In the practical part, harnessing and harnessing are taught, among other things. Finally, the course is followed by an examination.

The prerequisite for obtaining the carriage driver's license A is the possession of the horse driver's license handling or the riding badges 6 and 7. If the horse driver's license is still missing at the time of the course, this can also be acquired during the course.

The carriage driver's license B, on the other hand, is aimed at tradesmen.
Who would like to educate itself otherwise further and improve handling the partner horse in the driving sport during the vacation, which is cordially invited to participate in the driving badge courses. Starting with the driving badge 10 up to the badge 1 you will find here in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Farms with badge courses:

Carriage and driving tours for self carriage driving

In addition, between the Mecklenburg Lake District and the Baltic Sea coast, there are leisurely excursions by carriage along low-traffic country roads and wide forest paths where it is fun to be on the move with horse and carriage.

Carriage tours in MV

© Storeck

Pony trek through the Griese area

  • Length: 18 km

The pony trek through the Griese area allows riders and non-riders to travel together. On 18 km and at a comfortable pace you and your family can get to know the region and people.

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© TMV/ Hafemann

Rügen riding and driving tour

  • Length: 22 km

Whether on horseback or in a carriage, explore the Island of Rügen with its completely different landscapes at any time of the year. Depending on your mood, you can combine this tour with a total length of 22 km with a side trip to swim with the horse in the Strelasund or choose suitable stops and thus adapt the tour very flexibly to your wishes.

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Carriage rides provider in MV

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Erlkönig in the terrain, © Trakehnerhof Valluhn

Trakehnerhof Valluhn

  • Am Reiterhof, 19246 Valluhn

At the edge of the Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee lies the small village Valluhn. Directly at the entrance to the village is the Trakehnerhof, where about 80 horses have their home. In addition to accommodation in simple guesthouse rooms with breakfast, the equestrian farm offers riding lessons for young and old, horseback rides and also Kremser rides in the beautiful surroundings.

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© Reitanlage Mühlenberg/ Mario Mühlenberg

Riding facility Mühlenberg

  • Am Reiterhof, 19374 Friedrichsruhe

At our Mühlenberg riding facility, we have a comprehensive and exciting recreational program ready for the entire family, nestled in the unspoiled nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Friedrichsruhe, a small town on the edge of the Lewitz Nature Park.

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© Bio Erlebnishof Grittel/ Nicole Albs

Organic adventure farm Grittel

  • Am Ring, 19294 Grittel

Grilling-chilling and nature. Enjoy your vacation with horse in almost untouched nature with wide meadows and endless forests in cozy and comfortable apartments and meadow, paddock or box for your equine friend.

Read more: "Organic adventure farm Grittel"
© Landurlaub Diemitz/ Renate Strohm

Country vacation Diemitz

  • Dorfstraße, 17252 Diemitz

In the heart of the Mecklenburg Kleinseenplatte, wonderful nature, nice people and animals of all kinds await you on our ecologically managed farm.

Read more: "Country vacation Diemitz"
© FerienGut Dalwitz

FerienGut Dalwitz

  • Dalwitz, 17179 Walkendorf OT Dalwitz

A vacation at FerienGut Dalwitz provides its guests with souvenirs of a very special kind - and plenty of content for the longing suitcase, e.g. the buzzing of bees in the lush cottage garden, the rattle of storks, the clatter of hooves on the old cobblestones, the wide view when riding through nature.....

Read more: "FerienGut Dalwitz"
© Reitanlage Rodenberg

Rodenberg riding facility

  • Dalwitz, 17179 Dalwitz

Gabriel Rodenberg is the boss and owner of the riding facility of the same name at FerienGut Dalwitz. Guests receive qualified riding lessons from him and his staff in English riding style up to class M and in Western riding.

Read more: "Rodenberg riding facility"
© Pferdehof Scholz

Vacation and horse farm Scholz

  • Ollendorf, 17237 Grünow

Vacation on the farmOn the "Ferien- und Pferdehof Scholz", in the middle of beautiful Mecklenburg, everything revolves around horses, riding and nature.

Read more: "Vacation and horse farm Scholz"
© Bauernhof Tanger/ Cornelia Tanger

Farm Tangier

  • Tanger, 17321 Ramin

Vacation in the saddle - With us you can enjoy rest and relaxation in a family atmosphere as well as the wide range of leisure activities.

Read more: "Farm Tangier"
Welcome, © Ferienpark Retgendorf

Vacation park Retgendorf

  • Kiefernweg, 19067 Retgendorf

In a sparse pine forest, only 50m away from Lake Schwerin, you will find our spacious hotel complex with direct lake access and natural swimming area. The vacation park has 28 comfortably furnished hotel rooms and 24 vacation homes with modern to luxurious furnishings.

Read more: "Vacation park Retgendorf"
© Horst

Country farm to the dairy

  • Meierei, 17217 Penzlin / Mallin

In the heart of Mecklenburg, near the Tollensesee, in the middle of forest, meadow and water you will find our small pension with 22 beds. On 9 hectares of farm you will find your well-deserved rest and at the same time have a charming starting point for your active recreation.

