Town hall in Nowe Warpno, © Pomorze Zachodnie
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The half-timbered building was erected in 1627 on the site of the previous building, which was destroyed by fire. The town hall has served as the seat of the city administration since its beginnings.

The Town Hall is located in the northwestern part of Nowe Warpno, in the middle of Plac Zwycięstwa, which is bounded by ul. Warszawska in the northeast and ul. Kościuszki in the southwest. Magnificent linden trees grow in front of the town hall.

The date of the construction of the first town hall in Nowe Warpno is unknown. The first mention about a town hall dates back to 1556, when after the town fire of 1555, thanks to the grants of Duke Philip I (the settlement received, among other things, the rights to the island of Kahleberg, now called Łysa Wyspa or Ptasia Wyspa), the reconstruction of the town was started. On the occasion of the reconstruction, documents also mention a Gothic town hall. Remains of the Gothic town hall are the foundations of the present one. Nowe Warpno was affected by fires many times. During the next fire, in 1692 the town hall burned down again. Then in 1697 the present town hall was built in baroque style. The building was erected in the half-timbered technique, which was common at that time.

The shape and architectural composition of the facade has been completely preserved until today. The few renovation works since its construction concerned improvements of small elements of the facade and small changes in the interior of the building. In 1885, among other things, the door pads were renewed, some cellar ceilings were renewed, the tower walls were reinforced and the facade was re-plastered. A fire station from the 20th century is attached to the northeastern wall of the town hall. At first, it was made entirely of half-timbering. Currently, it houses the offices of the Municipal Office. From the very beginning, the town hall was the seat of the municipal administration. Even today it fulfills its original function. It is a unique object and the most valuable historical monument of Nowe Warpno. It is also probably the only town hall of its kind in Poland that still fulfills its function today. The Town Hall was built on stone and brick foundations, which were originally the foundations of the Gothic Town Hall. The framework of the walls is made of oak wood kept in the brown tone. The compartments are filled with ceramic tiles. The roof truss was made in rafter and collar beam technique with roof truss support on both sides. Structural base of the tower spire is formed by 8 supporting columns braced with intersecting struts and fixed in the lower part - in two levels - with pincers. On the top of the tower there is a clock whose movement was made in Berlin in 1922 in the tower clock factory Georg Richter.

The tower itself and the ridge turret of the former fire station are covered with galvanized sheet metal. From the tower there is a beautiful view of the Nowowarpieńskie lake, the Podgrodzie district, Altwarp and the city itself. The town hall is registered in the register of monuments. Its cubature is about 2840 m 3 and the standing area is 285 m 2 .

Because it always fulfills its function (as the seat of the municipal administration), free viewing of the object is not possible. The building is open only during office hours. Without major disturbances you can enter the vestibule and the corridors of the office, the meeting room of the City Council and the wedding hall, but the entrance to the tower or the study rooms will not be so easy.

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