• Blick auf die Nationalpark-Information Serrahn, © TMV/Bodieschek
    Blick auf die Nationalpark-Information Serrahn
  • Nationalpark-Information Serrahn, © TMV/Bodieschek
    Nationalpark-Information Serrahn
  • Rast vor der Nationalpark-Information Serrahn, © TMV/Bodieschek
    Rast vor der Nationalpark-Information Serrahn

Visitor information centre of the National Park “Serrahn“

In the little village named Serrahn, which is located in the depths of the woods, visitors have the opportunity to have a look at the exhibition “Buchenurwälder der Karpaten und Alte Buchenwälder Deutschlands“ concerning the UNESCO world natural heritage.

With their jungle-like character, the beech forests have a worldwide meaning for the diversity of species and the nature heritage. Starting in Zinow, the forest experience path leads directly to Serrahn while passing a former Slavic settlement and a lookout by the “Großer Serrahnsee”. The beech forests around Serrahn have been put on the list of the UNESCO world natural heritage in 2011.The visitor information centre offers guided tours.


National Park + Nature Conservation Centres

+49 39821 41500


Nationalpark-Information Serrahn

Serrah Waldstraße 1
17237  Serrahn

+49 39821 41500

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Nationalpark-Information Serrahn
Serrah Waldstraße 1
17237 Serrahn

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