Ahoy, Captain!

A vacation with friends on a houseboat can be so carefree and relaxed - a day in the life of a new captain on the Mecklenburg Lake District

Published: May 14, 2024

Mooring your houseboat in the Maremüritz marina

Published: May 14, 2024

Sitting on a houseboat in a canal leading to Lake Jabel, © TMV/Petermann

Mecklenburg Lake District

What a beautiful morning on the water! The sun glistens on the waves. Our boat moves leisurely across the lake, my gaze wanders from the bathing platform across the water to the shore. The bright cries of the mermaids are only slightly different from the cheerful children's laughter that echoes towards us. Only when the sound of ringing bells on the table behind me demands my attention do I turn away from the idyll of Lake Jabel and towards the inviting sound behind me. Then we clink glasses, my friends and I, and look forward to another day of vacation on our houseboat.

Privacy available

Moment? A houseboat? Yes, that's right. A houseboat! Floating vacation homes are more popular than ever before - and that's something my friends and I have come to realize. After all, the advantages are obvious: you can take them out on lakes, canals and rivers and decide for yourself when and where to go, regardless of fixed departure times and available destinations. As a rule, you don't even need a driver's license - a briefing is enough.

And as far as comfort is concerned, it could hardly be better: a boat like this has sufficiently large bedrooms with - important! – each with its own bathroom with shower. Privacy remains untouched even on the manageable total area of a boat. It also has a spacious kitchen and a comfortable living area. We have rented such a mini-cruiser for six people. To be precise, it is a boat from the Kormoran series  which we have chosen from the 26 boat types in the Kuhnle Tours fleet. We want to spend a few days getting to know the Mecklenburg Lake District in this splendid specimen. At least a part of it. The Mecklenburg Lake District is known to consist of over 1,000 lakes, many of which are interconnected. Grandiose views.

After anchoring, go for a swim to cool off, © TMV/Petermann
In the heat, you can dangle your feet in the water from the houseboat., © TMV/Petermann

For days we have been cruising leisurely across the upper lakes of Mecklenburg, which include the Kölpinsee, the Fleesensee and the Jabelsche See. At night, the waves gently rock us to sleep at one of our picturesque moorings. This morning we set off on our daily tour from Lake Jabel. Our worries about whether we would be able to navigate our houseboat safely were dispelled on the very first day. I learned that it really isn't that difficult to steer a houseboat.

In fact, even people with as little maritime experience as I have, but the absolute desire to sail the seas as a captain once in their life, can do it. Or, in today's case: across Lake Jabel. I even wear captain's hats! Officially to protect myself from the sun. But maybe also a bit to make me feel like Florian Silbereeisen on the dream ship. A little bit … And it's true: the best thing about a trip like this on a houseboat is the feeling of complete freedom. On the water, we enjoy the freedom to do whatever we feel like doing.

Evening shore leave in a festive atmosphere: a trip on a houseboat guarantees numerous highlights, © TMV/Petermann

Boredom? No way!

This also includes making way for the excursion boats coming towards us in the canals between the various lakes. It's exciting, but basically harmless. The canals are narrow and surrounded by dense forest. But some of these coniferous passages are reminiscent of mangrove forests in the American southern states in their grand splendor - and this incredible backdrop compensates for the thrill of encountering the large animals. We wait outside the entrance to the canal until the large boat of the Blue and White Fleet has sailed past us and wave cheerfully to the passengers: a sea voyage is not only fun, it can also be very sociable.

Half an hour later, we anchor in the shores of the Müritz. The sun is high in the sky, temperatures are rising on board and we feel like taking to the water for a little swim. We splash around happily in the pleasantly temperate water of the lake until one of us gets the idea that a little exercise wouldn't hurt. A few minutes later, we're standing on the SUP boards we've brought with us and paddling around. Of course, this can't be done without one or two waterfalls over the banks. But that does not detract from the joy. After all, former Chancellor Adenauer already knew: "Falling is neither dangerous nor a disgrace. Lying down is both.“ (To be honest: many a time I have remained lying on the cozy cushions of our houseboat – after all, this is supposed to be a relaxing holiday …) We spend hour after hour finally reading all the books we've had on the bedside table for months and rediscover how much fun an afternoon of games on board can be. We salvage the treasures we have stored in our fridge and discover that culinary delicacies taste twice as good in a light swell as they do on land.

Houseboat vacation with KUHNLE-Tours

© TMV/Gänsicke

An der Havel, 17255 Priepert

KUHNLE-TOURS houseboat station in Priepert

Read more: "KUHNLE-TOURS houseboat station in Priepert"
© TMV/Tiemann

Marinastraße, 17248 Rechlin

Kuhnle-Tours - Hafendorf Müritz

Read more: "Kuhnle-Tours - Hafendorf Müritz"
© TMV/Tiemann

Marinastraße, 17248 Rechlin

Pirates Bar - Beachbar in the harbor village Müritz

Read more: "Pirates Bar - Beachbar in the harbor village Müritz"
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© Müritzfischer

Fishermen's farm Damerow

  • Zum Werder, 17194 Jabel OT Damerow

Directly at the Jabel lake our guests enjoy a varied offer fresh from the smoker and our delicious fisherman's rolls. Here you will experience pure enjoyment and relaxation! For the little guests there is a water play mobile for lots of fun for children.

Read more: "Fishermen's farm Damerow"
© TMV/Tiemann

Pirates Bar - Beachbar in the harbor village Müritz

  • Marinastraße, 17248 Rechlin

Feet in the sand, face in the sun and a drink in your hand - that's how it goes at Pirate's Bar, the meeting place for sea dogs, adrenaline boosters and monoski grazies.

Read more: "Pirates Bar - Beachbar in the harbor village Müritz"
© Maremüritz Yachthafen Resort

Maremüritz Yachthafen Resort & SPA

  • Am Seeufer, 17192 Waren (Müritz)

Hier, im Land der 1.000 Seen, auf einem schmalen Uferstreifen und direkt am Müritz Nationalpark gelegen, befindet sich das MAREMÜRITZ Yachthafen Resort. Bei uns finden Sie die hochwertigsten Appartements der Region mit Blick auf die Müritz. Einige Gehminuten entfernt befindet sich die Warener Altstadt und Hafen.

Read more: "Maremüritz Yachthafen Resort & SPA"
© TMV/Gänsicke

Müritz harbour village

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Alte Werftstraße, 17248 Hafendorf Müritz

Your vacation domicile at the Müritz! Situated in the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District, a vacation resort in a class of its own awaits you.

Read more: "Müritz harbour village"
© Kuhnle-Tours

Restaurant "Captains Inn"

  • Marinastraße, 17248 Rechlin Nord

Captains Inn - Your meeting place in the harbor village of Müritz Of course, our Hafendorf Müritz also has a harbor meeting place for you. Cozy, with a maritime ambience, good draught beer and delicious, freshly prepared food. The ship's bow counter in the Captains Inn is the meeting point for skippers, boat crews and shore staff and brings your cruise right into the restaurant.

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