View into the Mecklenburg ParkLand, © Christin Hannemann
Cafés, Shop regionally

Enjoy coffee specialties, sundaes and cakes where others start their vacation.

Delicious cakes, airport flair and watching the big planes land and take off.

Visitors can enjoy the unique view of the apron of the airport in Rostock-Laage in comfortable lounge furniture. The airport's terrace café is worth a visit, especially on weekends. Onlookers get their money's worth from the airport terrace and have an incomparable view of the planes taking off and landing. The summer months offer a varied flight program, especially on the weekends. In addition to scheduled and vacation flights, many cruise passengers arrive and depart via the airport to then take off on their Baltic Sea tour with their cruise liners in Warnemünde. Therefore, visitors can see a wide variety of aircraft types up to large aircraft such as Airbus A330 and Boeing 747.

In the selection of food, the team of the airport relies on regional products and new cooperations.

  • Freshly baked cakes are supplied by the Stern bakery from Laage.
  • Ice cream specialties come from Rostock-based Food & Ice Creativ and are transformed into delicious, summery sundaes on site.
  • Coffee and tea specialties round out the offerings.
  • The restaurant has a total of 78 seats indoors and outdoors and can also be booked for events.

Dörthe Hausmann, Managing Director of Rostock-Laage Airport commented: "With the terrace café, we want to make the airport an even better experience for people in the region and become a destination with a special flair. There is always something special about flying. As an airport, we are the gateway to distant regions, to vacations or a great place to mentally hurry ahead to the next vacation while enjoying a delicious ice cream sundae. We look forward to welcoming many guests to the airport.

Opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday 11am-5pm
  • Saturday-Sunday 11am-6pm

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Flughafenstr. 1
18299 Laage
+49 (0) 38454 321 390

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Flughafenstr. 1
18299 Laage

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© Monika Hildebrandt

Schwaan Art Museum

  • Closed today
  • Mühlenstraße, 18258 Schwaan

The art museum in the Kunstmühle dedicates its exhibition and collection activities to the painters of the Schwaan artists' colony. In addition to its own collection, changing exhibitions are shown. These tie in with the works of the Schwaan painters and place them in a new context.

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© Gut Gremmelin

Gut Gremmelin

  • Am Hofsee, 18279 Gremmelin

Gut Gremmelin is a private hotel in a historic manor estate with gardens and bathing lake. Regular art exhibitions and cultural events attract guests from near and far. The good organic cuisine delights the palate and the soul. Take part in painting or cookery courses supervised by professionals or restore energy levels with yoga and hiking.

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© Florian Foest

Friedrichshof Manor

  • Kastanienallee, 18299 Dolgen

The manor house is a family-run hotel with restaurant, hunting room, cellar bar and sun terrace. It is situated in a single location at the Hohen Sprenzer See in the hills of Mecklenburg Switzerland.

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View through the avenue to the manor house Wesselstorf, © Andreas Knoll

Wesselstorf manor house

  • Wesselstorf, 18195 Wesselstorf

The Gutshaus Wesselstorf welcomes you with its charming, stylishly furnished vacation apartments! Spend a relaxing country vacation in historic surroundings, experience the idyllic parkland and discover the Mecklenburger ParkLand with its many sights.

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© Tom Haagen

Climbing & Adventure Forest Schwaan

  • Open today
  • Feldstraße, 18258 Schwaan

CLIMBING, FUN & EDUCATION - all in one place! The longest ropeway in the north with 116.5 meters awaits you! In addition, seven courses with over 60 climbing tasks and an event tower with "Skyjump" from a height of over 9 meters.

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© Frank Burger

Schwaan church

  • Schulstraße, 18258 Schwaan

The church is a single-nave all-brick church, begun in the early 13th century as a Romanesque building and completed in the mid-13th century in the Gothic style.

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© Schwaaner Fischwaren GmbH

Schwaan fish products factory outlet

  • Open today
  • Niendorfer Chaussee, 18258 Schwaan

Fish delicacies have been produced in Schwaan for more than 100 years. Just as self-evident as the know-how of our employees is the use of only high-quality ingredients. What we put in the can has tradition and is always reinvented for you.

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© gemeinnützige AFW GmbH/miniland MV

miniland MV - model and landscape park

  • Schlager Straße, 18196 Göldenitz

miniland Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - the world is so small! A recreation center? A park? An architecture exhibition? A museum? Or a bit of everything? In any case, a place to experience, linger, relax, learn and marvel. Open daily from 10 am. Free parking is available directly in front of the object.

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© TMV/Thomas Ulrich

Agrarbetrieb Groß Grenz - Milk filling station and Regiobox

  • Dorfstraße, 18258 Benitz

Draw fresh milk directly at the farm and taste regional specialties such as venison and honey from the Regiobox.

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© Christin Sobeck / Archiv Ernst Barlach Stiftung

Ernst Barlach Museums Güstrow - Studio House

  • Heidberg, 18273 Güstrow

Ernst Barlach (1870-1938) was not only a draftsman, graphic artist and writer, but also one of the most important sculptors of German Expressionism. In his studio house and the Gertruden Chapel, the Ernst Barlach Museums Güstrow present the world's largest contiguous collection of works by the internationally renowned artist.

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© TMV/Gohlke

Reez manor

  • Am Hof, 18196 Reez

On the most beautiful cycling and hiking routes along the Warnow River with its breakthrough valleys, adjacent meadows and forests, you will reach the village of Reez, which was first mentioned in a Rostock chamber register in 1283.

Read more: "Reez manor"
© DOMUSimages

Polchow Manor

  • Gutshofallee, 18299 Wardow / OT Polchow

In the manor house Polchow as well as in the outbuildings tastefully furnished vacation apartments are rented. The estate also includes a spacious estate park as well as a riding facility with a jumping arena, a dressage arena and an indoor riding arena.

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© Frank Burger

Manor house Dummerstorf

  • Hof, 18196 Dummerstorf

The Dummerstorf manor house is one of the oldest manor houses in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is a listed building.

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© Historisches Wasserkraftwerk

Historic hydroelectric power station

  • Temporarily closed
  • Am Berge, 18273 Güstrow

-temporarily closed- The historic hydroelectric power plant of the Güstrow municipal utility still generates green electricity from hydroelectric power, which is fed into the Güstrow power grid. For interested parties, the Güstrow municipal utility offers a guided tour by appointment.

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© Textilreinigung Güstrow

Gallery '' Art at the old harbor ''

  • Open today
  • Speicherstraße, 18273 Güstrow

Textilreinigung Güstrow, a traditional company from the Barlach town of Güstrow, is giving various artists and creators the opportunity to exhibit their paintings and objects in the corresponding rooms at Speicherstraße 11a under the theme '' Art at the old harbor ''.

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