Two girls, two SUPs and a weekend

Late summer in the Mecklenburg Lake District

Published: May 14, 2024

Morning mist over the Granzower Möschen: The Mecklenburg Lake District in late summer is the perfect place to recharge your batteries - for example when water hiking on a SUP., © TMV/Gross

Published: May 14, 2024

Want to really enjoy the late summer and recharge your batteries at the end of August? Friends Luisa and Susi don't hesitate for long and head to the Mecklenburg Lake District. With them: their two inflatable stand-up paddle boards. The goal: a different kind of water hiking in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A weekend on the water between Mirow and Müritz. Silent darkness lies over the Granzower Möschen. But the light twilight creeping over the treetops on the opposite bank already gives us a hint: Today will be a beautiful late summer's day in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Luisa closes the zipper to the tent opening again and snuggles deep into her sleeping bag once more. Susi next to her is still sound asleep. But shortly after sunrise, the two friends set off north from the campsite at the Granzow canoe station, having paddled from Mirow yesterday. But not by canoe.

The water is still as smooth as glass when the two friends set off in the morning from the canoe station in Granzow towards Müritz., © TMV/Gross

Experience nature and silence with the SUP

Silent darkness lies over the Granzower Möschen. But the light twilight creeping over the treetops on the opposite bank already gives a hint: Today is going to be a wonderful summer's day of fun in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Luisa closes the zipper to the tent opening again and snuggles deep into her sleeping bag. Susi next to her is still sound asleep. But shortly after sunrise, the two friends set off north from the campsite at the Granzow canoe station, having paddled from Mirow yesterday. But not by canoe.

Susi effortlessly pulls the stand-up paddle board (SUP) across the mirror-smooth, shallow water and finally swings herself, still a little wobbly, onto the large inflatable board. Luisa behind her does the same. With these faithful companions, the two of them want to paddle across the idyllic lakes to the Müritz this weekend. And finally make some wonderful memories together again - away from the stress of everyday life.

Water hiking is a great way to relax, and there are plenty of places to camp along the way.

Mist slowly rises, a great egret peers curiously from behind the reeds. Susi carefully sticks the paddle into the water, large carpets of water lilies line the shore. The fluffy clouds, magically touched by the first rays of sunshine, glow in pastel colors and are reminiscent of fresh cotton candy. The board glides leisurely over the water. This picturesque morning is accompanied by a backdrop of sounds that immediately makes you forget everyday city life: Somewhere in the forest, a woodpecker is drumming, you can hear chicks croaking, and suddenly two cranes trumpet before flying past quite flatly towards the sunrise.

Wild and beautiful waterways

Luisa and Susi breathe in the fresh morning air and soak up the moment with all their senses. A successful little escape with a touch of great freedom in the Mecklenburg Lake District. The low season has just begun, so they have the magical scenery almost to themselves. Only two quiet anglers have already taken up position on the wooden jetty. It would be perfect for a breakfast picnic!

Lake Leppin lies wide and clear, framed by moisture-loving alder trees that grow close to the water's edge. Between them, the wooden house of „Paddle-Paul“ peeps out of the grass on the eastern shore. Not only can you rent boards for stand-up paddling here, but you can also have a wonderful night's sleep right on the water at the adjacent campsite.

Narrow canals connect the various lakes. Together, they form a network of idyllic waterways that create almost endless routes in the Mecklenburg Lake District. And so Luisa and Susi keep an eye out for the entrance to the Junkerkanal, which leads them under the Blätterdach through a large tunnel to Woterfitzsee. In a steady rhythm, the two move on, paddle stroke by paddle stroke, lake by lake.

Along the way, idyllic footbridges invite you to take a break and have a picnic., © TMV/Gross
The forest is densely packed right up to the lily-covered shore, as here at Leppinsee. Right in the middle of the feeling of freedom: Luisa and Susi., © TMV/Gross
Narrow canals connect the various lakes of the Mecklenburg Lake District to form a gigantic network of waterways!, © TMV/Gross
A fresh fish sandwich on the way is a must! The Müritz fisherman has his stall right on the bank of the Bolter Canal., © TMV/Gross

Paddle stop for fish sandwiches

Behind Lake Caarpsee, you reach the Bolter Canal. The Boeker Mühle once stood here, and the lock still interrupts the watercourse today. Luisa docks at the jetty where the Müritz fishermen run their fishing yard. „Luckily the boards are only filled with air“, she laughs, jumps lightly onto the wooden planks and lifts the SUP almost effortlessly out of the water. The fish is freshly smoked on site and it smells wonderful! On the terrace overlooking the fishing pond, you even have the chance to spot sea eagles. Time for a break.

The evening sun glistens through the thick canopy of leaves. Waves indicate that the Müritz can't be far away. And just like that, the Bolter Canal opens up into the largest inland lake in Germany. Luisa's board rocks slightly, the two of them are not used to so much wave action after their days on the smaller lakes and canals. „Don't worry“, Susi calls out to her friend. „The water here is quite shallow.“ She slides into the water herself for a little cooling off.

The sun is already low when the two of them pull their boards ashore on the small sandy beach in front of the Bolter Ufer campsite. Exhausted, they sit down on a large stone in the sand. „Are you that ultra relaxed too?" asks Susi. „Deeply relaxed“, confirms Luisa and puts her arm around her friend. In front of them, the sun sinks dramatically behind the Müritz. You can barely make out the other shore, it almost seems as if they are by the sea. Summer fun in the Mecklenburg Lake District is a place of longing to recharge your batteries.

