The dollar princess

1/19/24 to 6/30/24 in Schwerin

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  • Sunday, Jun 30, 202415:00 - 00:00 clock
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Operetta by Leo Fall, libretto. Alfred Marie Willner and Fritz Grünbaum

Getting married? If successful businesswoman Alice has her way, it's an annoying trifle that she wants to get off her chest as quickly as possible. If she has to have a husband, then at least one who doesn't interfere. "A nice piece of furniture", so to speak. But in the world of operetta tenors, she encounters resistance with this attitude. And she is not the only one struggling with marriage; her billionaire father, whose hobby it is to collect impoverished nobility as servants, also longs for a partner at his side - and is promptly foisted on a European nightclub dancer. And as if the chaos wasn't already perfect, another young couple is trying to find their way into matrimony amidst a tangle of intrigue and social norms. Leo Fall's Die Dollarprinzessin is one of the absolute highlights of the silver operetta era and is a classic of the genre that is performed far too rarely and has already been filmed four times.

Michael Talke is an opera and drama director whose productions are characterized by clear language and subtle humour. He has worked as an assistant director with renowned directors such as Frank Castorf and Christoph Marthaler. Since 1996 he has worked as a freelance director at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, the Thalia Theater Hamburg and the Theater Bremen, among others. He is now making his debut in Schwerin.

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Event dates
  • Friday, Jan 19, 2024 19:30 - 00:00 clock
  • Sunday, Jan 21, 2024 18:00 - 00:00 clock
  • Saturday, Jan 27, 2024 19:30 - 00:00 clock
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  • Thursday, Apr 25, 2024 19:30 - 00:00 clock
  • Wednesday, May 8, 2024 19:30 - 00:00 clock
  • Sunday, Jun 30, 2024 15:00 - 00:00 clock
Event Location

Mecklenburg State Theater

Alter Garten 2
19055 Schwerin
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Mecklenburg State Theater

Alter Garten 2
19055 Schwerin


in the region Mecklenburg-Schwerin

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