Romantic weekend at the manor house

Every now and then, even the most harmonious relationship needs special experiences outside its familiar surroundings. That's why Manja and Manfred decided to spend a romantic weekend in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - in a historic manor house.

Published: May 14, 2024

Warm blankets, a glass of wine and millions of stars - that's romance at Vietgest Castle, © TMV/Petermann

Published: May 14, 2024

"Wow, where are you taking me?" Manja marvels and lets her gaze wander over the impressive baroque façade of Vietgest Castle, which welcomes her in the light of the evening sun. "Just let yourself be surprised," smiles Manfred and parks the car in the parking lot to the side.

Mecklenburg's last baroque palace is not only a hotel, but also a backdrop for top-class cultural events, © TMV/Petermann


in Mecklenburg's last baroque palace

At Schloss Vietgest, check-in is completed in no time and the elegant room is occupied - it's time for Manja and Manfred to take a closer look around. Miriam Hager guides the couple through the garden salon, which is bathed in warm light from the chandeliers, and explains: „The house was built in 1792 as the last baroque palace in Mecklenburg, by the same architect as the famous Ludwigslust hunting lodge. Since 2020, guests have been able to stay in our 15 elegant rooms.“ Manja's gaze falls through the conservatory out into the garden, the Ziestsee glistening in the background. „Shall we go for another little walk?“ Of course! After the walk in the baroque park, the two of them snuggle up in warm blankets on a lounger. Gradually, darkness descends over the castle, the wood crackles in the specially lit fire basket and the first stars appear in the sky. Miriam Hager hands the couple two glasses of wine, and Manfred quietly starts an audio file on his smartphone - he has downloaded the VisitDarkSkies app especially for this purpose. And while the two look up at the stars and their eyes become more and more accustomed to the darkness, a sonorous male voice takes them to distant galaxies, explains constellations and uses them to train their „peripheral vision“ – a technique that astronomers also use to recognize distant objects.

The cozy yet modern rooms offer the best conditions for a romantic getaway for two., © TMV/Petermann
End the day by the crackling fireplace with a good glass of wine., © TMV/Petermann
A cultural address in an idyllic location: Kummerow Castle on the lake of the same name, © TMV/Petermann

Artful contrasts

at Kummerow Castle

The next morning, after a late breakfast, Manfred takes his wife for a drive through the hilly landscape of Mecklenburg Switzerland, surrounded by colorful autumnal tree-lined avenues. A cultural highlight awaits them in Kummerow on the lake of the same name: the carefully restored castle is an eye-catcher, and not just because of its deliberate contrasts between old and new. It is also home to one of Germany's leading private photographic collections, which enter into an exciting dialog with evidence of the GDR past. Manfred and Manja then stroll through the palace park with its old trees to the café Seeblick: Over apple crumble and café, the art lover swoons over her impressions, while Manfred watches the sun break through the clouds and bathe the small town of Sommersdorf on the opposite shore of the lake in its last light.

Magnificent cultural location: the baroque hall at Vietgest Castle, © TMV/Petermann

In a baroque setting - music, dance and literature

Back in Vietgest, the two get dressed up, as a first-class musical cabaret awaits them in the magnificent stucco hall. Miriam Hager is well connected in the cultural scene – every two weeks or so, she organizes concerts, tango and salsa evenings, readings and much more with great attention to detail. „We may not be a declared 5-star establishment, but we stand for 5-star enjoyment and culture“, is how the lady of the castle sums up her claim.

Stroll like the Mecklenburg landed gentry - in the park of the Ludorf manor house, © TMV/Petermann

Between cranes and clinkers:

Ludorf manor house on the Müritz

After checking out the next morning, Manfred takes the car in a southerly direction. Manja leans her head against the window and watches the cranes, which are now gathering in the fields around Schwerin in the fall for their journey to the south. Manfred switches off the engine in front of the baroque clinker brick façade of the Ludorf manor house, a lovingly restored country estate dating back to 1698. Two huge lime trees frame the wooden entrance portal, under which landowner Jannis Achtenhagen is already waiting for the guests: „Welcome“, he greets Manja and Manfred. „You are just in time, because every Sunday we offer insights into the exciting past of our house during a historical tour.“

In 1998, the Achtenhagen family bought the manor house and adjoining estate manager's house, which had fallen into disrepair, and transformed it into a romantic hotel with great sensitivity and respect for the history of Mecklenburg's landed gentry.

