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  • Friday, Jun 28, 202420:00 - 21:30 clock
Rock, Pop & Electronic Music, Dance,Party & Disco, Open-Air Festival

The guitar pop orchestra of the music school Erfurt!

guitars... and pop... and orchestra

... these are the "Hot Wires". With "Rock around the Clock" and "Beat it" they enchant the audience and make grannies young again with their songs.

The boys of the GuitarPopOrchestra have an extensive repertoire from the world of rock and pop, from Phil Collins to Bill Haley to Status Quo, there is something for everyone.

The guitars of the "Hot Wires" get along in their performances without vocals, a "must have", however, are drums, electric guitar and bass in the orchestra. No matter whether in the original the sound carpet of a keyboard, piano solo's or brass interludes sound - everything can be imitated with guitars, so that the tones have a recognition value for the listeners and the audience. Founded in 1997 and still under the direction of the founding father, Frank Beierlein, many students of the guitar classes of the Erfurt Music School played in this orchestra. With all his heart he writes and composes pieces for his protégés, who breathe "life" into the written works and really "let it rip" on stage. Let yourself be infected by the rhythm ...

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Event dates
  • Friday, Jun 28, 2024 20:00 - 21:30 clock
Event Location

Baabe spa stage

Am Kurpark
18586 Baabe
+49 38303 1420
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Baltic resort Baabe spa administration

Am Kurpark 9
18586 Baabe
+49 38303 1420


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