High on horseback and across the terrain - no problem at the Strameuß Riding and Driving Club, © Reit- und Fahrverein Strameuß
Horse riding, family-friendly, holidays in the countryside

The riding and driving club Strameuß is a registered non-profit association. Friends of equestrian sports - beginners and advanced riders - are welcome. For children and teenagers we offer supervised riding vacations, including full board and lodging.

Anyone who has a desire to ride or would like to experience life on a farm is welcome at the Strameuß Riding and Driving Club. Strameuß is a small village in northwest Mecklenburg, not far from Neukloster. Situated in scenic surroundings with meadows and fields, the place is predestined for riding excursions. It is only a short distance to the lake Großtessiner See, which invites you for a swim in summer, so that we like to ride to the lake in the evening.

We are especially happy to make an appointment with you for riding as a family, for a group or individually as a single person. The Strameuß Riding and Driving Club is flexible whether you want to drop by in the mornings, afternoons, weekends or during the vacations. Call us in advance and we will find an appointment.

For children and teenagers we offer riding vacations.

During this period, (almost) everything revolves around the horse for the children. Typical for riders and those who want to become riders. Together we take care of the horses. Riding training takes place in the riding arena right next to the stables, and inexperienced rider children are guided by experienced supervisors. You will notice that every day you get a little better at riding. When was the last time you went on a night hike or sat around a campfire and grilled sausages? In this summer camp it is possible! The accommodation is in the "hay hotel". However, there is no hay there anymore, instead you sleep on mattresses or couches, where 2-3 children sleep in a sleeping niche. With your own sleeping bag you sleep like in a four-poster bed.

These horse tourism services are offered by the Strameuß Riding and Driving Club:

  • individual lessons if needed
  • lungeing lessons for inexperienced riders
  • department riding with exercises for saddle strength and dexterity
  • Riding vacations with children and teenagers from 6 years, arrival Sunday - departure Friday, full board and lodging, supervisors available
  • Trail riding for beginners, late starters or returning riders
  • carriage ride with our Shetland pony carriage for up to 4 persons
  • Kremser rides by arrangement for family and company outings.

farm infrastructure:

  • over 17 horses with a height from 90cm to 1,60m
  • other farm animals are sheep, cats and dogs
  • Guest horses can be accommodated by arrangement in guest horse stalls, in open stables or in guest horse pastures.
  • feed for guest horses by arrangement
  • Pets are welcome by arrangement
  • Restaurant, bathing and shopping facilities are available nearby (7km)
  • Riding trails and routes are plentiful, more information available on site
  • Transfer of persons and luggage can be arranged by arrangement

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Reit- und Fahrverein Strameuß

Dorfstraße 5
23992 Strameuß

+49 (0) 162 8887988

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Reit- und Fahrverein Strameuß
Dorfstraße 5
23992 Strameuß

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Castle Bützow

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