Piers on the Baltic Sea

Strolling Miles on the Sea

The pier in Sellin on the island of Rügen invites you to promenade in any weather., © TMV/Gohlke

Piers on the Baltic Sea

Strolling Miles on the Sea

Landing stage, promenade, fishing paradise, landmark - the Baltic Sea piers are many things, but not boring. Often jutting several hundred meters into the sea, the country's sea bridges each exude their own unique charm and yet all have something in common: an incomparable panorama.

Landing stage, promenade, fishing paradise, landmark - the Baltic Sea piers are many things, but not boring. Often jutting several hundred meters into the sea, the country's sea bridges each exude their own unique charm and yet all have something in common: an incomparable panorama.

Pier bridges are among the most popular destinations along the Baltic Sea coast for tourists and locals alike. While in their early days ships and boats were moored at the piers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, nowadays young and old are drawn to the meter-long promenades by the sea. Whether it's Germany's oldest pier in Ahlbeck or the longest of its kind in continental Europe in Heringsdorf or the pier in Germany's first seaside resort Heiligendamm, each one is worth a trip surrounded by a fine, salty Baltic Sea breeze.

More than just the Sea: This is what you can experience on the Piers

Stroll across the sea and let your gaze wander into the distance - a walk across one of the Baltic Sea piers is simply part of a beach vacation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. For the best view, telescopes are available at many piers. And along the beach promenades, guests can stroll leisurely through the many small stores or indulge in delicious treats in a restaurant.

However, the piers are not only suitable for strolling and as a photo backdrop - throughout the year there are plenty of events and activities here that you have to try. How about the following ideas, for example?

  • Go on a Boat Tour

    Originally, piers were used as mooring points for ships that couldn't reach the shore in shallow waters. Even today, many of the piers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern serve as landing stages for shipping traffic - for example, the piers at Binz, Sellin & Göhren. From here, tourists can embark on a sightseeing tour across the Baltic Sea or along the chalk coast, or take a day trip to the seaside resorts on the island of Rügen .


  • Put your own skills to the test in a sandcastle competition

    The white sandy beaches on the Baltic Sea coast are an invitation to build a sandcastle. How convenient that the piers are located directly on the beach! Therefore, the sandcastle competitions that take place in many places have almost become a tradition (if available, link to appropriate subpage) - in Boltenhagen, Warnemünde , Graal-Müritz or Zierow, young and old can start digging and, with a little luck, win one of the attractive prizes. Whether as a team or solo artist, everyone can participate free of charge. Registration takes place on site with the organizer.


  • Discover creative and homemade things at an arts and crafts market

    The piers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are the scene of numerous events. This is also the case for the arts and crafts market that takes place during the summer months at the pier forecourt in Graal-Müritz. Curious people and art lovers can marvel at creative creations made of glass, wood and leather, silver or ceramics at the market and purchase special souvenirs of their vacation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


  • Visit a pier festival

    With fireworks and live music, the popular piers are transformed, for example, at the pier festival Boltenhagen, Binz or Zinnowitz in a colorful hustle and bustle full of culinary delights and lots of fun and games for the whole family.


  • Go diving

    A special excursion destination is located on the Zingst pier: a diving gondola that takes you four meters below the surface of the sea. During the 40-minute dive, visitors learn about the underwater world of the Baltic Sea and get up close and personal with plants and animals.


  • Try your luck as an angler

    A bridge in the middle of the sea makes many an angler's dream come true. If you want to go fishing on one of the sea bridges, you can look forward to proud catches such as cod, flounder, sea trout and turbot - provided you are lucky. Newcomers to fishing without a fishing license can obtain a tourist fishing license in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This is valid for 28 days and entitles the holder to fish at designated fishing waters throughout Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
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Sea ahoy! Bridges Along the Baltic Sea Coast at a Glance

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© TMV/Gohlke

Koserow pier

  • Am Strande, 17459 Koserow

The new Koserow pier extends 280m into the Baltic Sea in the shape of a wave. Opened in 2021, it offers 2 large platforms that invite you to sit, enjoy and breathe the Baltic Sea air. At the same time, you can use it perfectly as a sunset cinema.

Read more: "Koserow pier"
© Sarah Kunze

Zingst Pier

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Seestraße, 18374 Ostseebad Zingst

Zingst - a holiday paradise at the Baltic Sea! The 270 m long pier is a popular attraction for all guests.

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© TMV/Gohlke

Zinnowitz pier with diving gondola

  • An der Strandpromenade, 17454 Zinnowitz

The diving gondola at the head of the 315-meter-long pier offers you the opportunity to take a dry-foot dive into the Baltic Sea and get a closer look at the habitat beneath the waves.

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© KVW Wustrow / Nordisch Media Design

Baltic resort pier Wustrow

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Strandstraße, 18347 Wustrow

The pier in the Baltic resort of Wustrow shines with 240 meters. It was built in 1992/93 and set on steel piers.

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© Tourismuszentrale Rügen

Seawall Sassnitz

  • Strandpromenade, 18546 Sassnitz

The Sassnitz pier is a popular vantage point to admire the Baltic ferries to and from Sweden.

