Ivenacker oaks in the haze, © TMV/ Thomas Grundner
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The 1,000-year-old Ivenacker oaks belong to the Ivenacker Tiergarten. They are cultural and natural historical highlight of the area.

As the first National Natural Monument, the Ivenack oaks are a special cultural and natural historical feature. They are among the oldest trees in Germany and have a special symbolic power. The Ivenack oaks, which are presumably about 1,000 years old, are witnesses to the widespread land use form of the Hude (herding) forest in the Middle Ages. Over the centuries, cattle were driven into the surrounding forests to graze. By eating off the growth, some trees were able to develop particularly well. Thus, in the Hudewald area of 164 ha, one can find about 240 strong trees, mainly oaks. The strongest oak has a diameter of 3.49 m, a height of 35.5 m and a timber volume of about 180 fm. It is therefore the strongest and oldest living oak in Germany and probably in Central Europe.

The Ivenacker Tiergarten is located in the landscape conservation area of the same name. The area lies 40 to 50 meters above sea level in the flat-wavy ground moraine and was geologically shaped by the Pomeranian stage of the Vistula glaciation. Fallow deer have been kept in Ivenack since the 17th century. About 100 animals live on 70 hectares. Because game and visitors are in the same gate, the impression of the wild is largely preserved. The area is also home to four wild horses.

Since 2017, the accessible, 620-meter-long treetop trail has offered a panoramic view of the treetops of the ancient oaks and Lake Ivenack. The highlight is the 40-meter-high observation tower with elevator and visitor platforms.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Jost Reinhold Foundation, the baroque pavilion in the middle of the zoo has shone in new splendor since May 2003. The pavilion houses an interactive exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through the lifetime of the oaks.

The contact person for guided tours with the forester and forest educational programs for children and young people in the Ivenacker Tiergarten is Reinhard Schumacher (mobile 0173 / 3012084).

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