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The Klempenow castle complex is the only preserved lowland castle in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It was built in the middle of the 13th century by the Lower Saxon knightly dynasty of the von Heydenbrecks on behalf of the Duke of Pomerania and experienced a varied history in the following centuries.

The castle was built in the mid-13th century by the Lower Saxon knightly dynasty of Heydebreck on behalf of the Duke of Pomerania as a border fortification in the marshy glacial valley at the confluence of the Tollense and Landgraben rivers and was extensively remodeled in the 17th and 18th centuries. Since the 19th century, the complex has been falling into disrepair, and after the Second World War, resettlers lived here. In 1991 the association Kultur-Transit-96 e.V. undertook to restore the castle and to revive it culturally. Large parts of the castle have been renovated and are open to the public. An extensive cultural program ranging from art exhibitions, children's and youth activities, concerts to large, nationally known arts and crafts markets in summer, autumn and Advent. Some rooms of the castle can be rented for private celebrations. Up to 30 civil weddings take place annually in the gallery rooms. A small store at the entrance with beautiful gift ideas and homemade jams and pesto, the café in the castle for snacks as well as for catering your private celebration and a canoe rental on the Tollense complete the offer. As a Welcome Center for the Mecklenburg Lake District, the castle is also able to provide regional support for your individual vacation planning. The view from the tower into the glacial glacial valleys of Tollense and Landgraben and a visit to the beautiful castle garden are always worth a trip.

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  • Date: 4/6/24 to 5/31/24
  • Klempenow, 17089 Breest

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  • Date: 4/6/24 to 5/31/24
  • Klempenow, 17089 Breest

Videos and vessels

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  • Date: 4/6/24 to 5/31/24
  • Klempenow, 17089 Breest

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  • Date: 4/6/24 to 5/31/24
  • Klempenow, 17089 Breest

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Manor house Wietzow

  • Wietzow, 17129 Daberkow

Gutshaus Wietzow, a neo-Gothic manor house beautifully situated in the Tollense valley, was first mentioned around 1620 and came to the von Blücher family in the 17th century, later to the von Linden family. Karl Friedrich von Linden had an English landscape park laid out after 1750.

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© TVV/Pocha Burwitz GbR

Castle Schmarsow

  • Schmarsow, 17129 Kruckow

Schmarsow Castle was built in 1697/98 and is one of the oldest buildings in the region. 4 vacation apartments (12 beds) and the social rooms in the castle as well as the Kavaliershaus (7 beds) are offered. The gardens are also available for guests.

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© Christian Schmidt

Broock Castle and Estate

  • Gutshof Broock, 17129 Alt Tellin

Broock Castle, once the social center of the region and the largest private stud farm in Vorpommern, will be developed into a supra-regional conference and cultural center in the coming years.

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© Schloss Broock GmbH & Co. KG - Jan Fischer

Village store Broock

  • Open today
  • Gutshof Broock, 17129 Alt Tellin

After decades without a shop and restaurant in Broock, our village store with café and beer garden is now open, on the edge of the future Schlossgut Broock cultural and conference center and in the middle of the beautiful Tollensetal valley.

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© Gernot Pohl 2019

Hohenbrünzow Castle & Estate

  • Hohenbrünzow, 17111 Hohenmocker

Four generations under one roof - Kulturgut Hohenbrünzow is gradually becoming a free space for artists, a place of encounter - which promotes culture and education and places value on sustainability.

Read more: "Hohenbrünzow Castle & Estate"
© Schloss Neetzow

Hotel Neetzow Castle

  • Am Schlosspark, 17391 Neetzow

Finally out. Into the natural heart of Western Pomerania.

Read more: "Hotel Neetzow Castle"
© TMV/Gohlke

Big stone from Altentreptow

  • Kastanienallee, 17087 Altentreptow

The colossus, which weighs around 450 tons, is the second largest erratic boulder in Germany with a length of 8 m and a height of 5 m and is 2 billion years old.

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© Gutshaus Liepen, Stefan Wollert

Gutshof Liepen - Hotel & Restaurant Am Peenetal

  • Dorfstraße, 17391 Liepen

Relaxing in the Peenetal - Located in the middle of the homes of beavers, otters and cranes and co, the manor Complex warmly welcomes you. The pastorally situated hotel & restaurant “Am Peenetal” spoils you with a large Bathing and Wellness area, comfortable double rooms and single rooms and a lot of leisure activities and excursion tips.

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© Volkert Tauchnitz

Henning farm

  • Sternfeld, 17111 Hohenmocker

Hof Henning - located in the Tollensetal between Neubrandenburg and Greifswald - is a renowned breeding station with private stallions in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. We present many of our horses with success at performance events in the state.

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Vacation apartment at the Tollensetal, © Doreen Fink

Vacation apartment at the Tollensetal

  • Lange Str., 17089 Weltzin

Welcome to the Tollensetal - Our vacation apartment in the Vorpommersche river landscape between Tollense, Trebel and Peene, offers the nature lover quiet and relaxing vacations. Weltzin is a small village between Burow and Altentreptow about 1.5 km from the L35 and 10 km from the A20 freeway.

Read more: "Vacation apartment at the Tollensetal"
© Leo Kraus

Radlercafe - proVie Theater in the old warehouse Hohenbüssow

  • Hohenbüssow, 17129 Alt Tellin

The Radler Cafe in the old granary of the green village oasis of Hohenbüssow in the Tollensetal valley is located on the EISZEITROUTE between Demmin and Klempenow and invites cyclists and hikers to take a break and linger. Guests can also expect a socio-cultural center with its own events in a community of 70 people.

Read more: "Radlercafe - proVie Theater in the old warehouse Hohenbüssow"
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