The fire department fairy tale

9/12/24 in Röbel/Müritz

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  • Thursday, Sep 12, 202416:00 o'clock
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with the Lindenberg Marion Etten Theater, in the Bürgergarten if the weather is fine

The fire department tale

Farmer Schorsch's farm animals have formed a volunteer fire department. Only the two little ones, Cordula and Horsti, are not allowed to join, even though they wanted to be there so much. Fire chief Luigi simply doesn't trust them to do anything. One day, however, the two friends are given an unexpected opportunity to join the fire department team by not only repairing the old fire department but also rescuing someone from a disaster all by themselves, and so the farm also gets a volunteer youth fire department.

A fun puppet show with lots of songs that pays tribute to the commitment of the volunteer fire departments.

For everyone from 4 to 100 years.

A play by Claudia and Hans Serner

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Admission 5,- €

Event dates
  • Thursday, Sep 12, 2024 16:00 o'clock
Event Location

House of the guest Röbel/Müritz

Str. der Deutschen Einheit 7
17207 Röbel/Müritz
+49 39931 80113
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City Röbel/Müritz

17207 Röbel/Müritz


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