One place - other worlds?

8/22/24 in Greifswald

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  • Thursday, Aug 22, 202418:00 o'clock
Exhibition, Naturally Romantic

A school project of the Kunstwerkstätten e. V. and the F.-L-Jahn-Gymnasium

The exhibition in the Small Town Hall Gallery shows how pupils from the advanced art course (year 2023/24) at Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Gymnasium view the artist and man Caspar David Friedrich, the painter's pictures and the themes raised by the pictures today. Under the title "One place - other worlds?", the art workshops created an art project lasting several years. The pupils' works address the perception, distance and cycles of nature as well as the feelings of Friedrich's figures. What they all have in common is the current and youthful reception of a world-famous artist and the relevance of his works.

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  • Thursday, Aug 22, 2024 18:00 o'clock
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