Rügen's quiet west

Excursion tips and experiences between Rambin and Ummanz

Published: May 14, 2024

Half-timbered church in Landow, © TMV/Gross

Published: May 14, 2024

Rügen also has a lot to offer away from the tourist hotspots - especially in the west of the island, where the island shines with surprising cultural and scenic highlights.

Pasta splendor: Marco von Kassel is always coming up with new variations, © TMV/Gross

Culinary starting point

Old Pommernkate & island brewery

Anyone who listens to Marco von Kessel for a few minutes will be fascinated by his knowledge and enthusiasm. When he talks about his „noodle workshop“ in the „Alte Pommernkate“ and how he makes his unusual spicy noodles here every day, you can't help but be amazed: the world has rarely seen such regionally rooted rosemary, garlic or potato noodle recipes before. To do so, you first have to come to Rambin, this charming little town in the west of the island of Rügen. The „Alte Pommernkate“ – once built as a sawmill and wheelwright's workshop – was given a new lease of life in 2002 by the same Marco von Kessel after a long period of vacancy. Today, the cottage is a pasta factory, farmers' market, farm café and fish smokehouse in equal measure. A lively collection of the sustainable art of living, if you will - and definitely one of the most popular places to visit in western Rügen. But by no means the only one.

In fact, the western part of the island of Rügen is always a little overshadowed by the supposed attractions on Rügen. Yet the region between Rambin, Dreschvitz and Samtens itself has a lot to offer - at least at second glance. One could say that this is almost the somewhat mysterious, but in any case modestly reserved part of the island. Here, Rügen gets by without flashy sensations and large crowds. Places such as Samtens, whose charm is hidden in its name, have a charm all of their own. Samtenze is the Slavic word for "lonely" and the vast landscapes, meadows and fields surrounding Samtens are certainly that. They offer perfect conditions for walks and extended hikes with the whole family. Or let's take Rambin. With its tranquil landscape, the former farming and craftsmen's village is a perfect starting point for exploring the various charms of the south-west of Rügener.

A lot of hiking makes you hike

Only people who are out and about on foot and at a measured pace can really penetrate the character of a landscape, it is said.

This is particularly true for this part of the island of Rügen: On relaxed hiking routes through the „mild west“ of the island, it is easy to understand what a truly meditative effect the impressive landscapes of the region have. Especially as you can also observe wild geese and cranes during this form of transportation.

Retreat into nature

Another highlight in Rügener West is the Kubitzer Bodden with its idyllic reed banks, which are bathed in golden light in the evening as the sun slowly sinks into the Bodden. It is part of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park and is perfect for long walks in self-preserved solitude. Only in the fall is the silence sometimes interrupted by trumpeting cranes in the shallow waters. The Kubitzer Bodden is also a good fishing area. If you believe the anglers from the region, it is mainly pike, but also zander and eels that are caught here. Incidentally, the word "Bodden" comes from Low German and is unsurprisingly called "Boden" or "Grund". But not everyone knows this: Compared to the Baltic Sea, the Bodden waters have a much lower salt content and a considerably greater abundance of nutrients.

© TMV/Gross
Kubitzer Bodden - little salt, lots of nutrients, © TMV/Gross
Experiences guaranteed: The half-timbered church in Landow is a church of culture and a church on a path, © TMV/Gross

Culture in a medieval half-timbered church

Western route hikers are likely to come across the oldest half-timbered church in Central Europe on these almost excursions. The church in Landow dates back to the 14th century and is a regular venue for cultural highlights in the region. It is a so-called cultural and wayside church, which is often chosen as the starting or finishing point of a hike. On the one hand, this is due to the beautiful hiking trails in the area, which wind along the entire west of the island between Altefähr, Dreschvitz and Landow. On the other hand, the ornate interior of the church, which is only used twice a year for religious purposes, is also interesting. Instead, it is a much more frequent venue for cultural events such as art exhibitions or classical concerts. A busy circle of friends of the church ensures that the good condition of this Rügener jewel is maintained.

Beer from Rügen's only brewery

The fact that the west of Rügen also has plenty of culinary delights is already clear from the reference to the „Alte Pommernkate“ in Rambin. In addition, another gastronomic highlight of the region has been strategically located directly opposite the Pommernkate. Rügens only brewery has been located here since 2015. Markus Berberich, trained in Weihenstephan in Bavaria and employed for many years at Störtebeker Braumanufaktur in Stralsund, founded his „Rügener Insel-Brauerei“ here in 2015. His wish: „I define my goal as achieving the highest, previously unknown enjoyment value for beer. The island of Rügen is the home of the brewery and our beers. Inspired by the local nature, I have developed an individual brewing recipe with bottle maturation.“ More than 20 beers – rare beers, as Markus Berberich says – are produced here each season in the modern and tastefully furnished brewery. His creations are also repeatedly honored with a World Beer Award. In such an environment, hops and malt are not lost!

Rare beers, highest brewing quality: "Rügener Insel-Brauerei", © TMV/Gross
A beer after the hike? In the west of Rügen, there has even been a brewery of its own next to "Alte Pommernkate" since 2015, © TMV/Gross

Excursion destinations

on Westrügen

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© Alte Pommernkate GmbH

Alte Pommernkate - Rügen farmer's market & farm café

  • Hauptstraße, 18573 Rambin

Qualitative regional products and specialties find place in our farmer's market: food, books, cosmetics and handicrafts. This is followed by a farm café, the Rügen noodle yard and our own fish smokehouse on our farm.

Read more: "Alte Pommernkate - Rügen farmer's market & farm café"
The culture and path church in Landow at the Kubitzer Bodden., © Tourismuszentrale Rügen

Church Landow

  • Landow, 18573 Landow

The church in Landow on the Kubitzer Bodden - a cultural and path church.

Read more: "Church Landow"
© Eigenbetrieb Hafen- und Tourismuswirtschaft Altefähr

Beach seaside resort Altefähr

  • Strandpromenade Altefähr, 18573 Altefähr

Rügen's youngest and only seaside resort with a southern beach and a unique view of the Hanseatic City of Stralsund.

Read more: "Beach seaside resort Altefähr"
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