Inclusive sailing in Plau am See

You shouldn't be afraid of water. When the wind is strong, some water may slosh into the boat.

Published: May 14, 2024

You shouldn't be afraid of water. When the wind is strong, some water may slosh into the boat.

Published: May 14, 2024

Everyone's vacation plans are different. While some people like to put their feet up and let the sun shine on their fur, others are looking for physical challenges and want to burn off energy on an active vacation - regardless of their physical limitations. Kerstin Horn shows how this can be done wonderfully and barrier-free in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Getting on and off is no problem on the special jetty. Labrador Mr. Karlsson is happy to see you again., © TMV/Gross

„Can you just untie the line?“ Kerstin Horn sets off from the jetty of the inclusive sailing club „Plauer Hai-Live e. V.“ without much difficulty. In the compactly built one-person keelboat of type 2.4, only her head peeks out and the vessel just barely peeks over the waterline. Kerstin's wheelchair and her Labrador Mr. Karlsson, who is not entirely happy with the situation, are left behind on the jetty. Protest was futile. Kerstin loves the sailing trips on Lake Plau too much.

„Being one with the wind and the waves. That's what fascinates me about sailing“«, the Hamburg native explains her passion. In 2015, Kerstin glided across the water for the first time in one of the small boats during a rehab stay in Plau am See. In cooperation with the local rehabilitation clinic, the sailing club offers patients with disabilities the opportunity to get out on the water on their own. Today, Kerstin herself is the contact person at the club for people from the rehabilitation clinic who are interested in sailing.

Inclusive sailing

The special design of the sailing boats makes independent maneuvering on the water possible. The two-and-fours are made for people with disabilities," explains Kerstin. The maneuverable water speedsters are steered using only their hands, with the help of three ropes. The club's special jetty is barrier-free. Depending on the severity of the disability, assistance may be required when getting on and off, but on the water everything is possible without assistance. Freedom awaits on the lake, clothed in the blue of the water and sky, paired with the green of the lush forests on the shore. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at its best.

„The moment you are out there, everyone is the same,

Kerstin describes the feeling of cutting up the lake with her two-and-four. When she turns sharply, you could be afraid that the boat is about to fill up. But this type of boat is considered unsinkable. Nevertheless, active vacationers should not be afraid of wet water. »Something can spill in there“, laughs Kerstin. „But this is then pumped back into the lake by a pump.“

The characteristic color scheme - blue water, green forests, red brick - comes into its own when sailing on the lake., © TMV/Gross
"Everyone is the same on the water," says Kerstin, explaining her fascination with sailing., © TMV/Gross

Around Lake Plau on a handbike

Back at the jetty, Mr. Karlsson is delighted to see us again. Kerstin quickly mounts her adaptive handbike on her wheelchair, while her friend Angelika has driven up to the club grounds on her e-bike. Together they cycle to the center of Plau. Visually, it is characterized by picturesque half-timbered houses with wonderfully colourful facades. Typical Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. One of them is home to the ice cream parlor Al Ponte, right on the banks of the Elde and the historic Hubbrücke. After the short drive, Kerstin and Angelika stop off here for a sweet treat.

Wheelchair access is quick and easy, the outdoor area is at the same height as the sidewalk. The indoor area can only be accessed via steps. But despite a few raindrops, Kerstin's colorful plate of fruit tastes great in the outdoor area, and Angelika enjoys the house specialty, a bubble waffle: a freshly baked waffle rolled into an ice cream cone with a sweet filling. This is how you can spend a vacation afternoon.

The route now takes us along the lakeshore with the bikes. Time and again, the sun dares to break through the clouds and makes the surface of the water sparkle, while a light breeze blows from the lake. The best sporting weather! On the cycle path between Plau and your destination, the Falk Seehotel on the Seeluster Bucht, it rolls like clockwork. Bathing spots, playgrounds and piers are dotted along the shore. In and around Plau am See, there are plenty of leisure activities on offer.

