Wonderful water treading: In this Kneipp pool with sea view in Göhren on the island of Rügen, the eye also relaxes., © TMV/Tiemann

The Kneipp spas of Göhren and Feldberg play a special role in the spa landscape of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The Kneipp spas of Göhren and Feldberg play a special role in the spa landscape of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

In the resident spa centers in the Kneipp spas Göhren on Rügen as well as in Feldberg, the five healing factors of physiotherapy according to Kneipp are traditionally used. Due to the health-promoting climatic conditions at the coast and the lakes, the health resorts fulfill the criteria for spas developed by pastor Sebastian Kneipp. The diverse recreational offerings are based on the five pillars of his health concept and rely in a holistic therapy on inner balance, nutrition with pleasure, the effect of natural herbs, moderate exercise and the healing effect of water.

A Kneipp love

Rügen and Kneipp's health teachings? They fit together perfectly. Because on the island everything revolves around water, exercise, herbs, relaxation and healthy nutrition.

Treading water in the shallow Baltic Sea is a natural choice. But Kneipp is not just about cold water, which is so good for the immune system. The 150-year-old natural healing method is based on four other pillars - healthy nutrition, herbs, exercise and relaxation. As if made for Rügen . Because these elements belong to each Rügen vacation anyway. And Göhren is even Germany's only seaside resort with the dual distinction of being a Kneipp spa.

From herbal hike to chalk pack

There is, for example, the herbs column. Who strolls with nature guide René Geyer over the Zicker mountains, quickly understands what blooms on Rügen. Geyer points to yellow buds that smell like honey. Plucks at red toothbright, which is good for toothache. Crumbles some wild marjoram between his fingers - and recommends it with fresh tomatoes.

On the subject of herbs, Christina and Peter Knobloch also have a lot to say. In the "Villa mit Sonnenhof" in Göhren, they run a cooking school where guests can learn to prepare healthy food. Many ingredients grow in the garden behind the house, and the Knoblochs make their own spice blends and vinegars. Each leaf for these is hand-picked individually.

Relaxation is also part of the Kneipp vacation. In the "Kur- und Wellnesscenter Mönchgut" in Göhren, for example, there are packs with Rügen chalk, which is mixed with water and flavored with sea buckthorn oil. Afterwards the guest is top fit for the Kneipp pillar number five - movement. For example, with the organizer "Discover Rügen", which offers activities from yoga to amber search. Bicycle tours are also included. On Rügen, you can spend your entire vacation on the road without having to ride a route twice. Kneipp would certainly not mind.

The Kneipp pillars

The pier in Ahlbeck invites you to romantic evening walks, © TMV/Grundner


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