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  • Saturday, Aug 31, 202420:00 - 22:00 clock
Theatre & Stage, Open-Air Festival

Courage to change Be courageous! With his sixth piano cabaret program, Bodo Wartke explores a constant dynamic that is at work in everything: the interplay of constancy and change.

The piano cabaret artist sets out to confront this constant change - to describe its uncertainties and to shape the opportunities that present themselves - with curiosity and in a virtuoso, rhyming manner.
Wandelmut offers a concert evening in which Bodo Wartke not only shares his thoughts on the course of the world: In which country, in which society do I want to live? Should we leave it as it is or dare to try something new? He also sings about his own transformation and questions - personally and humorously - his new, previously unknown role as a family man.
The audience learns how climate change led Bodo Wartke to rework his classic "Regen" (Rain) and how the mental game of equipping oneself with superpowers broadens one's view of how life can be shaped. An impulse to use the power of the imagination. Whereas the rise of anti-democratic views demands a clear edge, even from the poet.
Being courageous! is the answer to change on a large scale, as well as on a very personal level. Bodo Wartke's stories set to music are touching, precisely because he doesn't leave out the serious tones and looks at adversity and doubt with humor and confidence.
A mature Bodo Wartke shows his courage to change, which is based on love. Poetic, political, personal, incisive!

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Aug 31, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Schwerin Castle - Inner Courtyard

Lennéstraße 1
19053 Schwerin

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