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The town was founded in the 13th century as the northernmost border town of Mecklenburg. The first written record dates back to 1257. Under Mecklenburg rule, the small town was the seat of a domanial office and thus had a hinterland function, also for the Darguner and Neukalen area. The trade route "Via regia" led through the town and had a favorable effect on the development of trade and crafts.

The brick town church was built in the middle of the 13th century and is therefore the oldest building in Gnoien. It is the central point of the Lutheran parish of Gnoien. During restoration work in the middle of the 19th century changes were made:

  • renewal of the eastern windows on the outside
  • Reinforcement of the buttresses
  • Reconstruction of the south sacristy
  • New construction of the north hall/south portal

The interior received paintings and wooden stalls in the neo-Gothic style. The well-preserved Marian altar from 1510/1520 is one of the most special in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The central figure is Mary with a halo and scenes from her life are depicted on the altar wings. The organ was built in 1859 in the workshop of the Mecklenburg organ builder Lütkemüller. It was restored from 2000 to 2004. On the south side of the church there are carvings of a former sundial.

In Gnoien there are several church guides at your disposal.

If you already know when you will visit Gnoien, please contact
Mr. Schmidt Mobil: 0152 260 46 407, Tel: 039971 17111
Mrs. Kraekel Mobil: 0174 965 78 03, Tel: 039971 12542
Mrs. Winkelmann Mobil: 0173 959 41 14

You can also drop by spontaneously at the parsonage at Am Kirchenplatz 11 or at Jeans- Maeting store at the market - corner Alte Kirchenstraße/Friedenstraße

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Pfarrkirche St. Marien Gnoien
Am Kirchenplatz 11
17179 Gnoien

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© Ferien am Schloss Duckwitz

Vacations at the castle in Duckwitz

  • Duckwitz, 17179 Duckwitz

Family vacation right on the lake - horseback riding, swimming, fishing - kids will love it - and so will their parents. Relax... when the kids are busy and happy - only then the vacation begins for the parents...

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© Gutshaus Altbauhof

Manor house old farm Dargun

  • Altbauhof, 17159 Dargun

Nestled in the cultural landscape of Dargun Castle and the monastery church, the manor house is located at the end of the road. To the building belongs one hectare of garden land, which is adjoined by the old manor pond surrounded by ancient trees. The grounds are very spacious, offering a magnificent view over the fields and the nature park "Große Rosin/ Kummerower See" with its rare bird species, such as kingfisher and marsh rail, and attracting ornithologists from all over the world.

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© Jugendgästehaus "Graureiher"

Youth Guest House "Grey Heron

  • Nehringen, 18513 Grammendorf OT Nehringen

Welcome to Nehringen in the beautiful Trebel Valley! The Trebel is the 75 km long border river between Mecklenburg and Pomerania.

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© Schloss Lühburg

Lühburg Castle

  • Lühburg, 17179 Walkendorf

Mecklenburg ParkLand: old manor houses, open manors, parks & gardens, moat, island, nature, vastness, tranquility, ambience, sightseeing, cycling, bathing, hunting, fishing, horseback riding - or just enjoy: relax in your favorite apartment at Schloss Lühburg, our guest service is prepared for almost all wishes.

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© Mareike Wendel-Bigalke

Trebel Café

  • Open today
  • Karl-Marx-Str., 18465 Tribsees

Directly at the market place of Tribsees we invite you to cake, ice cream and cocktails!

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© Stadt Dargun

Dargun castle park

  • Schloss, 17159 Dargun

In Dargun Castle Park you can walk along historical paths.

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© TMV/Gohlke

Dalwitz Manor Park

  • Dalwitz, 17179 Walkendorf

In the estate park you can discover a monument dedicated to Sabine von Bassewitz (1716-1790). She was considered by contemporaries as a "woman of great and rare talents".

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Dargun Monastery and Castle

  • Schloss, 17159 Dargun

The town of Dargun's flagship and an attraction for many visitors are the mighty walls of the monastery and castle complex.

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© DOMUSImages

Bassendorf manor house

  • Bassendorf, 18513 Deyelsdorf

Charming manor house in the Baltic Sea hinterland with simple guest rooms. The garden of the manor house in baroque style allows a free view into the nature.

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© Kleine-Mölle

Viecheln manor house

  • Schloßstr., 17179 Viecheln

Wilhelm Blohm (Blohm&Voss) had the manor house designed in neo-Gothic Tudor style by the renowned Wismar architect Heinrich Thormann in 1869. Today, the magnificent house with the 3 hectare estate park offers vacation apartments as well as rooms for e.g. weddings.

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View through the avenue to the manor house Wesselstorf, © Andreas Knoll

Wesselstorf manor house

  • Wesselstorf, 18195 Wesselstorf

The Gutshaus Wesselstorf welcomes you with its charming, stylishly furnished vacation apartments! Spend a relaxing country vacation in historic surroundings, experience the idyllic parkland and discover the Mecklenburger ParkLand with its many sights.

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© Carolin Kaup

Kaup's farm store

  • Closed today
  • Dorfstraße, 17168 Groß Wüstenfelde

Kaup's Hofladen is a family business from Groß Wüstenfelde near Teterow in the district of Rostock. Here you can currently buy 20 types of farm cheese, eggs, beef and sausage as well as spices, tea, sweets, honey and various liqueurs. There is also a service for gift baskets. EC payment possible.

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© M. Hagemann

Herb farm Carlsthal

  • Closed today
  • Trebelstraße, 18334 Carlsthal / Lindholz

On the herb farm Carlsthal there are about 200 varieties of herbs to admire, taste and buy throughout the year. The trained gardener and passionate herbalist Jeanette Nadebor invites interested guests to her herb farm for herb walks, workshops, country cooking and summer concerts. The herb farm is surrounded by a natural end moraine landscape of the Trebel valley.

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© BAHNHOF Dargun


  • Bahnhofstr., 17159 Dargun

This beautiful station building from 1907 has been lovingly renovated and restored. The station has been run as a guesthouse and café for many years.

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© Rathert

Manor house Groß Wüstenfelde

  • Am Wall, 17168 Groß Wüstenfelde

Vacation in the historic manor house.

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