Read more: "Country farm to the dairy"
© Hof Thomsen

Thomsen farm

  • Hofallee, 18442 Groß Kordshagen

Our family-friendly Reit- und Bauernerlebnishof Thomsen is located on an old estate. In addition to our main agricultural business, the main focus is horseback riding. The vacation is also ideal for nature lovers, anglers, cyclists, hikers and hunters. The annual crane rest offers a great spectacle of nature.

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© Ferien- und Reiterhof Landgut Lischow/Schröder

Vacation and riding farm Landgut Lischow

  • Lischow, 23974 Lischow

Not far from the Hanseatic City of Wismar in beautiful nature lies the country estate - Lischow. Vacation with many horses, geese and goats in a closed estate with a large farm pond for fishing and an idyllic park to relax.

Read more: "Vacation and riding farm Landgut Lischow"
Experience the view of the park and the Schlosshotel Wendorf for yourself and in person, © Grand Hotel Schloss Wendorf

Amber Castle & Amber Land Wendorf

  • Schlossallee, 19412 Wendorf

Unique castle suites, double rooms in the residence as well as modern holiday homes, flats & chalets nestled in the beautiful nature of the Schwerin Lakeland - maximum comfort for an unforgettable holiday. Experiences on site: sauna, wellness, swimming lake, horse riding, cycling, SUP and canoeing.

Read more: "Amber Castle & Amber Land Wendorf"
© Reit- und Fahrtourstik Lychen

Riding and driving tourism Lychen

  • Weinbergstraße, 17279 Lychen

Water and forest, fun and recreation and all that with short and long-eared four-legged friends - to be found at the Reit- und Fahrtouristik Lychen, where the mules from the Uckermark are at home.

Read more: "Riding and driving tourism Lychen"
© Gestüt Ganschow

Ganschow Stud Farm

  • Gestüt, 18276 Ganschow

The estate, which is located eight kilometers from the royal seat of Güstrow, has since developed into the largest private stud farm in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a horse population of 300.

Read more: "Ganschow Stud Farm"
© Schlosshotel Burg Schlitz/Petra Stüning Photografie

Castle Hotel Schlitz Castle

  • Burg Schlitz, 17166 Hohen Demzin

"The place where the soul grows wings". The ideal place for all people who love the good and fine life in the countryside. A paradise for horses and riders.

Read more: "Castle Hotel Schlitz Castle"
© Bernsteinreiter

Adventure Riding Stables Amber Rider Hirschburg

  • Neuklockenhäger Weg, 18311 Hirschburg

Baltic Sea air and the scent of horses. At the gateway to Fischland, on one of the largest & most modern riding facilities on the Baltic Sea, the Bernsteinreiter are at home. Experience over 100 horses & ponies, unique nature and super service. We make your dreams come true.

Read more: "Adventure Riding Stables Amber Rider Hirschburg"
For the little ones our ponies are the greatest - calm in handling, reliable and safe on the terrain., © Waldhof Bruchmühle

Forest yard Bruchmühle

  • Open today
  • Bruchmühle, 17213 Fünfseen

An "island" in the middle of the forest - that is our family-run farm with the osprey as a neighbor. Enjoy a relaxing time in our vacation homes and the extensive riding trails on horseback directly from the farm to the eastern shore of Lake Plauer See.

Read more: "Forest yard Bruchmühle"
© Reit- und Feriencamp Illner

Riding and vacation farm Illner

  • Zur Oie, 18356 Bresewitz

Have a nice vacation and experience exciting and interesting things - that's what the nature experience camp in Bresewitz stands for, located directly at the National Park of Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft in the Baltic resort Zingst.

Read more: "Riding and vacation farm Illner"
© Mecklenburger Kutsch- und Kremserfahrten/ Axel Peters

Mecklenburg carriage and Kremser rides

  • Schnatermann, 18146 Rostock-Stuthof

Welcome to the horse region Rostock Heath! Here you will find us at weekends at the traditional Schnatermann inn and have the opportunity to experience nature up close and take a break from everyday life and city life during a carriage or charabanc ride.

Read more: "Mecklenburg carriage and Kremser rides"
© Reitstall Stuthof

Riding stable Stuthof

  • Haus, 18146 Rostock

What can you imagine more beautiful than to experience the Mecklenburg countryside on horseback or by horse-drawn carriage? We in Stuthof offer our guests this possibility and much more.

Read more: "Riding stable Stuthof"
© Ferienhof Mirow/Mewes

Vacation farm Mirow

  • Retzower Straße, 17252 Mirow

Experience an unforgettable vacation with and around the horse! Enjoy relaxing days on our family-friendly vacation farm in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Read more: "Vacation farm Mirow"
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Here you can make your driving badge

© Ferien- und Reiterhof Landgut Lischow/Schröder

Vacation and riding farm Landgut Lischow

Read more: "Vacation and riding farm Landgut Lischow"
© Reit- und Fahrtourstik Lychen

Riding and driving tourism Lychen

Read more: "Riding and driving tourism Lychen"
© Gestüt Ganschow

Ganschow Stud Farm

Read more: "Ganschow Stud Farm"
© Hof-Viervitz/Hermann


Read more: "Hof-Viervitz"
© P.A. Kroehnert

State Stud Redefin

Read more: "State Stud Redefin"
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