Robert Carl Blank

9/18/24 in Wieck a. Darß

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  • Wednesday, Sep 18, 202419:30 - 21:00 clock
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His songs tell of love, longing, freedom and adventure

Robert Carl Blank manages to enchant a crowd of more than 1000 people with his guitar and voice alone, making everyone feel as special as if he were singing just for them personally. Blank's songs tell of love, longing, freedom and adventure, a road movie of life. You won't forget this evening with the likeable singer-songwriter from Hamburg in a hurry.

After working with two bands on three EPs and an album, he decided to take his solo career into his own hands in 2008. This decision was followed by six self-produced albums. Here Robert Carl Blank shows the full range of his skills. He moves through the waters of folk, soul and blues, sometimes gently with a dash of melancholy, sometimes drivingly stormy. His love for the USA is just as obvious as his Hamburg influence. Performances as the opening act for Elton John, Whitney Houston and Eros Ramazotti, as well as a tour of the USA with blues old master Carl Weathersby, allowed the guitarist and singer to quickly mature musically. He wrote songs about his travels around the world, about his impressions and experiences while traveling and as a singing peregrine falcon. Driven by a longing for change, he traveled the world with his guitar and parachute - his songs: a travel diary. After all these years on the road, today he feels he has arrived, arrived in his adopted home of Hamburg, arrived in his destiny as a singer, but also as a producer in his own production facility "Songwerft" in Hamburg.
And despite the fixed center of life and the tasks as a producer for other artists, this curiosity about life and the desire for change remains.
Now singer-songwriter Robert Carl Blank has reinvented himself once again and is releasing his first album in German. "Ungefähr genau hier" will be released in March/April 2024.

"Authentic songs by a charismatic singer with edges and corners, lots of warmth and a dash of melancholy included."

"The fabulous facets that RCB can call up so effortlessly include acoustic finesse that you don't necessarily have to call folk.
you don't necessarily have to call folk."
(Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung)

"As far as this great album is concerned, the choice is extremely difficult."
(Saarbrücker Zeitung)

"The songwriter ... with his extraordinarily sensitive voice (...) also recommends himself as a first-class songsmith
first class (...) lifts his art far above the mainstream."
(Record tips)

"It is no exaggeration to place Robert Carl Blank in the ranks of hip American singer-songwriters (...) If the twelve songs on his latest album are all perfectly arranged, they leave no doubt that they could be reduced to Robert Carl Blank's voice and guitar in their presentation if necessary (...)."

Darßer Arche, Wieck

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Sep 18, 2024 19:30 - 21:00 clock
Event Location

Darss Ark Wieck

Bliesenrader Weg 2
18375 Wieck a. Darß
038233 201
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Kur- und Tourist GmbH Darß

Bliesenrader Weg 2
18375 Wieck a. Darß
+49 (0)38233 201


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