You walk along the edge of low rocks close to the water on a footpath ... | Goor - Muglitz nature reserve

5/4/24 in Lauterbach

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  • Saturday, May 4, 202410:00 - 13:00 clock
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Guided tour with Hannelore Sievert | nature and landscape guide | Putbus, participation: 10 euros

"Bathing in Lauterbach is heavenly. You walk along the edge of low rocks close to the water on a footpath ... at your feet moss green and grass and sweet wild flowers, on which dancing lights and shadows of beech trees fall in the sunlight ..."
from: "Elizabeth on Rügen" by Elizabeth von Arnim

Our hike begins at the former Friedrich-Wilhelm-Bad, now the Goor bathhouse, which Wilhelm Malte I zu Putbus had built in 1818. As the first Prussian seaside resort, it invited distinguished bathers from all over Europe to enjoy a relaxing summer retreat on the Bodden. We embark on a short journey back in time to the birth of bathing culture on the Island of Rügen. Names of painters, writers and kings are associated with this place.

Behind the ancient bathing temple is the Goor forest, part of the 157-hectare nature reserve "Goor-Muglitz" in the South-East Rügen Biosphere Reserve. Over a distance of approx. 6 km, we hike through a variety of forest landscapes, past large tree formations, cliff and beach sections. We walk through small valleys and cross gentle hills in a varied ground moraine landscape. Here on the ridge we still find some evidence of the Bronze Age, the burial mounds. They are lined up like a ribbon on the hilltop of the Goor and tell of the settlement history of the Island of Rügen.

This wooded stretch of coast is unique and unmistakable. Of course, there is plenty of time to take a breather during the hike to experience its tranquillity and beauty

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Event dates
  • Saturday, May 4, 2024 10:00 - 13:00 clock
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Hotel bathhouse Goor

Fürst-Malte-Allee 1
18581 Lauterbach
+49 38301 88260
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Stralsund Academy for Garden and Landscape Culture

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