Unique castle complex in Passow, © Manuela Engel-Dahan
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A special castle in the lake district for culture and with free space. 13 guest rooms are available for groups or events.

Schloss Passow is run by an association and invites to cultural events. There are currently 13 guest rooms and several rooms for events, workshops and meetings. The castle serves as the association residence of Form Your World e.V. Non-profit association for youth and elderly support and initiative for the promotion and cultivation of entrepreneurial & entrepreneurial spirit, human corporate culture and professional fulfillment.

Passow Castle is a true gem of cultural history. It began in 1797 with Ulrich Phillip von Behr Negendank, who acquired several estates in Mecklenburg and had a single-story manor house built in Passow, including a forge, wheelwright's shop, mill and other farm buildings. His son August Gustav Hortarius von Behr Negendank then had the house upgraded because he was applying to marry Princess Marie from the ducal house of Mecklenburg. To compensate for the difference in status, he had today's Passow Palace rebuilt in the Palladian style, in the style of Roman villas.

This type of construction with quarter-circular, curved castle wings and entrance hall with a circumferential rotunda on the upper floor is still unique in all of northern Germany. The interior of the magnificent palace had ornately painted walls, floors and fireplaces made of marble and ebony, and to the south a fantastic view of the English landscape park with its beech forest and the Passow Lake. The marriage with the princess was not allowed, but after the renovation Passow Castle is again a dreamlike place with a very special atmosphere.

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Jetty for boats incl. power connection, © Heike Eickholt

Kuppentin waterway rest area / nature camping & Bermuda Triangle harbor

  • Open today
  • Am Mühlenberg, 19386 Broock

Great water hiking rest area with space for boats, tents and RVs located directly in the forest. SUP, canoe and bike rental and small gastronomy.

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© Jonas Kurverwaltung

Castle tower Plau am See

  • Open today
  • Burgplatz, 19395 Plau am See

The castle tower in Plau was built in 1448/49 and is still completely preserved. The 3 m thick walls and the 11 m deep dungeon, as well as the tower ascent, amaze locals and guests alike when they visit.

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Exterior view Zahren Manor, © DOMUSImages

Good Zahren

  • Dorfstraße, 19386 Zahren

Space for ideas - that is the motto of the spacious estate with French flair. There are vacation apartments, lounges, seminar rooms and an estate kitchen.

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© TMV/Tiemann

Wangelin garden

  • Open today
  • Nachtkoppelweg, 19395 Wangelin

Observe - grasp - marvel - enjoy in the largest medicinal herb garden in Mecklenburg. In addition to medicinal herbs, you will also find aromatic, magical and dyeing plants, as well as a butterfly garden and a typical North German farm garden. The garden's harvest can be tasted in the garden café and children can let off steam in the playscape.

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© Andre Hamann

Daschow Castle Country Hotel

  • Schloßstr., 19386 Gallin-Kuppentin

Hotel run as a bed & breakfast - ideal for vacations, culture and small celebrations, in the midst of a beautiful landscape. A place steeped in history, which conveys peace and deceleration from the first moment.

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Simple and beautiful: Zarchlin manor house, © Krüger

Manor house Zarchlin

  • Dorfstraße, 19395 Zarchlin

Ecologically renovated house with design vacation apartments, seminar room, large kitchen and music rehearsal room. Plain manor house with 100 historic windows in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Awarded the Federal Prize for Craftsmanship in the Preservation of Historical Monuments.

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© Touristinformation Goldberg

Goldberg Nature Museum and Tourist Information

  • Closed today
  • Müllerweg, 19399 Goldberg

Whether on the water, on horseback or on numerous hiking and cycling routes in the Goldberg-Mildenitz region in the Mecklenburg Lake District, you have countless opportunities for active recreation. For your vacation, the tourism association offers useful information on accommodation, tours, events and much more.

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© Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Stadtmarina Lübz - Blue Line Charter

  • Schulstraße, 19386 Lübz

Stadtmarina Lübz offers houseboat rental, yacht charter, boat rental, moorings and much more to meet your needs.

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© Kurverwaltung Plau am See

Bahnhofshotel Plau am See

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Steinstraße, 19395 Plau am See

The old Bahnhofshotel Plau am See is located at the end of Steinstraße (no. 96). The building is one of the architectural monuments of the small Mecklenburg town. Today, a memorial plaque commemorates the "forced unification" of the KPD and SPD parties. Since 2015, the old station hotel has been the children's and boys' center of the town of Plau am See.

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© Jonas Kurverwaltung

Playground Burghof Plau am See

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Burgplatz, 19395 Plau am See

The Burghof Plau am See playground is located in the historic old town. The facility has swings, a climbing tower, slide, suspension bridge, swing and wine press scaffolding,

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© M.Höppner

Gretchenheim Plau am See

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Rahmwallstraße, 19395 Plau am See


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© M.Höppner

Plau am See post office

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • 19395 Plau

Old post office

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The medieval village church of Kuppentin in late summer., © Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Kuppentin church

  • Mühlenbachstraße, 19386 Kuppentin

Kuppertin Church is one of the oldest and most important village churches in Mecklenburg in terms of architectural history. In addition to church services, the church is also used for exhibitions, lectures and musical events during the summer months. It can be visited. The adjacent building houses the village church history museum.

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© Abenteuer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Adventure in Meck-Pomm

  • Open today
  • Ziegenmarkt, 19386 Lübz

You've always wanted to take a spin on a quad bike. Or try the Eskimo roll with the kayak. Or simply spend a relaxing vacation without having to worry about everything. Then you have come to the right place. We organize everything from Sunday walks to survival trips, and the right accommodation to go with it.

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© Jonas Kurverwaltung

Plau am See railroad station playground

  • Freely accessible at any time
  • Steinstraße, 19395 Plau am See

The playground at the station is a small fenced soccer pitch.

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