Attila Vural guitar concert

5/25/24 in Malchin OT Remplin


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  • Saturday, May 25, 202419:30 - 22:00 clock
Classical Music

A special kind of guitar concert awaits you.....


His vacation luggage speaks volumes.

Where others would never travel without their umbrella - you never know what the weather will be like - or leave their little black dress at home under any circumstances - who knows what unexpected festivities will be celebrated - you will never find Attila Vural without his guitar, even on vacation: You never know what tune you might come across.

So his music sounds like a big suitcase full of vacation memories - but these are not hip city breaks or moonlit sailing trips that the Zurich guitarist, born in 1972, traces with his sounds. Rather, they are journeys of open ears and searching eyes, on which the musician draws inspiration from South American-inspired rhythms, tone sequences and motifs borrowed from jazz, as well as earthy pop melodies.

Since his first compositions, which date back to the early nineties, Attila Vural's music has been characterized by this creative mixture of different influences, which can be heard in his own interpretations as well as in those of the various formations whose style has shaped Vural's arrangements (Saf-Inütill, Approaches).

Inspired by Dominic Miller's CD "First Touch", Attila Vural has increasingly devoted himself to the solo guitar since 1997, and for the last ten years exclusively to the guitar, which he plays both in 6-string and 12-string versions, as well as more recently in a special 15-string version in the form of a semi-fretless nylon string uke guitar (guitar maker: Arns & Kallenbach). His unmistakable style, which combines a percussively played guitar with subtle classical string sounds without any additional effects, is unmistakably influenced in musical and technical terms by the work of the German guitarist Claus Boesser-Ferrari. In addition, Vural also received important impulses from the experimental variations of guitarist Heitor Teixeira Pereira.

Attila Vural's playing invites you to follow him on his sound journeys into the wide world of musical encounters. Eighteen solo CDs are now available - "A Handful of Thoughts" (2004), "Painting a Reverie" (2007), "Some Place of Sounding" (2009), "the Last Laugh" (2010), "Something Plays Like a Child" (2012), "According Outside my Room" (2014), "Moonbeams Rise as Quavers" (2015), "Another Strumming in the Blue" (2016), "With Dom at the Meeting Point - A Tribute to Dominic Miller" (2016), "the Tenth Hour of Delight" (2017), "Encounters at the Riviera" (2018), "Harmonized but Different" (2019), "the Rhythm's Deep Whisper" (2020) , "That's Why I Play the Guitar (A Fingerstyle Tribute to Gary Moore)" (2020), "Introducing my BlueLine" (2021), "Sonorous in One Quiet Night" (2022), "Back to Moore (Another Solo Acoustic Guitar Tribute to Gary Moore)" (2022) and most recently "The Real Live Wires Are Talking" (2023) - but Vural's percussive guitar can also be heard live on many occasions: He has not only performed nationally, but also in the USA, at the European Acoustic Guitar Night at the Teatro Goethe-Institut in Rome, at the international guitar festival "Open Strings" in Osnabrück and at the International Neuöttinger Gitarrentage. Among other things, he provided the live soundtrack for the silent films "The Last Man" and "Nosferatu" by Friedrich Murnau at the Music Festival Week in Winterthur and at the Neisse Film Festival in Görlitz (Germany).

Whether on record or on stage, anyone who embarks on a journey with Attila Vural will visit places that one would not expect a solo guitar to discover. videos


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Event dates
  • Saturday, May 25, 2024 19:30 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Art chapel Remplin

Schloßstraße 15
17139 Malchin OT Remplin
0163 8693632
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Schloßstraße 15
13156 Malchin OT Remplin


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