FIL: Paths to happiness

7/11/24 in Greifswald

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  • Thursday, Jul 11, 202419:30 o'clock
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The Berlin master of the heart of music cabaret


Tickets: 18 € / reduced 15 € at the regular box offices, online or at the box office from 6.30 pm In good weather open air, otherwise in the hall

Unhappy ? Not going so well? Looking for the secret way out of the valley of tears? Search no more!
In his new show, Fil enlightens us about the secrets of deep contentment.
He shows us how and why we can find our personal happiness while everything around us is falling apart.
Inner glow in the face of crises, wars and disasters. Developing resilience in the face of urgent problems and tasks. Mindfully screwing up any future for our youth and walking along our own path with a quiet smile until all our desires are fulfilled. And then back again. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, happiness is a pendulum. However, you have the opportunity to see the show several times and boost your luck.
Alcoholic drinks are available before, during and after the show in case you are not convinced by Fil's wise enlightenments.
The comic artist, ex-punk, novelist and entertainer, who is no longer an insider tip, but a sensation on the comedy scene, still comes across as pleasantly anarchic and far removed from predictable or easy jokes.
"And something else comes together in FIL: Professionalism and dilettantism. The result is cultivated chaos. (...) And that's funny? I swear, it is." (Titanic)


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Ticket Normal: 18 €
Reduced ticket: 15 €

Event dates
  • Thursday, Jul 11, 2024 19:30 o'clock
Event Location

Socio-cultural center St. Spiritus

Lange Straße 49/51
17489 Greifswald

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Socio-Cultural Center St. Spiritus Greifswald

Lange Straße 49/51
17489 Greifswald


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