Read more: "Seawall Sassnitz"
© Mirko Boy

Baltic resort pier Göhren

  • Bernsteinpromenade, 18586 Göhren

Classical style pier with moorings for excursion boats.

Read more: "Baltic resort pier Göhren"
The 290 meter long pier in the Baltic resort Boltenhagen, © Moritz Kertzscher

Boltenhagen Pier

  • Mittelpromenade, 23946 Boltenhagen

The pier in the Baltic sea resort Boltenhagen.

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© TMV/Gohlke

Sellin pier

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Seebrücke, 18586 Sellin

The Sellin pier leads almost 400 meters out to sea. Since 1998, the dream castle by the sea has once again become a landmark of the Island of Rügen. Whether in the light-flooded palm garden, which extends over two floors, or the imperial pavilion reminiscent of the twenties, you always enjoy the free view of the sea and the beach, surrounded by an eventful gastronomic ambience.

Read more: "Sellin pier"
© TMV/Gohlke

Pier Bansin

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Strandpromenade, 17429 Bansin

The pier is 285 m long and offers you a fascinating view of the promenade with the numerous villas built in the resort architecture style.

Read more: "Pier Bansin"
© TZ Wismar/Christoph Meyer

Pier Wismar

  • Ernst-Scheel-Straße, 23968 Wismar

The pier of Wismar is located in the district of seaside resort Wendorf.

Read more: "Pier Wismar"
© TMV, Danny Gohlke

Rerik Pier and Haffplatz

  • 18230 Rerik

The most prominent building of the Baltic seaside resort Rerik is the 170-metre-long pier.

Read more: "Rerik Pier and Haffplatz"
© TMV/Gohlke

Pier Binz

  • 18609 Binz

The Binz pier on the Island of Rügen, with a length of 370 meters, is the second longest pier on Rügen after the Sellin pier.

Read more: "Pier Binz"
Ahlbeck pier has been maintained in its original state, © TMV/Fischer

Ahlbeck Pier

  • Dünenstraße, 17419 Seebad Ahlbeck

The Ahlbeck pier is considered the landmark of the island of Usedom and, like most of the nearby spa architecture villas, dates from the century before last.

Read more: "Ahlbeck Pier"
© TVV-Bock

Seaside Resort of Lubmin

  • Waldstraße, 17509 Lubmin

The peaceful seaside resort of Lubmin with its 350 m long pier, a wide child-friendly sandy beach and picturesque and quaint pine forests is perfect for a family holiday. Lubmin is one of the stations of the "Route of North German Romanticism".

Read more: "Seaside Resort of Lubmin"
© TMV/Gohlke

Pier Graal-Müritz

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • 18181 Graal-Müritz

The pier of Graal-Müritz is 350 m long and was opened on April 10, 1993. From here you can start with the MS Baltica to Warnemünde.

Read more: "Pier Graal-Müritz"
© TSK GmbH

Kühlungsborn Pier

  • Zur Seebrücke, 18225 Kühlungsborn

The pier is located in Kühlungsborn Ost, an extension of "Strandstraße" - a popular shopping street for tourists and locals.

Read more: "Kühlungsborn Pier"
© VMO/M. Jeschke

Heiligendamm Pier

  • 18209 Heiligendamm

In 1793 Friedrich Franz I founded the first German seaside resort: Heiligendamm. Today, the white bathing villas and the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm attract thousands of visitors every year. From the panoramic pier you have the best view of the classicistic ensemble.

Read more: "Heiligendamm Pier"
© Simon Koopmann

Prerow pier

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Hauptübergang, 18375 Prerow

Since 1993 there is the Prerow pier with a length of 395 m and a width of 3.50 m - the longest in the Fischland-Darß-Zingst region.

Read more: "Prerow pier"
© TMV/Fischer

Heringsdorf Pier

  • Strandpromenade, 17424 Seebad Heringsdorf

The 508 m long sea-bridge is built in the style of the modern era. The steel and glass superstructures are unique, in particular the restaurant on the bridgehead that looks like a UFO from a distance.

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Absolutely Record-breaking

These are the Special Piers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The piers on the Baltic Sea all have their own charm - but there are also real superlatives among them. With the pier in Heringsdorf and the pier in Ahlbeck are both the oldest and the longest pier on Usedom.

With its length of over 500 meters, the pier in Heringsdorf is not only one of the longest piers on the Baltic Sea, but it is also the longest pier in Germany. In addition to its impressive length, the unique steel and glass buildings along the passage with café, bar, stores and galleries located on it are also admired by those interested in architecture.

The perfect contrast to this is the Ahlbecker Seebrücke. Built in 1898, it is the oldest pier in Germany and also the landmark of the island of Usedom. It has also made film history: in 1991, scenes for the Loriot film "Pappa ante portas" were shot on the pier in Ahlbeck.

Seaside Bridge Festivals in the Regions

Market, Music and Fireworks on the Coast

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  • Date: 8/14/24
  • Mittelpromenade, 23946 Boltenhagen

intense songs between melancholy and hope

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  • Date: 8/14/24
  • Mittelpromenade, 23946 Boltenhagen

intense songs between melancholy and hope

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