Oststadt-Kino: HOW THE OLD SUNG ...

6/25/24 in Neubrandenburg

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DEFA film: A Christmas Eve with Erwin Geschonneck as Grandpa Lörke in 1987







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GDR 1987 (using scenes and characters from the film "Ach Du fröhliche ..." / DEFA 1962), director: Günter Reisch, assistant director: Andreas Dresen, length: 94 minutes
DA: Erwin Geschonneck, Karin Schröder, Arno Wyzniewski, Marianne Wünscher and others.


25 years after "Ach, du fröhliche....",


Lörke is in for another turbulent Christmas Eve. His granddaughter Twini, 17 years young, tells him that he is going to be a great-grandfather. Twini's entourage includes King, who wants to marry Twini, and Klucke, who doesn't want to marry her, even though Twini loves him and he is the father-to-be. After many confusing discussions, in which all family members, including the widow Klinkenhöfer, who speculates on Grandpa Lörke, play an active part, the evening ends in harmony, although not all problems are solved.

In 1962, the DEFA film "Ach Du fröhliche ...", based on a play by Czech author Vratislav Brobek, was released in GDR cinemas. Günter Reisch directed the film and the three main actors were the same as in "Wie die Alten sungen". Reisch took the opportunity to cut scenes from the old film into the new one as memories. Günter Sobe wrote in the "Berliner Zeitung": "The Dresden extended family Lörke - grandfather, mother and child - which is just about functional in its semi-intactness, spends a whole Christmas Eve debating - ultimately successfully - all the problems at hand. And if they haven't died after another 25 years, something similar could happen again. The movie has rarity value right from the start. Where else can someone continue a movie from 25 years ago with the same actors? And if so, who would dare?"


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in the auditorium of the Regional School East "Am Lindetal"








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  • Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024 19:00 - 21:30 clock
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Regional School East - Assembly Hall

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