Peter Orloff and the Black Sea Cossack Choir

9/3/24 in Marlow

Peter Orloff - The "King of Hearts" on an anniversary tour!, © Manfred Esser

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  • Tuesday, Sep 3, 202419:00 o'clock
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Festive concert by the famous Black Sea Cossack Choir. Classics such as "Abendglocken" and "Kalinka" will be performed under the overall musical direction and with the personal participation of Peter Orloff, who was once the youngest singer of all the Cossack choirs in the world to launch his legendary career in the Black Sea Cossack Choir and is now celebrating his 60th anniversary on stage.

Thanks to its almost unique instrumentation, the Black Sea Cossack Choir is able to perform a truly exceptional program with works such as the "Prisoners' Chorus", "Swan Lake", "Leise flehen meine Lieder" or - the parade solo of all great tenors - "Nessun dorma". At the heart of the concert are, of course, the most beautiful treasures from the rich treasure trove of Russian and Ukrainian music literature, such as the famous "Evening Bells", "The Twelvelf Räuber", "Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe", "Stenka Rasin", "Das einsame Glöckchen", "Kalinka" and - by popular demand - "Das Wolgalied".

It is a musical journey through the snow-covered land from Moscow to Lake Baikal, from Kiev to St. Petersburg with romances, stories and ballads of overwhelming expressiveness, deep melancholy and exuberant temperament. The heroic deeds, glory and greatness of days gone by shine anew in bright splendor and evoke longings and memories - a veritable firework display of emotions.

Peter Orloff is particularly looking forward to a reunion in Marlow with the people who will have the opportunity to experience him live on September 13 with his elite ensemble, which is regarded as the pinnacle of its genre, and is already promising the audience an unforgettable evening. Or, in the words of audience members, a "concert with goosebumps guaranteed" and a "musical natural phenomenon."

Advance booking: Pfarrhaus Marlow, Bei der Kirche 9

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Event dates
  • Tuesday, Sep 3, 2024 19:00 o'clock
Event Location

Town church Marlow

Bei der Kirche 9
18337 Marlow

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Town church Marlow

Bei der Kirche 9
18337 Marlow


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