Three cellos on the road

8/28/24 in Ahrenshoop

Concert Schifferkirche with tiefsaits, © tiefsaits

15.00 €

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  • Wednesday, Aug 28, 202420:00 - 21:30 clock
Classical Music

Concert with works by George Frideric Handel, Giuseppe Clemente Dall'Abaco and more with the Trio tiefsaits

The trio tiefsaits follows an annual tradition and performs in the three beautiful churches on the Darß: Ahrenshoop, Born and Prerow. Virtuoso cello trios will be performed, including the newly rediscovered two sonatas for three cellos by the composer Giuseppe Clemente Dall'Abaco, recently recorded by the trio tiefsaits.

tiefsaits is a young Berlin ensemble that specializes in historical low string instruments - baroque cello and viola da gamba. The three musicians dedicate themselves to a wide-ranging repertoire, from Renaissance consort to high Baroque sonatas and virtuoso Romantic music. The musicians of tiefsaits passionately use their expertise to transport audiences into the world of low string instruments, building a bridge between past and present. In 2024, their debut CD will be released on the DaVinci Records label with Erstein

The musicians are: Mirjam Müntzel, Anna Reisener and Alma Stolte (Berlin, Dresden, Basel)

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15.00 €

Advance booking via or at the Kurverwaltung Ahrenshoop,
Remaining tickets at the box office, opening of the Schifferkirche at 7.30 pm

Event dates
  • Wednesday, Aug 28, 2024 20:00 - 21:30 clock
Event Location

Schifferkirche (Church)

Paetowweg 5
18347 Ahrenshoop

+49 38233 69133
Contact the organiser

Schifferkirche (Church)

Paetowweg 5
18347 Ahrenshoop

+49 38233 69133


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