Kirch Baggendorf swimming pool with 50 m lane, large playground and sports facilities, © Amt Recknitz-Trebeltal
Swimming lessons, Outdoor pools and guarded bathing areas

Swimming pool with tourist info point open daily Tue-Sun 12-7pm (in vacations from 11am) , Mon. 6-7pm from June - August. Recreational facilities: large playground, badminton, volleyball, table tennis.

Swimming pool Kirch Baggendorf - a hot tip to COOL DOWN!

dive in - feel good - relax... The outdoor pool offers fun and relaxation for the whole family!

  • swimmer and non-swimmer area
  • Swimming pool 50 m long and 35 m wide
  • 3500 m² spacious sunbathing lawn
  • volleyball court and playground equipment
  • swimming lessons
  • free parking spaces
  • kiosk/snack bar
  • tourist info point

Entrance fees:

Children (from 4 years to 16 years): 2,00 €
Adults: 4,50 €
pensioners, students, handicapped persons: 3,50 €

Group tickets:
Children (from 8 persons., 1 guardian is a member of the group): 1,50 € p.p.
Adults (from 8 persons): 4,00 € p.p.

10er card:
Children (from 4 years to 16 years): 15,00 € p.p.
Adults: 35,00 €
Pensioners, students, handicapped persons: 30,00 €.

Family ticket:
2 adults + 2 children: 10,00 €

Vacation ticket (6 weeks, ID with photo):
Pupils (up to 18 years, presentation of pupil ID): € 45.00

Evening ticket (from 6 pm):
Children (from 4 years to 16 years): 1,00 €
Adults: 2,00 €
pensioners, students, disabled persons: 2,00 €

Annual ticket (in the season, ID with photo):
children (from 4 years to 16 years): 50,00 €
adults: 90,00 €
pensioners, students, disabled: 70,00 €

Prices valid from 29.01.2020

Visit also the small school museum and the fieldstone church in Kirch Baggendorf!

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Schwimmbad Kirch Baggendorf

Kirch Baggendorf 13a
18513 Gransebieth

038229 710

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Schwimmbad Kirch Baggendorf
Kirch Baggendorf 13a
18513 Gransebieth

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© Anna Barkow

Turow moated castle

  • Open today
  • Turow, 18513 Glewitz

In the midst of unspoiled nature lies the historic water castle from the 12th century. Enjoy healthy vacation and attend workshops on gardening and alternative lifestyle. Here you will come to rest and find relaxation.

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© Jugendgästehaus "Graureiher"

Youth Guest House "Grey Heron

  • Nehringen, 18513 Grammendorf OT Nehringen

Welcome to Nehringen in the beautiful Trebel Valley! The Trebel is the 75 km long border river between Mecklenburg and Pomerania.

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Trebel Café

  • Open today
  • Karl-Marx-Str., 18465 Tribsees

Directly at the market place of Tribsees we invite you to cake, ice cream and cocktails!

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Bassendorf manor house

  • Bassendorf, 18513 Deyelsdorf

Charming manor house in the Baltic Sea hinterland with simple guest rooms. The garden of the manor house in baroque style allows a free view into the nature.

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© Tom Augustyniak

Cafe Wieckhaus

  • Closed today
  • Geskestraße, 18461 Franzburg

The Cafe-Wieckhaus is located within the tranquil monastery garden which was opened in 2006 and now invites you to walk, sniff, taste and snack. The cafe is open only on weekends and then offers a wide range of coffee specialties and always home-baked and fresh cake creations.

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© M. Hagemann

Herb farm Carlsthal

  • Closed today
  • Trebelstraße, 18334 Carlsthal / Lindholz

On the herb farm Carlsthal there are about 200 varieties of herbs to admire, taste and buy throughout the year. The trained gardener and passionate herbalist Jeanette Nadebor invites interested guests to her herb farm for herb walks, workshops, country cooking and summer concerts. The herb farm is surrounded by a natural end moraine landscape of the Trebel valley.

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© J.Schnepel/Stadtbäckerei Kühl

Restaurant market 7

  • Open today
  • Markt, 18507 Grimmen

Young, modern, creative - with the heart gastronomes! In the heart of the old town of Grimmen, Markt 7 is the culinary focal point for locals and holidaymakers.

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© Rhythmusreich / Thomas Reich

Rhythmusreich sculpture collection

  • Alte Wassermühle, 18513 Müggenwalde

Experience art and jazz in the old watermill Müggenwalde

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© TMV/Gohlke

Manor house Landsdorf

  • Dorfstraße, 18465 Landsdorf

The 19th century manor house Landsdorf is part of a listed ensemble and the centerpiece of a landscape park of about 7ha.

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© Sabrina Wittkopf-Schade

Tribsees water hiking rest area

  • Open today
  • Nordquebbe, 18465 Tribsees

The water hiking rest area was built in 1996 below the historic old town of Tribsees. Canoes and other boats can be rented on site and a snack can be taken.

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© Sabrina Wittkopf-Schade

Franzburg monastery garden

  • Closed today
  • Priesterbrink, 18461 Franzburg

The monastery garden in Franzburg offers interesting tours of herbs and spices.

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© TMV/Gohlke

Wossidlo House

  • Dorfstraße, 17179 Walkendorf

Here you can follow in the footsteps of Richard Wossidlo, who became famous beyond the borders of Mecklenburg as the founder of folklore.

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© Lutz Werner

Leplow church

  • Zur Kirche, 18334 Leplow

St. Catherine's Altar Church Leplow is a church building dating from the 13th century in the district of Leplow in the municipality of Eixen in Western Pomerania.

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© Lutz Werner

Church Eixen

  • Bad Sülzer Straße, 18334 Eixen

Eixen Church is a 13th century village church in the municipality of Eixen in Western Pomerania. The church was built from field stones.

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Now punch in with feeling., © Golfpark Strelasund

Footgolf facility at Golf Park Strelasund

  • Zur Alten Hofstelle, 18516 Süderholz

Footgolf is the perfect combination of the globally popular sports of soccer and golf. Unlike soccer golf, the courses are embedded directly into a classic golf course. The Footgolf course is equipped with 27 lanes and holes. The Footgolf facility is the first in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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