Derniére Darß-Festspiele 2024: The heathens of Kummerow - "The last verse"

8/30/24 in Born a. Darß

Auguste_the_Adele_shouts_c_Frank_Burger, © Frank Burger

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  • Friday, Aug 30, 202420:00 - 22:00 clock
Theatre & Stage, Tradition & Folklore, Open-Air Festival

In order to remember the final evening of the 2024 season not only with tears in our eyes but also with laughter, our actors incorporate a few dernière gags. However, these are usually only understood by the performers themselves, insiders or guests at the Dernière who have already attended the play. It is also amusing and worth knowing that the performers have no idea about their respective dernières gags in advance. So one or two funny reactions are guaranteed. That's why it's so popular and much sought-after! Here is our insider tip for all those who would like to experience the "Dernière - Heidenspaß mit viel Pläsanterie": Watch a regular performance in advance!

"The last verse" - what is that actually? Is it the last verse of Grandpa Bärensprung's night watchman song, which has suddenly disappeared? Or is it the last verse of Schiller's "Diver" that Cantor Kannegießer gives the boys before he enjoys his well-earned retirement? Or is it the last verse of Pastor Breithaupt's sermon at the confirmation of the now almost grown-up Heiden von Kummerow? Or is it a last verse that Ulrike gives her Martin when he goes to secondary school in Randemünde? Or is it the last verse of an aria performed by Charlotte von Runkelfritz before she finally becomes a diva? Or is it the last verse that Auguste shouts in Adele's face, causing her comb to swell and the rags to fly? Or is the last verse not a last verse at all, because the heathens of Kummerow have no desire to grow up and simply come back to Kummerow? This would, however, once again cause quite a stir in the village. And viewers of the 12th episode of "Heiden von Kummerow" can be sure that there will be no shortage of humor. So: give your diaphragm a good workout! There's still some time. But from July 2024, the Born open-air stage will be a racket again. And then you should be prepared.

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Event dates
  • Friday, Aug 30, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
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Chausseestr. 64
18375 Born a. Darß

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Chausseestraße 64
18375 Born a. Darß


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