Lake Plau is also an excellent place to explore by bike., © TMV/Gross
Thanks to her electric handbike, Kerstin can also get around quickly on land., © TMV/Gross
Accessibility is a key issue for Kerstin. In Plau am See, she can easily get from A to B in a wheelchair., © TMV/Gross

Barrier-free enjoyment in Plau am See

Moving around the Seehotel in a wheelchair is also very straightforward. Kerstin and Angelika can easily find a seat on the spacious, barrier-free terrace with the best view of the lake in the evening. The hotel itself has nothing to hide either, the main building made of yellow bricks shines in the evening sun, and the glass façade of the restaurant blurs the boundaries between the outdoor and indoor areas.

Owner and chef Thorsten Falk takes the order in person. „What would you like? Cod from the Baltic Sea, or would you prefer plaice? All regional from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, of course. Or perhaps you would prefer game goulash. „Home-shot“, adds the host with Nordic directness. No joke, Thorsten Falk was out stalking in his own hunting grounds just the day before. A shorter supply chain is hard to imagine.

The two friends still decide on the cod, one with cauliflower and potatoes in butter sauce, the other with herbs sauce and plenty of braised mushrooms. In any case, you can't go wrong with fish so close to the bone. A glass of fine white wine will do the rest to round off this dream day in Plau am See. An active vacation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is possible for everyone.

Further excursion destinations

in the Mecklenburg Lake District

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© Ferienpark Plauer See

Vacation park Lake Plauer See

  • Insel Werder, 17214 Alt Schwerin

Pure island nature - In the middle of a protected landscape area, surrounded by forests, meadows and water, we welcome you to the vacation island of Lake Plauer See.

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© TMV/Tiemann

Wangelin garden

  • Open today
  • Nachtkoppelweg, 19395 Wangelin

Observe - grasp - marvel - enjoy in the largest medicinal herb garden in Mecklenburg. In addition to medicinal herbs, you will also find aromatic, magical and dyeing plants, as well as a butterfly garden and a typical North German farm garden. The garden's harvest can be tasted in the garden café and children can let off steam in the playscape.

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© Müritzfischer

Fishing port Plau am See

  • Am Kalkofen, 19395 Plau am See

The gateway to the lake district - the fishing port at the lighthouse in Plau am See. Enjoy a delicious fish snack, rent a license-free boat or stay in one of the best vacation apartments on site.

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© Nadine Rupp

Ice cream parlor Al Ponte - Plau am See

  • Große Burgstraße, 19395 Plau am See

The Al Ponte ice cream parlor in the picturesque village of Plau am See is located on the historic lifting bridge directly on the River Elde, which flows into the beautiful Lake Plau.

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The Tourist Info Plau am See in the Haus des Gastes, © Tourist Info Plau am See GmbH

Tourist Info Plau am See

  • Open today
  • Burgplatz, 19395 Plau am See

Your competent partner for vacation planning at Germany's seventh largest lake - the climatic health resort and the region at Lake Plauer See.

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© Seehotel Plau am See

Seehotel Plau am See

  • Hermann-Niemann-Str., 19395 Plau am See

Make friends out of guests - Leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the hospitable atmosphere of our beautifully situated lakeside hotel. The idyllic 4-star hotel, located directly on Lake Plauer See, awaits you in its family atmosphere. Discover the wonderful area around Lake Plauer See.

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© Remo Block

Adventure & Water Sports

  • Schulstraße, 19395 Plau am See

Our vacation park is located directly on the water and yet in the city. In Mecklenburg the clocks go slower, they say, and to some extent time seems to stand still, so you also have more of it available on vacation.Feel the Plau summer freshness in every season, the clear sea air and the wholesome, healthy nature.

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© TMV / Gohlke

Lift bridge Plau am See

  • Dammstraße, 19395 Plau am See

The Plau lift bridge is an industrial monument.

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© Jörn Lehmann

Castle Museum Plau am See

  • Burgplatz, 19395 Plau am See

Children and museums - you might think that doesn't fit. In Plau am See, that's not true. The town has a museum where even the young won't get bored. The former Plau Castle offers interesting insights into history, and it also houses a unique museum of local history and technology.

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© Plauer Hai-Live e. V.

Plauer Hai-Live e. V. - Sailing connects

  • Seestraße, 19395 Plau am See

The Plauer Hai-Live e. V. sailing club in Plau am See in the Mecklenburg Lake District has been in existence since 2006. The association was founded as an inclusive sailing club right from the start.

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