10/21/23 to 10/22/23 in Lassan

Gongs in the sound house by the lake, © Europäische Akademie der Heilenden Künste

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  • Saturday, Oct 21, 202310:00 - 20:00 clock
  • Sunday, Oct 22, 202309:00 - 12:00 clock
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Sound experiences with the gongs of the elements

In these days we dedicate ourselves to the intensive listening experience of the element gongs in the sound house and give the possibility to listen to the sounds over wide time arcs, in silence, dancing, writing, painting or in connection with walks at the Klein Jasedower lake. In the afternoon there will be a guided tour with Johannes Heimrath in the Pulow gong factory Sona. Afterwards there will be a round of talks with room for exchange and open questions. The evening is dedicated again to the deepened hearing.
On Sunday morning there is the possibility for the own play of the gongs and for a meditative walk by the surrounding lake landscape.

Enabling fee: 190 Euro
Catering: 40 Euro

room info / camping,
a reduction is possible

This course can be a module of a certified further training to the PräventologIn. (See further education)



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Ticket Normal: 230 €

40,00 Euro, vegetarian organic catering

- organic full board: 40 Euro
- room info / camping possible

a reduction is possible

Event dates
  • Saturday, Oct 21, 2023 10:00 - 20:00 clock
  • Sunday, Oct 22, 2023 09:00 - 12:00 clock
Event Location

Klanghaus am See

Am See 1
17440 Lassan

Contact the organiser

European Academy of Healing Arts e.V., Klein Jasedow

Am See 1
17440 Klein Jasedow / Lassan