Leisurely ride to the rape blossom, © ART.Quartier/Anne Hille
Horse riding, Holiday flats, Equestrian farms, Holiday home, holidays in the countryside

You love long rides in wide landscape, idyllic villages, art and culture? Then ART Quartier is the right place for you to enjoy your vacation in a private, informal atmosphere with child and horse.

Cottage - Horse riding - Art

ART. Quartier offers vacations with child and horse in a private, informal atmosphere. We focus on fearless recreational riding and the harmonious relationship between man and horse.

We offer the following services:

  • Western riding from beginner to intermediate level
  • horse driving license, lungeing lessons and seat school as lungeing lessons
  • in private lessons riding according to the horsemanship method with specials e.g. for beginners, late starters and/or re-starters
  • lessons in small groups up to max. 4 persons
  • courses and workshops on yoga & riding, cross-country and trail riding
  • trail riding: Specials for re-beginners, star rides for those interested in art and culture, day and/or multi-day rides, approx. 30- 35 km/day, catering with campfire, sauna after the ride, max.6 people, own horse/loan horse/school horse, qualified riding companion.
  • children's riding vacations only in company of parents
  • Work with the horse from the ground asHorsemanship ground work, composure work and confidence building work
  • Training of horses according to horsemanship methods

Special services:

  • Vacation packages for families & children, horse & health, e.g. horseback riding & back school, horseback riding & yoga, also for riders with their own horse

Horse stock:

  • 8 school horses as ponies and warmbloods with the stock dimensions from 135 to 170 cm.
  • Other farm animals: young horses, dogs, rabbits, chickens, petting animals for children.

farm infrastructure:

  • a riding arena with poles and cavalettis, exercise training with Franklin balls
  • a roundpen
  • Special features: Pets are welcome, farm vacations in idyllic village, art workshops, swimming beach Fischland-Darß about 20 km away, shopping facilities available nearby.

Guest horses welcome:

  • 4 guest horse stalls in the stable with straw bedding and different dimensions of approx. 3.50 - 4.00 m
  • 5 guest horse pastures in different dimensions, secured with electric fence
  • 5 grass paddocks for guest horses in different dimensions of approx. 10 x 20 m, secured with electric fence.
  • Fodder for guest horses: hay, muesli, concentrated feed by arrangement and tap water

In-house network of bridle paths:

  • at least 30 routes with variable distances from 1 to infinite hours, usually forest path, road surface, field paths and meadows
  • infrastructure around the riding routes with resting places for horse & rider e.g. in Endingen, restaurants/ bistros, cafés in the surrounding area
  • no signposting of the routes, but maps and GPS data available

Arrival and departure services:

  • Transportation and pick-up from the train station
  • luggage transfer for trail riders

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n the farm store you can taste salts, take a guided tour or relax in the graduation house., © Salzmanufaktur/Klemp

SALT Manufacture M-V

  • Open today
  • Feldstraße, 18320 Trinwillershagen

In our salt experience center - the salt towers of Trinwillershagen - immerse yourself in the fascinating variety of 32,000 kg of natural salts in our bizarre tower with a 16-cornered ground plan, interior grading works, nebulization plants, clay brook oven and a world of 240 different salty specialties.

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Semlow castle garden view, © Schloss Semlow A. Hantke

Semlow Castle

  • Parkstraße, 18334 Semlow

The manor house was commissioned by Carl von Behr-Negendank and built by the Strelitz court architect Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel around 1825. Around 1850, the castle was extended by the addition of an orangery and a two-story living area. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park of 21 hectares.

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Welcome to the rose dew ceramics, © Manuela Steimle

Schlemmin Rose Garden and Rose Dew Ceramics

  • Open today
  • Eickhofer Straße, 18320 Schlemmin

At Rosentau ceramics we make decorative ceramics. Each piece is unique and a very special souvenir!

Read more: "Schlemmin Rose Garden and Rose Dew Ceramics"
© Bibelzentrum

Bible Center Barth

  • Open today
  • Sundische Straße, 18356 Barth

Experience exhibition on the Bible - with the Barth Bible from 1588 as the most prominent representative, a Bible garden and Christian rose garden. State-approved place of learning with various cultural and educational events for all interested.

