detect classic festival

7/19/24 in Fahrenwalde

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  • Friday, Jul 19, 202415:00 - 00:00 clock
Scene & Trends, Classical Music

The festival for classical and electronic music

verb - /di'tekt/ to notice, to discover, to find the true character of something
(etwas) erkennen, ermitteln, aufspüren

On a weekend in summer, we will be enchanted by the symphony orchestra, build castles in the air out of live music and move through electronic sounds at night like light and fog. We explore classical and ambient, electronic and contemporary, avant-garde, beats, rhythm, room acoustics and blur the boundaries between club, concert hall and philharmonic hall. Three days of research laboratory, everyday vacation and discovery at Schloss Bröllin.

We want people to find each other through music, regardless of origin, gender or religion. Everyone - regardless of age - is welcome at the Detect Classic Festival.

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Ticket types
Friday ticket: €55.-
Saturday ticket: €75.-
Sunday ticket: €40.-
Festival ticket: €110.-
Supporter ticket: €135.-
Discoverer ticket: €210.-

Event dates
  • Friday, Jul 19, 2024 15:00 - 00:00 clock
Event Location

Manor House Bröllin

Bröllin 3
17309 Fahrenwalde
Contact the organiser

Lindenstr. 1
19055 Schwerin



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