Further excursion destinations

in the Mecklenburg Lake District

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© Hans Blossey / Müritzparadies GmbH

Müritzparadies nature holiday park on the lake

  • Am Müritzufer, 17248 Boeker Mühle

Vacation park on the Müritz with vacation homes and apartments for 2-8 persons. Best location directly on the lake and in the immediate vicinity of the Müritz National Park.

Read more: "Müritzparadies nature holiday park on the lake"
Fischers Land Boek - Müritzfischer, © TDG Rechlin mbH / Rene Legrand

Bolter Schleuse fishing and angling lodge

  • Boeker Mühle, 17248 Boek

Fischers Land in Boek has become a magnet for visitors in the southern Müritz region in recent years. Located on the edge of the Müritz National Park, visitors have a magnificent view of the breathtaking natural surroundings. Enjoy delicious fish specialties right by the water.

Read more: "Bolter Schleuse fishing and angling lodge"
© SSGK M-V / Timm Allrich

Mirow Castle

  • Open today
  • Schlossinsel, 17252 Mirow

The present palace was built under Adolf Friedrich III according to plans by Christoph Julius Löwe between 1749 and 1752 as a widow's residence for his stepmother Elisabeth-Albertine.

Read more: "Mirow Castle"
© TDG Rechlin mbH

MüritzKanu on the Bolter Canal

  • Am Bolter Kanal, 17248 Boeker Mühle

"Experience one of the most beautiful water areas in Central Europe, the Mecklenburg Lake District. A lake landscape in the so-called "Land of 1,000 Lakes", where lake after lake are connected by countless canals and small rivers. These are surrounded by meadows, fields and extensive forests, a landscape paradise for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

Read more: "MüritzKanu on the Bolter Canal"
In 2 person hiking kayak near the water lily paradise, © Paddel-Paul/Tobias Schnuchel

Canoe rental Paddle Paul

  • Schillersdorf, 17252 Roggentin

The canoe rental Paddel-Paul offers canoe tours in the Mecklenburg Lake District, the Müritz and the Havel spring area. Explore this unique nature by canoe or kayak. Great tours and group offers are waiting for you.

Read more: "Canoe rental Paddle Paul"
© 3 Königinnen Palais Mirow

3 Queens Palace

  • Open today
  • Schlossinsel, 17252 Mirow

Suddenly Queen - How Mecklenburg princesses became important European queens. The 3-Queens-Palace on the castle island of Mirow offers an interactive exhibition on the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and the queens who came from this house. In addition to the exhibition, there is also a café with a view of the lake, a souvenir store with regional products and the Mirow tourist information office.

Read more: "3 Queens Palace"
© Sommerhof Granzow/Britta Meyer-Itner

Canoe station Granzow

  • Am Badestrand Seestraße, 17252 Mirow OT Granzow

The Mecklenburg Lake District is one of the most popular canoeing areas in Germany. Surrounded by extensive forests and meadows and directly on the lake with a bathing beach is the canoe station Granzow. In addition to tours and boats, it also offers accommodation in the "Sommerhof".

Read more: "Canoe station Granzow"
© Haveltourist

Camping site at the Leppinsee

  • Am See, 17252 Schillersdorf

Arrive and breathe deeply and enjoy the freshness of the pine forest with every breath. The campsite, with its natural slightly undulating terrain and forest floor, is located directly on Lake Leppin, amidst extensive pine forests, on the border of the Müritz National Park. Motorhomes welcome!

Read more: "Camping site at the Leppinsee"
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SUP tours

in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

© Lewitzcamp Garwitz

SUP round trip-Garwitz

  • Length: 11 km

Stages: 1 day This tour takes you through canal and river to the entrance gate of the bird paradise "Lewitz". This is the habitat of crane, kingfisher, heron and beaver.

Read more: "SUP round trip-Garwitz"
© TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

SUP Tour Demmin-Peene

  • Length: 9 km

Start at the harbor of Demmin, paddle up the Peene and take the way into the calm Tollense. While the Peene itself is navigated by ships, the Tollense is almost completely calm. Both rivers are very natural and ideal for stand-up paddlers.

Read more: "SUP Tour Demmin-Peene"
© TMV/Grundner

SUP tour Feldberg lakeland

  • Length: 17 km

Stages: 1 day Discover crystal clear lakes and turquoise water with the SUP - a paradise for nature lovers. On the SUP you will go from the Feldberger Seenlandschaft to Fürstenhagen, right through one of the youngest and most beautiful end moraine landscapes in Europe.

Read more: "SUP tour Feldberg lakeland"
© Tourismuszentrale Rügen GmbH

SUP Tour Great Jasmund Bodden

  • Length: 22 km

Stages: 1-2 days The Great Jasmund Bodden is not only one of the largest Bodden waters, but is also one of the lagoons in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Read more: "SUP Tour Great Jasmund Bodden"
© TMV/Sebastian Hugo Witzel

SUP Tour Schwerin Ziegelsee-Heidensee

  • Length: 7 km

Start at the Heidensee over the Ziegel outer lake, into the Ziegel inner lake and back. Quiet waters along numerous boat sheds in Schwerin.

Read more: "SUP Tour Schwerin Ziegelsee-Heidensee"

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