Read more: "Bible Center Barth"
The team of the mustard mill Schlemmin, © ostsee-kuestenbilder.de

Schlemmin mustard mill

  • Open today
  • Hauptstraße, 18320 Schlemmin

In our mustard mill in the beautiful village of Schlemmin we grind unpeeled, not de-oiled mustard in a cold grinding process with a 1000 kg heavy stone mill. Through this particularly gentle traditional grinding process, all essential oils are preserved. In total, about 30 different types of mustard from sweet to spicy, from mild to spicy, from fruity to spicy are produced with love.

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Welcome to the pleasure store, © Rost GbR

Organic roastery LandDelikat

  • Open today
  • Nelkenstraße, 18356 Barth

Our family business in the national park region Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, feels particularly close to the unique nature and wants to contribute to its protection with sustainable management.

Read more: "Organic roastery LandDelikat"
© Stadt Barth

Vineta World of Experience

  • Open today
  • Papenstraße, 18356 Barth

The Vineta experience world takes our young guests into a play world around the sunken city that gave Barth its nickname. Here there are listening stations, coloring sections, costumes to dress up in, the underwater world with chillout area and much more.

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© Surfschule Barth

Surf school Barth

  • Glöwitz, 18356 Barth

Water sports on the Barther Bodden. Windsurfing, sailing, canoe/kayak tours, catamaran sailing, rowing.

Read more: "Surf school Barth"
Cafe-Wieckhaus photographed from the monastery garden, © Tom Augustyniak

Cafe Wieckhaus

  • Closed today
  • Geskestraße, 18461 Franzburg

The Cafe-Wieckhaus is located within the tranquil monastery garden which was opened in 2006 and now invites you to walk, sniff, taste and snack. The cafe is open only on weekends and then offers a wide range of coffee specialties and always home-baked and fresh cake creations.

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© Alte Schmiede Hessenburg/Dr. Klein

Kranich Café - Hessenburg Manor

  • Closed today
  • Dorfplatz, 18317 Hessenburg / Saal

The Kranich Café in the Alte Schmiede is part of the Hessenburg estate, located 14 kilometers northeast of Ribnitz-Damgarten. The main attractions are the listed, late-classicist manor house, the neo-baroque estate park, which is also a listed building, and an early German tower mound from the 13th century (archaeological monument). In this historic, spacious ensemble, the Kranich Café stands like a jewel box from a bygone era: a graceful brick building with three round arches resting on masonry, decorated columns.

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© Gutshaus Hessenburg / Philipp Obkircher

Crane Hotel and Museum in Hessenburg Manor House

  • Closed today
  • Dorfplatz, 18317 Hessenburg

The manor house in Hessenburg is all about the crane. Around Hessenburg, these ambassadors of happiness rest in large flocks in spring and autumn. The manor house itself houses the registry office for the rural area of the town of Barth, the crane museum and the crane hotel with charming apartments.

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We are here for you!, © Ostseemühle/Zaepernick

Baltic mill - healthy for gourmets

  • Open today
  • Dorfstraße, 18320 Langenhanshagen

We love the real, unadulterated. With us you will find completely natural cold-pressed vegetable oil and gluten-free flour from oilseeds or nuts. Here you will look in vain for preservatives, additives and artificial flavors. All products are carefully handmade by us.

Read more: "Baltic mill - healthy for gourmets"

Village church Lüdershagen

  • Dorfstraße, 18314 Lüdershagen

In 1288, the elaborately designed brick building of the church is said to have been completed. The church consists of a choir, nave and tower. It was built on a foundation of neatly hewn granite blocks.

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© TMV/Gohlke

Manor house Landsdorf

  • Dorfstraße, 18465 Landsdorf

The 19th century manor house Landsdorf is part of a listed ensemble and the centerpiece of a landscape park of about 7ha.

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© Landurlaub MV

Regiomat Baltic Sea Mill Lagenhanshagen

  • Dorfstrasse, 18320 Langenhanshagen

Recently, you can get regional food directly on site at the Ostseemühle, even after closing time and on Sundays and holidays.

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