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4/6/24 in Karow

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Anyone who has ever dreamed of grafting an apple or pear tree with their own favorite varieties can now learn the technique of fruit tree grafting: the Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heath Nature Park is offering a workshop on this on Saturday, April 15, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Karower Meiler.

Fruit trees cannot normally be propagated by seeds or stones. An exception are certain stone fruit varieties, such as peach varieties. Otherwise, each apple seed always produces a new variety. This is related to the original variety, but usually has completely different characteristics. However, if you want to obtain a certain variety, you have to propagate the trees by means of grafting. In this process, a branch of the desired variety, the so-called scion, is grafted onto a rootstock (root, trunk or branch). This cultural technique has been known since ancient times.

In this workshop, participants will learn to use the method of copulation to graft scions of different varieties onto trees that have already been planted or onto rootstocks. If this is successful, fruit can grow on the new branches after only a few years.

It is quite possible to grow several varieties on one tree. In this way, even smaller gardens with only a few fruit trees can produce a wide variety of fruit. Trees with less palatable varieties can also be re-grafted and thus enhanced.

To practice the grafting technique, we make ready-to-plant little trees using small apple trees (rootstocks) and scions that can be taken home. Scions of 20 tasty, robust and sometimes extremely rare old apple varieties are available.

Those interested can please register by 4/10/2023 at the following email address:, subject "Registration grafting course".

The participation fee is 30 € and includes script, grafting documents, small material and beverage flat rate. If already available, tools can be brought along:

  • single-edged grafting knife (suitable grafting knives can also be purchased during the course)
  • hand scissors
  • well-fitting leather work gloves or cut protection gloves
  • You can also bring your own fruit shoots of your choice. These must be cut while still in winter dormancy, stored in a cool place and protected from drying out. One-year-old shoots with many buds, which should be about pencil-thick, are well suited.

Speakers/Organization: Edgar Bartel, Evelin Kartheuser (Nature Park staff, member of the Pomologenverein)

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From 30.00 €

Event dates
  • Saturday, Apr 6, 2024 09:30 - 13:00 clock
Event Location

Karower Meiler Culture and Information Center

Ziegenhorn 1
19395 Karow
+49 385 58864860
Contact the organiser

Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heath Nature Park

Ziegenhorn 1
19395 Plau am See OT Karow
0385 588 64860


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