Film evening on the 250th birthday of C.D.F. with Volkmar Herre

7/29/24 in Altenkirchen

Summer church Nordrügen, © Evangelische Kirchengemeinden Altenkirchen & Wiek

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  • Monday, Jul 29, 202420:00 o'clock

Hommage à Caspar David Friedrich Photographs - cinematic

Volkmar Herre has been exploring the Island of Rügen artistically since the 1960s and has now found unique forms of expression. The light paintings, emotionally charged by music, can be experienced as an encounter with Friedrich. They bridge the gap between the myth of Rügen in the Romantic period and the present day. They sensitize us to the beauty and power of nature. They are a signal to pause and reflect on the exploitation of nature at an unprecedented rate, endangering the entire world.

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Event dates
  • Monday, Jul 29, 2024 20:00 o'clock
Event Location

Kosegarten House Altenkirchen

An der Kirche
18556 Altenkirchen

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An der Kirche 1
18556 Altenkirchen


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