FIM European Pairs Championship

7/27/24 in Teterow

Speedway GRAND PRIX in Teterow, © C. Sievers

The next dates:

  • Saturday, Jul 27, 202419:00 o'clock

Speedway in Teterow


Another predicate race will take place in the arena on July 27, 2024 with the qualification for the FIM European Pairs Championship, i.e. the European Pairs Championship held in the nations mode. Team Germany will also be on the starting grid.



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Event dates
  • Saturday, Jul 27, 2024 19:00 o'clock
Event Location

Bergring Arena - Speedway in Teterow

Appelhäger Chaussee 1
17166 Teterow
+49 (0)3996 172935
Contact the organiser

MC Bergring Teterow e.V. in ADAC

Appelhäger Chaussee 1
17166 Teterow
03996 / 17 29 35


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