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The inauguration of the monument - May 28, 1914! Fascination history - wars of liberation, great battles, reigns ...

The Blücher monument was inaugurated in 1914 on the Wilhelmplatz (today Blücherplatz). For the monument, the pump that used to be there had to be dismantled and the well had to be filled in. In the monument itself a capsule with coins, issues of the "Laager Wochenblatt" and other documents, next to a certificate, was walled in. The monument was designed by the architect Paul Korff and executed by the stonemason Emil Langschwager. Dive into the past - discover the story of the hero Gebhardt Leberecht von Blücher, Prince of Wahlstatt.

Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Prince von Wahlstatt, was born in Rostock on December 16, 1742 as the offspring of an original Mecklenburg nobleman and officer.
Already at the age of 16 he joined a hussar regiment of the Swedish army. During the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) Blücher was captured by the Prussian army in 1760.
Until 1806 Blücher took part in almost all Prussian military conflicts. In 1813, at the age of 70, Blücher allows himself to be reactivated a second time and takes over the supreme command of a Prussian-Russian corps at the beginning of the European wars of liberation. His chief of staff is August Count Neidhardt von Gneisenau.

With this military tactical genius at his side, Blücher defeats the French at the Battle of the Katzbach on August 26, 1813, and again on October 3 after crossing the Elbe at Wartenburg. With overwhelming superiority, the Allies finally defeat Emperor Napoleon near Leipzig under the supreme command of Karl Phillip Fürst zu Schwarzenberg in the Battle of the Nations, which lasted four days (October 16-19, 1813).

The successful general and elective Prussian is not an educated officer. His writing, style and language are crude and flawed, but his speech is understood by the soldiers. This is mainly due to the fact that he suffered through everything with them and yet always motivated them. For example, during the crossing of the Katzbach River, he rides the completely tired, wet, freezing and starving men forward again. The Prussian king elevated Field Marshal Blücher to the rank of prince on June 3, 1814, and Blücher henceforth bore the title Prince of Wahlstatt. In 1817, the Prussian king appoints the 75-year-old to the newly created State Council. Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher Prince of Wahlstatt died on September 12, 1819 in Krieblowitz, Silesia.

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