Sensational find under the stucco

Jannis guides his guests through the house, answers questions and proves to be not only a connoisseur of history, but also of art. In one of the two public rooms, the baroque hall, he proudly points out the painted wooden ceiling: „This is a real sensation“, he explains. „During the renovation, we found these old paintings underneath magnificent stucco ceilings and newspapers from the 19th century. They depict scenes from Ovid's Metamorphoses, in this case specifically Actaeon. As an involuntary voyeur, he observes the naked bathing goddess Diana and is turned into a stag as punishment and mauled by his dogs.

Regional indulgence for fine palates

Tenderer vegetables are served in the in-house restaurant Morizaner, which stands for delicious, fresh and regional cuisine with its slow food concept. We spoil our guests with daily changing menus and focus on quality instead of quantity," announces Jannis. „Now in the fall, for example, there is a lot of game and pumpkin, but also herbal seedlings or wild herbal salad and, for dessert, a crumble with apples or pears from the orchards nearby.“

„Hm, that was delicious“, sighs Manja after the last crumbs have disappeared from the plate. Thank you so much for this great weekend!"“ Manfred beams: „And do you know what the best thing is? The fact that we have so many other, very different manors and sluices right on our doorstep. We can get going again very soon …!“

Sensational find uncovered: magnificent wood paintings under stucco, © TMV/Petermann
Come in: Check-in at the romantic hotel in the 17th century manor house, © TMV/Petermann
Slow food for lovers and connoisseurs at Restaurant Morizaner, © TMV/Petermann

Manor houses, castles ...

... and other excursion tips.

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© Alexander Rudolph

Kummerow Castle

  • Am Schloss, 17139 Kummerow

The baroque palace on the shores of Lake Kummerow was renovated to the highest standards of historic preservation. The castle houses a private collection of modern art with a focus on international photography.

Read more: "Kummerow Castle"
Vietgest castle from the sea side, © Schloß Vietgest

Vietgest castle

  • Schloßstr., 18279 Vietgest

In romantic Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, almost halfway between Hamburg and Berlin, surrounded by dreamy ponds and picturesque lakes, you will find the imposing 230-year-old castle with its eventful history. Schloss Vietgest has reopened in 2020 as a cultural and event location as well as a castle hotel.

Read more: "Vietgest castle"
View from 35 meters above the ground from the observation tower of the treetop path Ivenack, ©

Treetop path Ivenacker oaks

  • Temporarily closed
  • Eichenallee, 17153 Ivenack

The accessible treetop trail is 620 meters long. The highlight is the 40-meter-high observation tower with elevator and visitor platforms. The facility is located in the Ivenack Zoo.

Read more: "Treetop path Ivenacker oaks"
Birdwatching, © Groh

Viewpoint "Great Rosin

  • 17159 Dargun

The view into Western Europe's largest lowland moorland takes your breath away.a true bird paradise!

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Fritz Reuter Literature Museum at the market in Stavenhagen, © Fritz-Reuter-Literaturmuseum

Tourist Information Stavenhagen

  • Open today
  • Markt, 17153 Stavenhagen

Stavenhagen was founded in the middle of the 13th century on the edge of the knight's castle Stove and since 1949 it is called "Reuterstadt Stavenhagen" after its famous son

Read more: "Tourist Information Stavenhagen"
© Christin Drühl

Romantik Hotel Gutshaus Ludorf

  • Rondell, 17207 Ludorf

On the west bank of the Müritz, between two nature reserves, the visitor sees one of the most beautiful and oldest manor houses in Mecklenburg. Whoever is a guest here will be transported back from our hectic times to past centuries, when man in harmony with nature was the measure of all things.

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