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The irregular three-winged complex was built from the 16th to the 19th century on the remains of a medieval castle. In the 19th century the hereditary marshal Count Hahn had the castle remodeled by the Berlin architect Stüler. In 1891 neo-Renaissance forms were added in parts. Particularly noteworthy are the terracotta portraits on the facade. The largest landscape park in the country (200 ha) was created by Peter Joseph Lenné in the middle of the 19th century. The castle and outbuildings are being converted into a hotel resort.

Discoverers will find a jewel of Prussian architecture and garden art in the castle and garden complex of Basedow in Mecklenburg Switzerland - a place that was first mentioned in a document in 1247. What makes the ensemble unique is the fact that the design for the reconstruction of the castle by the Prussian master builder Friedrich August Stüler (1800-1865) was set in relation to the village and the designs for the gardens by the Royal Prussian garden director Peter Joseph Lenné (1789-1866) were set in relation to the landscape.

In this way, a homogeneous ensemble has been created, which is also referred to as an "ornamental farm". Here, the beautiful is harmonized with the useful, that is, landscape beautification with simultaneous agricultural use. The Basedow estate is one of Lenné's outstanding garden creations. Until the end of the Second World War, the former manor of Theodorisch Luch was owned by the important Mecklenburg noble family of the von Hahn family, which had been responsible for architectural testimonies such as the castle, the stables and the extensive park since the Middle Ages.

The owner of the castle was Count Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Hahn (1804-1859). The building was remodeled many times. The oldest preserved evidence is the castle ruins on the garden side. By the way: descendants of the von Hahn family run a restaurant and café with rural products in the former sheepfold, which is open daily from April to October 31 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and invites to leisure hours after or before the castle tour.

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Schloss Basedow

Schlossstraße 1
17139 Basedow


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Schloss Basedow
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Castle & Park Festival Basedow

  • Date: 6/28/24 to 6/30/24
  • Schlossstraße, 17139 Basedow

Basedow Castle invites you to the Castle & Park Festival.

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© Landleben-Messe

Castle & Park Festival Basedow

  • Date: 6/28/24 to 6/30/24
  • Schlossstraße, 17139 Basedow

Basedow Castle invites you to the Castle & Park Festival.

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© Kathleen Stutz

Ulrichshusen Castle

  • Seestraße, 17194 Ulrichshusen

The Hotel Schloss Ulrichshusen, beautifully situated on its own lake, is ideally suited for weddings, conferences, seminars and events of all kinds with its large ballroom. Here also beats the heart of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival with many concerts and renowned artists in summer and Advent.

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The Liepen moated castle and the servants' quarters can be reached from the park via a small wooden bridge., © Burmeister

Liepen moated castle

  • Liepen, 17139 Liepen

Liepen moated castle is located on an island surrounded by an idyllic park. It was built in the 15th century by the Count Hahn family, who live here again today. The medieval vaulted cellar belongs to the oldest part of the castle complex and can be visited

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© Klax

Klax Nature and Environment Camp

  • Open today
  • Feldweg, 17194 Klocksin

Between Lake Malchin, Lake Kölpin and the Müritz, in the midst of beautiful old Mecklenburg villages stretches a wide, breathtaking landscape with lots of water, forest and meadows - the ideal place for unforgettable nature experiences!

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© Schlosshotel Burg Schlitz/Petra Stüning Photografie

Castle Hotel Schlitz Castle

  • Burg Schlitz, 17166 Hohen Demzin

"The place where the soul grows wings". The ideal place for all people who love the good and fine life in the countryside. A paradise for horses and riders.

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Manor smithy and manor bakery in Teschow

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Gutshofallee, 17166 Teterow / Teschow

The old forge and the bakehouse are parts of the former estate, which was owned by the von Blücher family from 1835 to 1945.

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Schorssow lakeside castle with plenty of open space, © Seeschloss Schorssow

Lake castle Schorssow

  • Am Haussee, 17166 Schorssow

In the land of hills and old trees, nestled in the nature park Mecklenburg Switzerland, lies the lake castle Schorssow directly on the idyllic Haussee. The English landscape park, which appears like an island between the lake and the brooks, creates a pleasant tranquility.

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The baroque half-timbered parsonage in Rambow, © Silke Voss

Rambow parsonage

  • Kirchstraße, 17194 Rambow

Picking from a hammock of golden parmains, cox orange and jonathan? Sounds like paradise and it is, because it is possible in the Rambow parish garden. Retired pastor Eckart Hübener invites guests to stay in the associated baroque half-timbered parsonage.

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Kummerow Castle - the south facade, © Alexander Rudolph

Kummerow Castle

  • Am Schloss, 17139 Kummerow

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Schlitz Castle Landscape Park

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Mill district Teterow

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Mühlenstraße, 17166 Teterow

Historic ensemble of old town mill, mill pond and old fire engine house.

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© Jana Koch

Schulkamp plant Teterow

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Schulkamp, 17166 Teterow

On the area of today's Schulkamp there were fields and gardens until the 19th century. They belonged to the endowment of the Fiedler school foundation (Felix Fiedler 1661-1705 pastor in Teterow) and were leased to the town. The lease income was used to support poor pupils.

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© Jana Koch

Memorial Teterow

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Zum Ehrenmal, 17166 Teterow

Simple, true and personal memorial to 300 members of the Teterow parish who died in World War 1.

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© Jana Koch

Marketplace Teterow

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Am Markt, 17166 Teterow

Geographically, Teterow is the center of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The center is marked by a cast-iron relief plate created by the artist Günter Kaden from Wendischhagen on the market square.

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© Peter Ramsch

Rambow Hof playground

  • Rambow Hof, 17194 Rambow

A small playground with a large meadow, covered rest area, swing and slide. A directly adjacent parking lot is the starting point for a longer hike through Mecklenburg Switzerland.

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© Peter Ramsch

Pound pit manor house Rambow Hof

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The Pfundgrube Gutshaus Rambow Hof is a treasure trove of culture and nature in the middle of the idyllic landscape of Mecklenburg Switzerland. This excursion destination offers a unique blend of historical significance and cultural diversity, nestled in the small village of Rambow.

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