Plau am See Castle Festival 2023 - Hans im Glück

7/30/23 to 8/17/23 in Plau am See


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  • Sunday, Jul 30, 202311:00 - 13:00 clock
  • Thursday, Aug 3, 202317:30 - 19:30 clock
  • Thursday, Aug 17, 202315:00 - 17:00 clock
Children, Theatre & Stage, Open-Air Festival

Family musical "Hans im Glück by Jan Rademacher and Timo Riegelsberger - freely adapted from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

Family musical "Hans im Glück
by Jan Rademacher and Timo Riegelsberger - freely adapted from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

Franz is the luckiest man in all of Lüttjenblied, he has the biggest farm, wait! Franz? Isn't this play called Hans in Luck? That's right, it is. Even if, according to the opinion of his fellow citizens, he is not particularly lucky. But Hans is happy and content with what he has. But since his beloved Lissi wants a man like Franz, Hans leaves his home village to make his fortune.
He is apprenticed to master craftsman Rieck van Tüch in Lübeck and hardly sees daylight for the next seven years, always anxious to return as a made man.

When his apprenticeship is over, Hans finally wants to return to his beloved village of Lüttjenblied. To thank him for his work, the master gives him a lump of gold as big as his head. "Am I a lucky child!" he thinks to himself and sets off on his way home. But with each step toward home, the gold seems heavier and heavier, and when he encounters a rider high on a horse, Hans thinks to himself that a horse would make him even happier. So Hans trades his gold for it. This in turn he trades for a cow, which he trades for a pig, which he trades for a goose ...
On his way, Hans meets all kinds of bizarre characters, such as the goose thief Hanna and the scissor grinder Zacharias Zwippel.

Will Hans find happiness in the end? What does happiness mean? And does it mean the same thing to everyone?

Jan Radermacher and Timo Riegelsberger have written their very own musical from the well-known fairy tale with fantastic ideas and rousing songs for the Burgfestspiele.

Be there when four actors in over 15 roles embark on this adventurous and funny search for true, real happiness.
Director: Jan Rademacher
Arrangements: Timo Riegelsberger
Choreography: Jacqueline Batzlaff
Ensemble: Manuel Ettelt, Christian D. Trabert a.o.

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- 07/30/2023, 11:00 a.m.
- 03.08.2023, 17.30 o'clock
- 17.08.2023, 15.00 o'clock

Location: Burghof Plau am See, Burgplatz 2
Duration: 120 minutes (with intermission)
Admission in VVK: - 23.00 € per person (from 16 years) - 16.00 € per child (5 - 15 years) - 1.00 Euro chair fee for children up to 4 years - 69.00 Euro per family ticket (2 Adults + 2 K.) - Reduced €21.00 per person (applies to people with disabilities [min. 70%], wheelchair users incl. accompanying person, pensioners, unemployed, students, holders of the Ehrenamtskarte MV)

Holders of the NDR Kulturkarte receive tickets for the evening programs including guest performances for 20.00 euros and the family musical for 19.00 euros.

Tickets are available in advance at the Tourist Info Plau am See, at all known VVK locations and in the Onlineshop available.
All prices plus VVK fee.

Please note - as this is an open-air event, there may be short-term postponements due to the weather situation.
The auditorium is covered in case of rain.
This is an open air event, so weather appropriate clothing is advisable. You are welcome to bring a seat cushion or blanket. If you are unsure, please ask at the Tourist Info Plau am See. Seat cushions and, if necessary, rain ponchos can be purchased on site. The beer garden is open before the performances and delicious food and drinks are available.

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16.00 € to 23.00 € per person

Event dates
  • Sunday, Jul 30, 2023 11:00 - 13:00 clock
  • Thursday, Aug 3, 2023 17:30 - 19:30 clock
  • Thursday, Aug 17, 2023 15:00 - 17:00 clock
Event Location

House of the guest Plau am See

Haus des Gastes
Burgplatz 2
19395 Plau am See
038735 81344
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Plau am See Castle Festival

Burgplatz 2
19395 Plau am See


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