Charly Gitanos & The Band

10/2/24 in Schwerin

Charly Gitanos & The Band, © Charly Gitanos

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  • Wednesday, Oct 2, 202420:00 o'clock
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Gypsy-Flamenco Fiesta

Charly Gitanos and his band are currently touring Europe and presenting a show full of energetic Mediterranean music from the south of Spain. The band's pulsating rhythm is driven by the frenetic flamenco guitar of charismatic frontman Charly Gitanos. The combination of flamenco and pop is mixed in a fine sound in the style of the mythical Gypsy Kings, in addition to incorporating a very important visual piece into the show, the flamenco dance, with the necessary strength and passion to make the audience get up from their seats to applaud.

Charly Gitanos has many fans on social media: 325,000 followers on Twitter, 223,000 on Instagram. Now the singer, songwriter and Latin/flamenco entertainer, who has been living in Germany for several years, is releasing his brand new single "Arrebátate". The music and lyrics were co-written with Panamanian singer, songwriter and actress ERIKA ENDER. The Latin Grammy Award winner was involved in the songwriting of songs such as the global hit "Despacito" together with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Spanish singer Charly Gitanos is already a legend in Spain and Latin America: With his band "Gitanos", he made it into the top 20 throughout Latin America.

In the USA, the song "OLE!" written by Charly and producer Éstefano (former member of the Colombian Latin pop duo Donato y Estéfano) became a hit.

In 2011, the song was featured on the Argentinian TV show "Showmatch" and the video has since been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube. The first single released in Venezuela, "Quimica y Magia", immediately landed in the charts and quickly conquered radio and television in Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.

In 2014, the title "Se enciende el mundo" was released in collaboration with UNICEF. Argentinian soccer stars Lionel Messi and Ángel Di Maria were actively involved in the project and also contributed to the music video.

In 2016, Charly Gitanos left Latin America and moved back to his roots, back to Spain. With the help of his son, who is only 13 years younger, he produced "De Tal palo", which tells an incredible story between father and son.

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Oct 2, 2024 20:00 o'clock
Event Location

The Sociocultural Center "Der Speicher" Schwerin

Eingang: Schelfstraße
Röntgenstraße 22
19055 Schwerin
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The Sociocultural Center "Der Speicher" Schwerin

Eingang: Schelfstraße
Röntgenstraße 22
19055 Schwerin


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